27+ Beautiful Cork Board Ideas That Will Change The Way You See Cork Board

Instead of having a plain, brown background of the cork board, you may need some decorative cork board ideas. A corkboard could be hanging in your kitchen, bedroom, home office, and anywhere else. You can have it to attach notes, photos, and other things you need to be reminded.

Having it more decorative would improve the look of your wall. It could be a great accentuating decor for your room. You could turn a dull and plain brown cork board into something more spectacular.

DIY Cork boards

The Materials for Designing Cork Board

In order to create a beautiful design of a cork board, you need to prepare the needed materials. Here are some recommended materials you can choose to decorate your cork board. You can choose some of the materials in this list based on the cork board ideas.

  • Fabric with an interesting pattern
  • Paints
  • Molding
  • Plywood panel
  • Cutting Tools
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Colored Paper

The Steps of Designing DIY Cork Board

Here are the general steps to decorate or even make your own cork board. Of course, it’s according to the materials you have and the design you choose.

  • Prepare the material
  • Do the measurement of the board size
  • Cut the board based on the measure
  • After all of the cutting following the sample, you need to size them up.
  • Do more cutting and gluing
  • Nail down the molding
  • Remove Excess

Beautiful Cork Board Ideas for Inspiration

To showcase the remarkable alternatives advanced by cork 28 ingeniously smart cork board ideas tips for your residence adhere to, cast a look as well as rise ideas.

1. Bulletin Cork Board Ideas for Office

cork board ideas for dorm

You can say it according to the look of this cork board idea. It’s the simplest, mess-free design of a bulletin board for your home office. The original brown color of the cork is covered by an attractive fabric. So, I may say that the key to this decorative look is the fabric pattern.

2. Big Striped Cork Board Ideas

cork board ideas for work

Using a simple pattern for the corkboard design could be the easy way to decorate it. The large size of the board wouldn’t be a problem when you know how to deal with it. You can freely attach your notes and photos on the board anywhere you want. It’s only using tapes, and spray paint.

3. Neat White Cork Board Ideas

cork board ideas tumblr

In order to eliminate the plain and boring brown color, you can just paint the whole board with white color. This method is done to create a neat look and set a good mood in your working hours.

With the white base, you can decorate the board with the color from your attachments. Play with it and you’ll get an interesting cork board in your room.

4. Summer Time Cork Board Ideas

cork board ideas for pictures

Almost any theme or design you can apply on your cork board, it’s just according to your own creativity. This season theme can be a nice recommendation to decorate the cork board. That blue hypnotizing pattern is a very interesting pattern.

5. Cute Cork Board Ideas Fir Bedroom

cork board ideas pinterest

Take a look at these cute circle boards. It’s like a bunch of large cookies attached on the wall. The combination of red, pink, and light blue making it more attractive for your blue wall. It’s perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

I guess if you put this cute cork board design in front of the table in your daughter’s room, she’ll have a good time doing the homework.

6. Cork Board as Jewelry Storage

cork board ideas for boyfriend

A cork board on the wall can also be used as a storage for your jewelry. As you can see, your necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings would be well organized on the cork board. It could also be a nice item to decorate the plain cork board you have.

Some photos can also be added in the middle of the jewelry in order to give the impression of a well-functioned cork board.

7. Cork Board Ideas as Wall Organizer

cork board ideas for home

A corkboard doesn’t always have to be used as a pinboard. It could also be designed as storage, little shelves, or another form of organizers. This creative closet organization would be very helpful to organize your office stuff. There’s a total of six framed board with the various concept of organizers.

8. Office Cherry Wood Cork Board

cork board ideas for guys

This is pretty cool, the functional cork board is on the whole space on one side of the wall. It’s more than just a bulletin board, you could attach anywhere you want like crafts, photos, paintings, notes, almost anything that comes with paper.

9. Large Cork Board Ideas with Cherry Wood Frames

cork board ideas office

Another wood framed bulletin board design for your home office. With a geometric pattern on the cork surface is making it more impressive. This kind of corkboard design is perfect for your craft room. You can hang the notes that are craft-related to support your work.

It’s the size of a school blackboard which can handle any kind of paper. It’s also sometimes called as wrapping paper station.

10. Shabby Chic Style

decorating a cork board ideas

The design of the cork board should be supported by the other surrounding decor and furniture. As you can see, this office has a complete shabby chic style. This cork board is obviously designed to be functionally used. You can hang your jewelry, notes, and paintings to make it more decorative.

11. Full-Wall Cork Board Ideas with Mixed Functions

covering cork board ideas

It’s not really a cork board, it’s more like a cork wall. This full-wall cork board would be a very useful yet decorative idea for your office, especially if you have a lot of stuff you need to be reminded.

It can also be the source of entertainment to the eye. It supports the looks of the office room. You can hang almost any possible things for your personal use.

12. Magnetic Bulletin Board as Cork Board Ideas

desk cork board ideas

If you are not used to pinning your paper on the cork board, you may wanna consider this magnetic board idea. It’s an alternative that would make the paper attache easier. But, the magnetic board could only be attached to lightweight things like paper.

It could be a fun way to decorate your office instead of having a plain boring wall. Remember, it’s easy to look messy.

13. Large-Sized Bulletin Cork Board

dorm room cork board ideas

This large bulletin board is obviously designed to be used more than one person. There’s a lot of space left to attach anything you want related to your work. As you can see, that patterned fabric looks like a decoration for the board.

