25 DIY Bookshelf Ideas to Decorate Room and Organize Your Books

Reading is absolutely beneficial. It helps improve your memory and concentration. Not only that, it gives you tons of inspiration. If you are an avid reader, you need DIY bookshelf ideas to organize the books.

Probably the store-bought bookshelf does not entice you, it is better to build your own item. We promise you will be really proud of the end product. Without further ado, these are our best picks.

1. Ingenious and Industrial Bookshelf

Ingenious and Industrial

In case you love understated sophistication, this idea is the best one for you. This bookshelf obviously emanates the industrial flair.

All you need are metal pole and wooden bases. It looks sturdy enough to be the home for your books. Plus, it saves a lot of spaces.

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2. Tetris-Inspired Bookshelf

Tetris-Inspired Bookshelf

When you were a kid, perhaps you played Tetris. The game was incredibly fun and wonderful.

So, why don’t you bring your childhood memories back? Like the one pictured here, this wooden bookshelf has fantastic design. It can hold various books and home ornaments.

3. Rope Bridge Bookshelf Ideas

diy bookshelf plans

Do you want a bookshelf that is easily reachable? Well, this idea certainly wins your heart.

Not only is it visually appealing, but also functional to show off a few of your favorite books. Furthermore, it is a space-saver storage. And it will be a cute bedroom’s addition.

4. The Majesty of The Tree Bookshelf

DIY Tree Bookshelf Plans

The ordinary bookcase is quite boring to look at, but this one is not. It is neatly shaped like a tree.

Since it is made from wooden bases, it can house your heavy books for sure. Leave the bookshelf unpainted for a rustic appeal. We bet you wish you could have at least one at your home.

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5. DIY Bookshelf Chair

DIY Bookshelf Chair

You do not have to build a reading nook when there is a double duty chair. It works as the seating and bookshelf simultaneously.

Needless to say, all the books are within arm’s reach. Moreover, this chair allows you to curl up in it while indulging in a book. We promise your day is well-spent.

6. Functional Skateboards Bookshelf Ideas

DIY Skateboard Bookshelf

Lots of people love this book storage, us as well. It is crafted from two skateboards connected to each other with metal sticks and brackets.

No doubt, it definitely will complement a teenage boy’s room. Besides displaying his favorite books, it is able to hold personal items.

7. Charming Combination Bookshelf

DIY Wood Bookshelf

If you are new to the DIY world, do not worry. This project is not as complicated as you might have thought.

To create this hanging shelves, you need recycled leather straps and wooden planks. These two materials make a good pair. Now, it is time to exhibit your books, potted succulents, and ornaments.

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8. Stick to Simpleness Bookshelf

DIY Wall Bookshelves 

The plain bookshelf is awesome on its own. We have nothing against that. Looking for proof?

The solid wood book storage simply looks lovely. Here, the white wall provides a nice backdrop. If you are tight on budget, just repaint the old one.

9. The Tetris Bookshelf Ideas

diy bookshelf desk

Live in a modern house or urban loft? Give this stunning idea a glance. Look at the picture above, the books nestle on L-shaped white shelves.

While the pastel pink rectangular bookcase doubles as a potted plant holder. It beautifully pops against the white wall.

10. Classic Flare Bookshelf

diy bookshelf chair

Place a walnut bookshelf on the home office’s floor. Let its timeless charm welcome you as you step into your personal escape.

In addition, it fills the space with warm nuance. You can also put a vase of blooming flowers on the bookcase’s top.

11. Built-In Corner Bookshelf

Built-in Book Cases

Do you have loads of books? The built-in bookshelf is what you need the most. It adds dramatic height to your room and gives you enormous storage space.

Additionally, it must come in the same shade as the walls. So, it is able to produce a coordinating look.

12. Stylish Bookshelf Ideas

Built in Corner Bookshelves

Do not let your room’s corner feel empty and bland. Install wooden bookcases with the help of brackets.

Their futuristic design and divine curves would steal the show. And if you have a huge book collection, build the larger ones.

13. Customized Book Storage

diy Kitchen Bookshelf

There is a solution to every problem. For instance, the homeowner built the bookshelf into the kitchen island for maximizing the space.

It works as a terrific place to keep the cookbooks. So, you could prepare the meals while reading the recipes.

14. Repurposed Wood Crates

DIY Small Bookshelf

As you can see, the unpolished wood crates transform into convenient cases for the books.

They save your money as well as making your space clutter-free. And if they do not look ravishing, you must paint them in bright shades.

15. Shelving Units on The Wall

Stylish Bookshelf  Designs

There is a heap of books in your room. But you do not know what to do. No worries. Just install wall-mounted large shelving units.

They instantly offer modern flavor. These fashion-forward looking bookcases would make your home library feel more complete too.

16. The Beauty of Wooden Pallets

Cheap Bookshelves DIY

These innovative bookshelves are great pieces for your kid’s room.

Be sure you hang them on the wall below the eye level. So, your little one can reach the book easily. The wooden planks exhibit naturally rustic decor.

17. Unique Coffee Table Bookshelf

Coffee Table Bookshelf

Why spend a fortune when you can go for an affordable option? If you are searching for an example, look at this picture.

It is interestingly made of an old cable spool table and a few casters. On the weekend, you just have to sit on the couch, drink a coffee and read the book.

18. Upcycled Drawers

diy bookshelf wall

Old is gold. We prove our statement with this bookshelf. It is smartly crafted from unused drawers.

As long as yours are still in good condition, do not throw them away. Before using them as the bookcases, make sure you coat them in fresh bright paint.

19. Another Function of a Ladder

diy bookshelf bed frame

With the creativity, the homeowner turns planks of wood and two ladders into terrific bookshelves.

No hesitation, they absolutely look rustic. Moreover, you can display the embellishments on the desks.

20. Simple Wall Shelves

Simple DIY Bookshelf

We do love these wood crates that happen to be bookcases.

They come in two exquisite colors: caramel and brown. Plus, the greenery adds an organic setting to the whole space. What more could you ask for?

21. Anthro Bookshelf Ideas

Anthro Bookcase Ideas


22. Floating Bookshelf Ideas

Floating Bookshelf Ideas


23. Wood and Industrial Bookshelf

diy bookshelf built in


24. Elegant Bookshelf Ideas

diy bookshelf build


25. Contemporary Bookshelf Ideas

diy bookshelf cheap


The DIY bookshelf ideas explained above truly call all the bookworms. So, if reading is your hobby, do not wait any longer. Let’s shop the materials and get the DIY project started!

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