21 Creative DIY Computer Desk You Can Try

In the era of digital where the development of computer and internet has gone bigger, the supporting element of the computer must be so needed including the DIY computer desk. Why? Because in this era, many people spend most of their time in front of the computer.

A design of a computer desk is very essential to a computer user because it decides the comfort of the area. There are a lot of ideas of DIY Computer desk in this article which is about to inspire you to find the most comfortable computer desk design.

DIY Computer Desk Ideas to Build for Your Office

Do you desire a brand-new more economical computer system workdesk? You can get it by making a DIY desk inning conformity with the ideas right here. Right here are some budget plan friendly DIY computer desk suggestions and also tutorials. These computer system desks will undoubtedly assist you build your own smart computer system workdesk, which add more beauty to your space.

1. Mid-Century Modern Desk

diy computer desk reddit
diy computer desk by youtube.com

This is a simple setup for you who love a minimalist look of a mid-century modern style from this computer desk. You can just begin a pair of basic table legs that has a similar charm to a modern-style cabinet.


  • It looks great in your minimalist house.
  • It doesn’t require any effort.
  • A minimal budget will be spent.


  • those 4 thin short legs are so fragile.

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2. Floating DIY Computer Desk Design

diy computer in a desk
diy computer desk by pinterest.com

Talking about the minimalist style of furniture, there’s no chance you couldn’t think about installing floating furniture. As you can see, a floating furniture wouldn’t just give you the minimalist charm, the futuristic look would be around the atmosphere too.


  • It uses minimal component.
  • It saves more space on the floor.


  • It can be a problem installing.

3. DIY Double Work Desk Ideas

diy acrylic computer desk
diy computer desk by pinterest.com

The concept of the double desk is quite common in an office world. Whether it’s an office or a home office, a double desk concept would always be a great addition. It depends on the space you have in your office, a tiny or small office doesn’t need this.


  • There will be more work space on the counter.


  • No privacy when working.

4. Computer Desk With Standing Desk Joint

plans for a diy computer desk
diy computer desk by hostgarcia.com

If you want a furniture that can be supportive of your health, this one might be for you. This system work desk is a great deal to change the habit of your work.


  • That green background is well-combined.
  • It supports the healthy living.


  • It’s an unnecessary addition.


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5. DIY Computer Desk For Small Spaces

diy built in computer desk
diy computer desk by pinterest.com

It consists of three pieces of furniture, one tabletop and two shelves that has three compartments each. This folded work desk would be perfect for the small space you have.


  • It’s very good if you want to stay clear of squandering anywhere.


  • This desk can’t hold your computer, just laptop.

6. Scandinavian Computer Desk Ideas

diy computer desk cheap
diy computer desk by decoist.com

This is an outstanding idea you can try for your workspace. It has an incredible visual as you can see. The price for this setup might be quite high but it’s definitely worth it.


  • It’s cosmetically pleasing.
  • visually outstanding.


  • It has an expensive price.

7. DIY Simple Small Computer Desk

diy computer desk ikea
diy computer desk by

The appearance of this desk seems ordinary. It’s just like a simple desk you can find in a normal house without a style. Well, it can be a good choice for your house if you don’t like your furniture to be too impressive.


  • It’s got two metal shelves as legs.
  • The performance is the key.


  • It looks ordinary, nothing special.

8. Two DIY Thin Pipe Leg Computer Desk Design

diy custom computer desk
diy computer desk by imgur.com

The thin legs of this desk are actually made of pipe. Using this type of legs for a computer desk is quite risky, but some products of metal pipe are quite sturdy. So, it won’t be a problem. The industrial feel is what makes it becomes the favorite.


  • it has a great visual for the room.


  • A risky thickness of the leg material.

9. DIY Computer Desk Using Ikea Product

diy double computer desk
diy computer desk by pinterest.com

This is one good recommendation for your workspace table. The unique leg design is the highlight of this white table. You can set this up to your computer desk in the bedroom. With a little bit of effort for decorating and the addition of computer elements, this table will be complete.


