20 Stunning Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

You can find various ideas to overhaul your bathroom. One of which is decorating the mirror using stunning bathroom mirror ideas which is a good step to begin with.

Whatever your bathroom style is – whether it is a minimalist or rustic one – you can find 20 stunning ideas for your bathroom mirror here. So, check them out!

1. Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Separation

bathroom mirror ideas diy

Vanity with two mirrors and sinks allow you to spend more time at the grooming area without being yelled by another user who has been waiting for quite a while.

To give you extra space, place a cabinet in the middle that separates the two grooming areas.

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2. Bathroom Mirror LED Light Frame

bathroom mirror ideas for single sink

LED lights installed behind the mirror create a minimalist frame that can illuminate the vanity. The absence of fussy accents makes these mirrors a top-notch choice for a modern bathroom.

Don’t forget to combine them with minimalist sinks to enhance the look.

3. Big Bathroom Mirror Ideas On Wall

bathroom mirror and lighting ideas

Installing an oversized mirror in your small bathroom is your greatest bet as it can reflect more light which means your bathroom can appear to be larger.

To get sufficient light when putting on makeup, install LED lights behind the mirror or simply hang some sconces on it.

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4. Suspended Rustic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom vanity and mirror ideas

This mirror looks good in this rustic bathroom thanks to the distressed wooden frame that holds the mirror well.

Instead of hanging it on the wall, the rustic mirror is suspended by ropes from the ceiling, making it look more classic.

5. Add Gold Accent

bathroom mirror ideas home depot

Gold has never failed to add an upscale look to any room in your house including your bathroom. Not only does this gold frame make a statement to the mirror, but also make it look lavish.

When combining with bronze faucets and sconces, the mirror makes a perfect centerpiece.

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6. Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

decorating a bathroom mirror ideas

Who says that a vanity mirror has to be round or rectangular? You can even hang a heart-shaped mirror in your bathroom to jazz it up if you want to.

This mirror will suit your kid’s bathroom well. The DIY red frame complements the decoration immensely.

7. The More The Better

bathroom mirror decorating ideas

Why do you have to stick to only one mirror if you can have more?

If you want to adopt this idea, make sure you get the mirrors in different sizes. This will create a gallery wall in your bathroom.

8. Accentuating Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom mirror design ideas

A frame not only helps to hold a mirror more firmly but also provides a more polished appearance.

This mirror, for instance, features a wooden frame that has the same color scheme as the vanity, bringing harmony to the bathroom.

9. Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Multipurpose Frame

Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Multipurpose Frame

This DIY-friendly frame defines the mirror nicely. Furthermore, it also incorporates an additional storage solution as it hosts grooming essentials that you use on a regular basis.

It’s like killing two birds with one stone, isn’t it?

10. Octagonal Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Octagonal Bathroom Mirror Ideas

This bathroom looks fancy with the marble wall and brass accents. The mirrors are not attached to the wall. They float instead.

They do not float in the air, though. Two thin poles hold these octagonal mirrors well so they look like as if they floated.

11. Illuminating Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Illuminating Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Adding backlighting – whether it is a mirror with built-in backlighting or a DIY one – is one of the most convenient ways to add elegance to your bathroom.

Besides, it helps you put on makeup better as the light focuses on your face.

12. Futuristic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Futuristic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

This silver frame infuses the touch of futuristic look to your bathroom. The uneven surface not only adds textural elements but also creates different shades that make it glow.

Just install sufficient light and both the frames and the mirror will help you to reflect it.

13. Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Everyone

Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Everyone

When it comes to a tiny and confined space, a round mirror with a minimal accent will be your safe bet.

It will provide sufficient reflection without overwhelming the small bathroom. Suspend one or two lights in front of it so the bathroom will be visually bigger.

14. Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Double Bathroom Mirror Ideas

If one mirror will only give you some trouble in the morning, just make it double. These symmetrical vanities can accommodate more than one user, which is good to save your time in the morning.

The vanities are separated with a gap, giving you sufficient space to do your things.

15. Shimmering Bathroom Mirror

Shimmering Bathroom Mirror 

This mirror provides extra lighting that helps you get a better view when preparing yourself to go to a party.

The backlighting gives a double impact to the mirror – it frames the mirror perfectly and gives nice backlighting.

16. Round Bathroom Mirror with Straps

Round Bathroom Mirror with Straps

This is another DIY-friendly project that you can try at home.

To get this look, you need to make the round wooden frame so the round mirror can fit snugly in it. Then, attach a strap around the frame, and hang it on a hook on the wall.

17. Fancy Industrial-Style Bathroom Mirror Ideas

fancy Industrial-Style Bathroom Mirror Ideas

This mirror not only gives you style but also practical features. The brass finish makes it look fancy, and that is not the only wonderful thing.

It also features a shelf and three hooks that offer ample storage space.

18. Minimalist Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Less is more. That is all that this mirror wants you to know.

This bathroom looks elegant with the marble wall. To make lessen the extravagant look, a sink supported with four thin black legs is added. A mirror with a minimalist design hangs over the sink. The black frame complements the sink well.

19. Antique Bathroom Mirror

Antique Bathroom Mirror 

The white subway tiles in this bathroom denote the traditional and timeless charm. To accentuate the traditional look, an antique framed mirror is added.

The mirror features a sophisticated crafted design that not only makes your bathroom look classic but also stylish.

20. Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Cabinet

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Cabinet

Mirror cabinet is the best solution if you want to add more storage space in your bathroom.

The storage space lies behind the mirrors so it will not gobble up the remaining space. And this mirror cabinet is an ideal way to blend style and function.


Now, you know some stunning bathroom mirror ideas that you can try. Before applying one of these ideas, you need to consider the size of your bathroom and what you want it to look like because the one that should be pleased by the result is you.

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