27+ Coolest Basement Laundry Room Ideas

A basement laundry room is the best solution for a space below the ground. Homeowners tend to leave that space alone, dirty and unused. Well, it’s time to make use every room you have in your house. A laundry room is recommended to be placed in the basement at some point.

In fact, some people decide to have the basement not only for the laundry room but also a game room. That depends on your need. If you already have one laundry room on ground floor, move them all downstairs.

1. Multifunctional Basement Laundry Room

basement laundry room on a budget

The first time you see this laundry room, you may just acknowledge the washing machine and the counter. Then, you’ll call it just a laundry room. Well, you are not right.

This multifunctional basement laundry room features a mudroom, craft zone, recycling center, and gardening spot. Any room with multiple purposes might be a busy, cluttered, and chaotic place to stay.

It has a crisp, clean look and all of the elements are stylishly displayed. The room is too small for a busy room, so you might need to apply it in the wider room.

2. Contemporary Laundry Room For Basement

basement laundry room design

There are numbers of the black cabinet that easily dominates this basement room. With a beige-colored wall and flooring, the black cabinets transformed into a magical element of this laundry room. It’s get balanced with the white washing machines and woven baskets under the counter table.

The dark and light combination is always looking great. There will be nothing wrong with them.

3. Basement Laundry Room Full Of Pattern

Basement Laundry Room Full Of Pattern

The abstract pattern on the wall is somewhat bringing excitement to this small room. The vintage atmosphere all over the laundry room can be very supportive to set your mood in doing your laundry. In addition, that flooring pattern and color seems to try matching with the wall.

This room design can easily be cramped. So, be careful with that.

4. Beach-Style Laundry Room With Pebbles Flooring

basement laundry room pump

For any of you who want to try applying the specific style to your laundry is welcomed. As you can see, this laundry room is using beach style to set the atmosphere of the room. the blue wall and pebbles tile floor looks great together.

Choosing crisp blue is the right thing to emphasize the style. The wall is decorated by the affordable shelves that can accentuate the wall.

5. Laundry Room With Wooden Countertop

basement laundry room storage ideas

Having a laundry room in a basement is a little bit challenging. You have to make a closed room to be comfortable as well as airy. The feeling of comfort and airy can be reached by the organization, arrangement, and the design of the room.

The wooden countertop really balances the mood. It can be mixed with a playful area for kids.

6. Basement Laundry Room With Kitchen-Style Cabinet

basement laundry room floor ideas

There are so many storage spaces available. You could keep all of your laundry items inside the cabinet. There will be no more cluttered laundry in your laundry room. This is a simple idea, it’s just copying the main element of the kitchen.

It looks very similar to a kitchen. So, there’s a chance to get it wrong sometimes.

7. Stunning White Laundry Room In Basement

basement laundry room renovation ideas

Get ready to be stunned by this amazing design of laundry room. Although it’s placed below the ground of your house, it can be brighter than you could ever imagine. With the domination of white, I’m pretty sure this basement laundry room would be a hit.

This is an example of the true completion of the laundry room. The organization of the stuff might be an issue here.

8. Modern Laundry Room With Futuristic Concept

basement laundry room makeover on a budget

Dealing with a high level of modernity, it would make it close to the futuristic concept. This laundry room offers a different style of the room. Everything seems to be sophisticated inside the room. The domination of light really shows what this room is about.

The designer chooses a blue color to accentuate the bright white atmosphere.

9. Industrial Basement Laundry Room With Glass and Cable

finishing a basement laundry room

The industrial vibe in this laundry room is produced by that classic cupboards and wire storage containers. The practical and appealing additions such as the side to hang your shirts. Some cabinet with blurred glass door creates an efficient storage for your laundry room.

The arrangement of all elements inside this basement room is just enough to get you to enjoy the laundry flow.

10. Brilliant Laundry Room Make Over Ideas

adding a basement laundry room

This small laundry room is actually a makeover space which is originally an unused powder room off the kitchen. Turning your unused space to be a nice laundry room is a great way repurpose the room and make it useful.

For a laundry space, you’ll only need two machines for washing and drying, countertop, and storage. With all of those elements, that’s the true laundry room.

11. Metallic Blue Laundry Room For Basement

best basement laundry room flooring

The combination of blue and white would result in a relaxing atmosphere. When you apply it in your laundry room, it seems a bit weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. Because this kind of color would bring relaxation to the next level.

Well, a laundry room is a busy room. Having a relaxing atmosphere will set a good mood for your laundry activity.

12. Traditional Basement Laundry Room Design

basement laundry room ceiling ideas

One element that decides the style of this room is those woven baskets. They are pretty common to be used for laundry. This room concept is focusing on the woven baskets as the main attraction.

The dark color is chosen for the cabinet in order to let the brown color of the basket shines better. The cabinet design doesn’t seem too much.

13. Laundry Room With Animal Cleaning Terminal

cheap basement laundry room ideas

This is a laundry room design that I highly recommend for any homeowners who have a pet like a dog or a cat. The additional terminal for your pet cleaning area is quite clever. It makes your laundry room becomes multifunctional.

You can wash your pet in the laundry room. It’s not a weird thing to do.