  • A unique leg design.
  • A crisp white color.


  • Too many accessories on one computer table.

10. Little L Shapes Computer Desk Ideas

diy computer gaming desk plans
diy computer desk by go4prophotos.com

This computer desk design is made for you who needs a lot of space on the counter to do your work. Some jobs may require large space on the counter to do the work, such as architecture, graphic design, and many more.


  • You’ll have more space to work on.


  • It would spend a lot of space in the room.
  • It’s not movable.

11. Computer Desk With Upper Cabinet

diy computer desk organization ideas

This is a custom design of a computer desk that makes your workspace well-organized. It’s got an upper cabinet for your office items’ storage. The countertop would be sterile from decoration items or accessories because they will be placed on the cabinet.


  • A mess-free counter.
  • More storage to keep the office items.


  • The upper cabinet is too close to the computer.

12. Hidden Built-In DIY Computer Desk

diy computer desk battlestation

When one furniture in a house can be hidden on the wall or anywhere, it must be the house that needs more space. If you have a limited space to add computer desk, this concept should come to your mind.


  • It’s a good deal for a small house.


  • You can only work with a lightweight item like a laptop.

13. Elegant and Simple Computer Desk

diy computer desk with file cabinet
diy computer desk by rooms-greece.info

Check out this mesmerizing setup of a computer desk. The elegant style of this computer desk design is supported by the Ikea furniture. It’s a great deal of office furniture collection from the store.


  • The wood countertop matches well with the flooring.
  • The white drawers under the table are the one that balances the wooden elements.


  • The crisp blue wall looks empty.

14. DIY Computer Gaming Desk Ideas

diy computer desk from pallets

With a double monitor, your gaming experience would be fulfilled. You won’t need more space on the desk when you already have two monitor and other supporting items on the table.


  • The green neon light offers a nice visual effect.
  • The structural design is supportive.


  • A limited countertop space.

15. Chick Corner Computer Desk With Storage

free diy computer desk plans
diy computer desk by skoffphoto.com

An executive corner in an office is done by this chic computer desk design. It may look like an outdated piece of furniture, but it’s actually an old-style desk design. It’s obviously designed for the office.


  • It has many compartments to store documents.
  • All of the shelves are useful.


  • The design is so last century.
  • Just look at that old computer.

16. High DIY Computer Desk with Tall Stool

diy computer music desk

This high computer desk is designed as a standing table but it comes with the tall stool to offer seat when you are tired of standing. So, there is two option there.


  • It’s perfect for your books collections.


  • A little touch of nature with that flower.
  • The addition of stool is clever.

17. Computer Desk with Leaning Bookshelf

diy computer desk plans home
diy computer desk by ana-whte.com

Probably, this is the most unique computer desk design on the list. This could be a great DIY project you can do at home in your spare time. It’s a multifunctional furniture to be attached on one side of a wall in your room.


  • It has many shelves that can handle almost any items.
  • It’s perfect for accessories, storage, photos, etc


  • The desk is very small.

18. Beautiful Minimalist Floating Computer Desk

diy modern computer desk

Another floating concept for a computer desk, this compact design could handle your big monitor and some big accessories. Keep the wall clear and plain, the minimalist style will be yours.


  • It’s a beautiful minimalist furniture.
  • The floor is clear without a trace.


  • Without those accessories, it would be so boring.

19. Farmhouse DIY Computer Desk with Natural Touch

diy computer desk organizer

This is a true DIY desk design for your computer. The design is simple and easy to apply. With a few measurements, sewings, and planks, you can get this farmhouse computer desk.


  • That touch or nature on top is so pleasing.
  • Stylishly rustic.


  • It doesn’t look sturdy enough as a desk.

