25 Unique DIY Coffee Table Ideas To Try at Home

Probably, one of your early morning routines is drinking coffee. It really helps perk you up. Not only that, the coffee aroma relieves stress. As a coffee addict, you must think of the DIY coffee table.

The homemade unit is absolutely cooler than the store-bought one because it represents your own style. And we have gathered up these awesome ideas for you who want to make a unique coffee table.

1. Diy Plank Coffee Table

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Have woodworking skills? We believe you can make an unusual coffee table out of wooden planks. The wheels let you move the table easier for certain.

Moreover, this stuff will be a perfect addition to a rustic home. Here, it pairs well with the polished wooden floor.

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2. Vintage Coffee Table Ideas

diy coffee table decorations

You might think that an antique item is always unreasonably pricey. No, you are wrong. This project proves that you can create a coffee table using reclaimed wood.

The wrought iron casters exude the traditional edge. The table truly complements this eclectic living room.

3. Refined Coffee Table

coffee table ideas for small spaces

Since the living space is already posh, you surely need something upscale. Here, a wooden coffee table matches stunningly with the black leather sofa.

To get a fresh look, you must stain the table top. And coat the rest of the table in white paint. This two-tone table is eye-catching, right?

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4. Unfinished Coffee Table

diy rustic coffee table ideas

Boost a sense of rustics by placing this wooden table in your sitting room. It produces an unpretentious style. In addition, it makes a good pair of an old rug.

All you have to prepare are unpolished wooden planks, saw, and extremely strong glue. We guarantee you can finish the project in one day.

5. Industrial Coffee Table

cool diy coffee table ideas

If you extremely fancy the industrial decor, give this idea a shot. As the one pictured above, the wooden top and black steel table legs complement each other gorgeously.

The parts are not difficult to find. Plus, they won’t break your bank.  The end product fits in nicely with the traditional home.

6. Double Coffee Table

diy pallet coffee table ideas

This coffee table will make barn-style living quarters and farmhouse feel complete.

You can place your coffee and drinks on top of the table. While another surface works as the home for your books and ornamental pieces. It is such a space-saving solution.

7. Wooden Table with Angled Legs

diy coffee table accessories

As the image shows, the coffee table is simple yet trendy.

Thanks to its angled legs. This unit makes an elegant statement both in the modern and traditional lounge room. The table evokes the warm ambiance throughout the space. Don’t you love it?

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8. Minimalist Coffee Table

coffee table ideas for living room

Unexpectedly, the wood pallets and raw steel hairpin legs create a delightful combo.

This rustic piece will adorn a minimalist living area. It instantly brings the outdoors in. And it doubles as the book storage. You can have your cup of coffee while reading a book.


9. Wire Basket Side Table

coffee table ideas on a budget

Believe it or not, an often-overlooked wire trash can is really functional.

Attach a round top to it, and voila you get a striking coffee table. It is not only baby-friendly but also useful for storing the yarns, newspapers and throw pillows. You can just leave it empty too.

10. Patio Coffee Table

coffee table decorative accents ideas

Perhaps, this handy item is a not-so-perfect coffee table. But it is still able to hold your cold frappe. When the sun is out, it will be placed on the outside of the home.

The coffee table with greeneries adds some life to your room. We promise they impress your guests in no time.

11. Recycled Door Slab Table

diy coffee table base ideas

Transform old wooden doors into a coffee table. First thing first, remove them. You can refinish them as well. After that, reassemble them into a multipurpose side table.

In this example, the coffee table provides quite a large storage space for a wicker basket, books and throw pillows.

12. Wooden Crate Table

diy rustic coffee table ideas

As we stated before, the coffee table can be created out of anything including the crates. Here, the wooden crates are faced outward to provide ample storage.

Meanwhile, you can put the drinks and small stuff on the wooden surface. We guarantee this idea is doable and super creative.

13. Brass Coffee Table

Brass Coffee Table

If you have wanted a table to round out your living room, go for this idea.

This brass coffee table effortlessly adds a healthy dose of glam to the entire zone. Plus, it gives you a bonus storage space.

14. Retro Suitcase Table

Retro Suitcase Table

Do not throw your old suitcase away since it can be converted into an amazingly unusual coffee table! Like the one shown here, the table legs are attached to the suitcase.

The suitcase table goes really well with the white lounge room.

15. Two-Tier Coffee Table

Two-Tier Coffee Table

The two-level table at a high-end furniture store might entice you.

But its price was way out of your range. Why not build it by yourself? You can place your coffee and books on the black and white surfaces.

16. Coffee Table with Storage Compartments

Coffee Table with Storage Compartments

No hesitation, you will definitely love it as we do. This handmade coffee table has lots of compartments for your craft supplies.

It keeps the clutters at bay. How functional it is!

17. Tree Branch Table

Tree Branch Table

This coffee table offers an outdoorsy look.

All you need are nice-looking tree branches and super strong wood glue. Then, attach one branch to another until you get a divine coffee table as well as a conversation unit.

18. Half Barrel Table

Half Barrel Table

Like the wood accents? Undoubtedly, this one will fascinate you. The barrel coffee table is an ideal element for a rustic lounge room.

It also has the hidden storage to stash your personal items.

19. Cable Spool Table

Cable Spool Table

Just imagine drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee in this living space. Here, an old wooden cable spool is turned into a coffee table. The potted plant decorates the table and brings life to the area.

20. Multi-toned Coffee Table

Multi-toned Coffee Table

This handmade coffee table will exhibit a warm appeal. Plus, its thick wooden slices come in various colors. They quickly beautify the entire space. And the black steel profiles are so industrial.

21. DIY Vintage Chic Cofee Table

diy coffee table easy


22. DIY Wood Pallete Coffee Table Ideas

coffee table ideas for small living room


23. Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

coffee table ideas family room

24. Unique DIY Coffee Table

unique coffee table ideas


25. Modern Coffee Table Ideas

modern coffee table ideas (27)


Well, the project might be time-consuming and quite exhausting. But we completely guarantee that the end result couldn’t be more rewarding. Anyway, after you have a read of those DIY coffee table ideas, which one is your favorite?

DIY Cofee Table Ideas

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