Rustic Wall Decor Ideas To Help You Add Rustic Beauty To Your Home

Wall is one of the largest areas in the home. Unfortunately, it is also often become a neglected part. Since it serves as the blank canvas, you can do an amazing update with our rustic wall decor ideas.

The popularity of rustic decor lies in its simplicity. Plus, it teaches you that being imperfect and a little rugged is just okay. For further explanations, let’s check these beautiful ideas below.

1. Rustic Wall Decor with Mason Jar Vase

Rustic Wall Decor with Mason Jar Vase

The thing that people love about going rustic is a touch of creativity.

To make these one-of-a-kind wall sconces, all you need are mason jars, wood planks, lights, and wall sconces. Super easy, right?

2. Retrofitted Wall Mirrors

Retrofitted mirror

If you want to add depth to your space, give this idea a shot.

The wall does not feel awkward anymore with the presence of whitewashed framed full-length mirrors.

The greenery wreath and ribbon give the mirrors an elegant finishing.

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3. Whitewashed Wood Rustic Wall Decor

Whitewashed Wood Rustic Wall Decor

Bring a sense of rusticism to your living quarter by creating a uniquely antique wall sconce. The brass vase, weathered wood base, pretty flowers, and greenery work together and result in visually appealing decor.

In case you have a huge wall, a couple of wall sconces are even nicer.

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4. Classic Chalk Painted Mirrored

Chalk Painted Mirrored

This idea calls the fans of French country and rustic styles. The mirrored wall tiles do not only make the wall ornate but also double as the backdrop for a wooden shelf.

Moreover, the embellishments produce pops of colors which liven up the entire area.

5. Antique Photo Gallery

Antique Drawer Photo Frame

Display a collection of your wedding pictures with the help of frame hangers. They are utterly enticing and heartwarming.

In addition, the black ribbons, unfinished woods, and drawer knobs introduce unpretentious spirit. And the frame’s shade fits the theme wonderfully.

6. Upcycled Window Frames

Reclaimed Window Frames

This sitting room features a wall-mounted wooden shelf and a sign. The homeowner keeps the space from looking bland by placing the vases in various sizes.

Additionally, delicate wreath and flowers beautify the wall. While a pair of mirrors invites the drama and depth into the area.

7. Soft Glow in the Night

Rustic Home Decor Glowing Mason Jar

The wall’s corner is well-lit by two wall sconces here. They help radiate the room after the dark.

Reclaimed wood bases and wrought iron hooks evoke the rustic flavor. The fairy lights and blooming flowers provide a sweet contrast. Everything looks so adorable.

8. Monochromatic and Magnificent Wall Decor

Skeleton Key Photo Hooks

If you are a simple person, we bet you will like this one. The blend of twines repurposed wooden frames and oversized iron keys exude the antique taste.

Not only that, the white wall makes the photographs standout. The smart placement also adds interest to the wall.

9. Barn-Style Kitchen Sign

Rustic Home Barn Wood Kitchen

Give your kitchen distinctive personality with the typography. It will be a good reminder for your entire family.

In this example, the E, A, and T letters are made from reclaimed wooden planks. You can create a welcoming sign using metal or twigs as well.

10. Windmill-Inspired Wall Clock

Rustic Barn Wood Wall Clock

The table arrangement is actually good. However, it won’t feel complete without hanging ginormous clock and wood base on the wall.

They turn restored farmhouse into inviting space. And they offer a more polished look to the whole room.

11. A Collage of Family Photographs

Rustic Family Photo Collage

This wall collage is supremely gorgeous despite using repurposed materials. Nothing is more rustic than the iron curtain rod and metal hooks.

The homeowner also benefits from visual symmetry. While the blue frames work well with the colorful family photographs.

12. Vintage Shelf Display

Old Rustic Shelf Display

Do you admire the old-world’s charm? If yes, this idea is the best one for you.

The exquisite details of the picture frame, clock, and shelf state that rustic does not have to be unrefined. Sometimes, it can be formal and classy too. Moreover, the wooden box, plant, and candles infuse the room with an intimate feeling.

13. Dimensional Sign Letters

Love Wall Art with Reclaimed Wood

Currently, bringing the outdoor equipment indoor becomes the hot trend. Because this idea is easy-peasy.

Not to mention, the end result is captivating. For instance, the “love” wall art combines the wood base and unused pieces. We guarantee it will deliver the romantic setting to your home.

14. Lots of Metal Fixtures

rustic wall Wall Collage with Reclaimed Metal Farm

No doubt, the dweller really loves the industrial theme. From wall-mounted arrow to the pots, all is made of metal.

The rustic look is softened with typography, wall art, and flowers. In addition, the two-tone wall steals the show in a subtle way.

15. Wreath’s Domination

rustic wall decord Flower Wreath

If you need something gorgeous and organic, this no-brainer idea will entice you for certain. The greenery wreaths and wildflowers adorn the stark wooden base.

To bring the decorating style to the new level, grow plants in galvanized metal containers.

16. Rustic and Abstract Wall Decor

rustic Abstract Wall Art

If you have unused wooden planks, do not throw them away. Because they can make unexpectedly dreamy wall art.

The wooden pieces are well-placed on the wall at the staggered heights. They also double as the homes of vase and box. How multi-functional they are!

17. Rustic Wood God Bless America Sign

Rustic Wood God Bless America Sign

Your home does not feel inviting? Well, you might need to have this rustic wall sign. A trio of signs is suspended from the hooks on the pegboard. While the blue and red-colored stars add visual interest to space.

When you see them, they instantly increase your patriotism.

18. Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden Wall Hangings

Wood is beautiful and rustic on its own. So, this material is a great choice to showcase the unpretentious air.

The wooden wall artworks have multi-tones and unique frames. Those pieces are definitely suitable for any modern home or urban loft.

19. Whitewashed Home Sign

Whitewashed Home Sign
artnak com

Needless to say, this home is already rustic. Just look at the white-painted brick walls which brighten the space.

The sign on the shelf creates the same effect. And the twig wreath quickly displays its natural greatness. Here, the grouping is too astonishing to overlook.

20. Coat Rack and Wall Art

Coat Rack and Wall Art
ideastand com

Short on space? Then, give this idea a try.

The repurposed wood base serves as the home for a display shelf. Moreover, the rack hooks are quite sturdy to hold coats, hats, handbags, and scarves. Once the project gets done, you can proudly show off your collection.

Basically, rustic wall decor ideas emphasize on incorporating textured materials into your space. You can also use various prints. Do not forget to think of the right spacing and placement as well.

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