20. DIY Computer Desk For Music Studio

diy computer desk on wall

A professional set of the computer for musical purposes should be supported with a proper computer desk design. You can try this worthy workstation design to support your professionalism in creating some music or songs.


  • It has a complete element to manage your work.
  • The clean wooden material is perfectly outstanding.


  • It’s too small for a professional studio desk.

21. DIY Simple Computer Desk Less Than $30

diy computer desk rustic

This affordable piece of furniture could be a good idea to be used as a computer desk. You can actually build this on your own. It only requires some ordinary materials. The fact that it’s simple and easy to make, people would love to build this.


  • It’s simple and affordable.
  • You could attach it almost anywhere.


  • That chair is a joke.

DIY Computer Desks For Small Spaces

utilizing a corner desk can be an excellent means to make best use of the room in your workplace, maintain your workplace arranged, and also provide on your own a larger worktop area.

22. Pink Computer Desk for Girl’s Room

hiden desk

When it’s closed, this computer desk would look like a cupboard or wardrobe, but when you open it, it’s becoming a fantastic computer desk and shelves filled with accessories and girl’s stuff. The color choice inside makes an amazing surprise.


  • The pink color.
  • It can be hidden.


  • It can’t be a real computer desk.

23. Creative Computer Desk Face to Face

Double Desk

When you need to work with your partner but needed more privacy, this is a clever way to design both of your spaces. With this, you both can concentrate on your own while you can still communicate easily each other.


  • It’s perfect for working together.
  • The design is simple.


  • It’s too small for that spacious room.

24. DIY Computer Desk as Children’s Homework Area

Kids Dream Desk

Every kid who goes to school need to finish their homework in time, so a space for that is needed in their room. Take an example from this homework desk design. It has some storages for your kid’s stuff to under the bench.


  • It’s surely supportive for your kids’ homework.


  • The bench seating concept is not safe for children.

25. Typical Desk

Frequently, desk sets up could promptly look as well clunky– hulking, ill-proportioned, as well as well big for their very own great! Below, a simple table looks neat as well as advanced, while still having ample space for computer and crafting area.

26. Fresh DIY Computer Desk with Rustic Background

Parson Tower Desk

Take a look at that Ikea furniture, the brick wall design on the background seems to be dominating the room’s atmosphere. So, the table doesn’t take much attention. It comes only in simple thin design.


  • A light thin design of the table.
  • It’s got four storage to keep the cluttering away from sight.


  • It can’t handle a computer, only laptop.

26. DIY Desk With Concrete Desktop Computer

DIY Desk With Concrete Desktop Computer

Having a computer desk with a tabletop using the concrete material? It might sound ridiculous, but it’s actually possible. The material used is based on the quality and the way of making it. It would decide the sturdiness of the element.


  • It’s very unique.
  • The material will be strong.


  • It’s an unordinary choice of material.

27. Wood Pallet Computer Desk Ideas

Wood Pallet DIY Computer Desk

it’s another true DIY furniture for your small office. This simple concept of computer desk would work fine in every office. It’s made from the wood pallet as the table that has storage space under the top.


  • It looks simple but cool.


  • Red-colored legs are not necessary.

28. Futuristic DIY Computer Desk

Futuristic DIY Computer Desk

The floating furniture has become one of the most favorite furniture, nowadays. So, this futuristic computer desk could be a great recommendation for you to support your digital work.


  • It’s a space-saving furniture.
  • It’s small but it has an impressive futuristic look.


  • Space is limited.

29. DIY Computer Desk with Wall Bookshelf

DIY Computer Desk with Wall Bookshelf

As you saw before, there is some desk which is combined with a bookshelf, but it’s nothing compared to this one. It has the whole side of the wall filled with books. There’s almost no space for other things anymore.


  • Easy to reach references.


  • Limited space on the desk.



All of those DIY computer desk ideas must be enough to get you inspired. With the upside and downside of every idea, it would surely get you easier to choose which one deserves to be your workstation.

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