14. Large Laundry Room Design With Rug

basement laundry room diy

Adding style to your large or small laundry room has never been so easy. With a simple and interesting rug, you can change the whole atmosphere. The room will look more stylish than before.

Without that red-patterned rug, the flooring charm will be unseen. It’s the only red-colored element in this laundry.

15. Contemporary Kitchen Style Laundry Room

diy basement laundry room makeover

The laundry room you see in the picture is not taking place in the basement. But, it can be an inspiration to your basement space.

Having the element of the kitchen for a laundry room is not wrong. The design of the kitchen is still in line with the laundry room. The cabinet, island, and countertop, they are all very useful in the laundry room.

16. Basement Bathroom With Laundry Room

ideas for basement laundry room

A space for laundry can an additional element of a room. Instead of making one room just for laundry, you can insert a laundry space inside other room like a kitchen or bathroom. That laundry room space seems to be where it belongs. They both are making a perfect combination with each other.

17. Small Laundry Room With Plenty Of Storages

bright basement laundry room

The existence of storages inside a laundry room is very essential. The less amount of storage means a messy laundry room. So, you have to avoid your laundry room to be messy and start installing as many storage spaces as possible. As you can see, the open and closed cabinets are all over the wall.

18. Budget-Friendly Laundry Room For Narrow Space

moving laundry room from basement to main floor

Every color which is used in this laundry room seems to be matched with the summer season atmosphere. You may need to have this kind of laundry room if your house is located near the coastline.

The aqua tone makes a nice accent to all colors in the room. Bunch of pictures and photos makes the room more alive.

19. An Amazing Before After Laundry Room Transformation

Before After Laundry Room Transformation

This is a picture of one laundry room that was turned into a better-organized laundry room. Before the transformation, the washing machines are stacked. After that, it goes flat side by side.

You see it by yourself that it’s really changing the whole appearance. You also get an extra space for storage and counter.

20. Farmhouse Style Laundry Room

basement laundry room finishing

A farmhouse style, is it good enough for your laundry room? Well, it’s not actually a full or extreme farmhouse. It’s just a laundry room with a farmhouse style decoration.

You’re all already knew that even a single stylish decor can affect the whole atmosphere. So, be careful in choosing decorations for any room.

21. Well-Organized Laundry Room With Victorian Charm

basement laundry room pump

The organization is the key to an efficient flow of laundry room. Making your laundry room organization more effective is one thing people have to do for their laundry room.

Beside that well-organized cabinet, the one that catches my attention about this laundry room is that purple wallpaper.

22. Mid-Century Modern Laundry Room Design

basement laundry room paint colors

Designing a laundry room can be pretty challenging. Going simple is one way you can choose to build a comfortable laundry room. A mid-century modern can be a great choice to support your simplicity.

The ceiling, wall, and cabinet have the exact same color which makes the cabinet almost invisible to the eye.

23. Funky & Fun Basement Laundry Room

decorating a basement laundry room

One of the elements that may steal your attention is those deep rectangular sinks. It has sharp angles that make you suddenly compare them with the smooth lines of the washing machine and dryer.

The ladder right there is not a decoration. It’s a very useful element for this laundry room. You can hang and dry out your laundry.

24. Wooden Laundry Room That Seems Unfinished

basement laundry room ideas before and after

It may seem unfinished but it’s the real result of a complete laundry room design. This style is called a log cabin. The texture and natural pattern of a log are all over the cabinet. It gets supported by the rustic flooring and brown wall. The yellow light from the lamp exploits the natural charm of the log.

25. Exotic Summer In Your Laundry Room

small basement laundry room makeover

The amount of yellow color inside a room would definitely decide the style. The sunny summer atmosphere spreads all over your laundry room with this concept.

An artistic wall on one side of the wall matches the yellow laundry area. The woven wood background is attached in a place where it belongs.

26. Hidden Laundry Room For Minimalist House

cheap basement laundry room makeover

If you want to keep the minimalist style inside your house, you may need to hideaways the laundry area when it’s not needed. The cluttering that’s made by laundry activity would disturb the calmness of your minimalist design. Hiding them away by closing the door is a perfect solution for your style.

27. Open Laundry Room Beside Craft Room

basement kitchen laundry room

Besides the kitchen and bathroom, you can combine laundry room with craft room. Both of these rooms have the same spirit. They have the spirit of producing.  In the craft room, you will produce a creative craft. In a laundry room, you will produce some clean clothes.

So, if you want to design your craft room to be joined with the laundry room. There are some things you have to consider. You need to consider the space you have, how much storage you need, and how complete is your laundry room gonna be.

28. The Basement Laundry Room Of Luxury

basement laundry room flooring options

If budget is not your issue in designing your dream house, you may wanna take a look at this luxurious design for your laundry room. The original theme of this laundry room design is “Under The Sea”.

The designers want the visitors of this room feel like they are under the sea. With that light effect all over the wall and ceiling, the theme will succeed. Connected with the theme, this laundry room design is perfect for your basement space.

To conclude, there are plenty inspirations would come into your thought about what to choose to make your laundry great again. I guess those 28 ideas are surely enough to inspire you in building your basement laundry room.

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