It obviously makes this plain formal board is more interesting. It’s a good idea to dress up the board and improve its looks.

14. Cork Board Wall Design

cork board ideas for birthday

It’s a very thoughtful concept. The large space of framed board is divided into 14 squares. In each square, you can attach a different category of notes, photos, or other things. One or more squares can be used as decoration and some other to be more functional. It’s perfect for a living room or kitchen’s wall.

15. Cork Board for Fabulous Workspace

cork board ideas for kitchen

In a bedroom, you will need a comfortable space. Well, setting up a comfortable space should be based on your personal taste. Take a look at this fabulous workspace that can do well in your bedroom.

Hopefully, that cork wall would make a good couple to the room. If you love to have an earthy color combination in your bedroom, this would work fabulously.

16. Vintage Cork Board

homemade cork board ideas

This bulletin board looks so rustic and left out. For a fan of vintage and rustic style, this cork board is artistically outstanding. The rustic frame really looks really fine. The desk and decoration seem to be supportive of the vintage rustic design of the board.

Although it has so much decorative charm, it’s apparently functional too. You have to always fill this board up in order to cover the flaws.

17. Cork Board Ideas as Headboard

Cork Board Ideas as Headboard

A cork board is not always about the office or workspace, it’s about the base for decoration. You can have your headboard made of cork board. It’s a fantastic way to design the bed. Take a look at this girl’s bedroom, there’s a space to decorate on the headboard.

18. Calendar Cork Board Ideas

Calendar Cork Board Ideas

The concept of this cork board is a calendar. One of the purposes people choose to boy cork board is to be a reminder of their schedule. With this, you can manage your activity every day by pinning up the monthly schedule on the board.

Instead of being a decorative board, this functional item is a must-have for your busy activities.

19. Cork Board Ideas with Map Shape

Cork Board Ideas with Map Shape

This world map cork board is the most unique one in the list. It has a shape of an island on the map. It’s perfect for your travel schedule board. So, you can make the board looks like a map of the world or a country. Then, you can pin up the photos on it to begin the adventure.

20. Decorating Cork Board with Jewelry

Decorating Cork Board Ideas with Jewelry

A cork board is also very useful for storage of your items such as jewelry. With a huge collection of jewelry, sometimes people are having a hard time organizing it. You need to the collection well organized in order to avoid a mess.

21. Beautiful-Framed Cork Board Ideas

Beautiful-Framed Cork Board Ideas

Another bulletin board design for your workspace at home. As you can see, you can actually frame it like a painting. Using this beautiful frame, it emphasizes the existence of the board. I suggest you have to pin it without a mess in order to keep a good looking of the atmosphere around your workspace.

22. Cork Board for Girls Bedroom

Cork Board Ideas for Girls Bedroom

One of the supporting element you should have for the girl’s room is the corkboard. Instead of having a plain and useless wall, cover the wall with the cork board. It allows the girls to stick and pin their notes to remind them and the work they’ve made on the paper.

23. Gray Fabric Cork Board Ideas

Gray Fabric Cork Board Ideas

Gray is so flexible as a base for your cork board. In this cork board idea, you’ve got a floral gray pattern with the light wood frame. The pattern is really helpful to create an illusion of neat. Any mess you pin on the board would be unseen because of the pattern. This is a clever choice for the board.

24. Circle Cork Board Ideas with Mirror

Circle Cork Board Ideas with Mirror

This hanging bulletin board is so unique and one of a kind. It has a cork surface on one side and a mirror on the other side. It’s a multifunctional board which is being the favorite for a house with minimal space.

I guess you can’t hope for more space to attach your notes because the size is already small. The fact that it hangs, it looks like a clock on the wall.

25. Cork Board with Tea Bath Towels

Cork Board Ideas with Tea Bath Towels

Covering around your cork board with a tea bath towels can be a good alternative to decorate your board. You can do it by applying an adhesive on the surface and then press the towels to the board. Spice up the board with a little bit colorful creativity you have.

Splashes of color would work in a spectacular way with a white base from the tea bath towels.

26. Cork Board Ideas with Wood Spool

Cork Board Ideas with Wood Spool

This particular design of a cork board is a great idea for your build space. For you who are into a vintage style of decoration, this classic wood spool cork board is a good option. Match the cork board design with the location you hang this piece of artwork.

27. Purple-framed Cork Board Ideas

Purple-framed Cork Board Ideas

If you are looking for a message board with a glamorous charm, try this cork board with a beautiful purple frame. The color of purple is enough to describe the glamour style of the area. It’s got added by the pretty flower pattern that covers the cork plank.

28. Happy White Cork Board Ideas

There are a lot of things would be going on your bulletin board. Having it in all white would be very helpful for your workflow. Make sure you are pinning the notes up on the board neatly. In order to set up the mood, you may want to hang a word like “HAPPY”. Conclusion After all, those 28 creative cork board ideas are so inspirational. You can easily apply it in any room. According to the purpose of cork board in that room, you can decide the design you can have in it.

There are a lot of things would be going on your bulletin board. Having it in all white would be very helpful for your workflow. Make sure you are pinning the notes up on the board neatly. In order to set up the mood, you may want to hang a word like “HAPPY”.


After all, those 28 creative cork board ideas are so inspirational. You can easily apply it in any room. According to the purpose of cork board in that room, you can decide the design you can have in it.


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