30+ Creative DIY Desk Organizer Ideas to Make Your Desk Cute!

Some of you might deal with lots of clutter in the home office. Without organizing, you can hardly get the jobs done. That’s why you need DIY desk organizer ideas to keep your items in place.

On this occasion, we have collected cheap and fantastic DIY projects. Not to mention, they are easy to do. If you love an organized lifestyle, let’s get a look at these options.

1. Tidy Desk Organizer

desk organizer ideas diy

This no-brainer idea is a must-try. All you have to do is buying the mug and compartments at the thrift store.

Paint them in white and attach to the wooden board. You can store your smartphone, notes, pens and small craft supplies.

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2. DIY Wooden Organizer Photo

desk storage ideas

Your desk looks messy? Well, you should keep the supplies off of it. And this cute organizer is a desk space-saving solution.

To create it, you must prepare wooden bun feet, some wood pieces, and strong glue. Do not forget to put the photographs of your kids in its frames.

3. DIY Plank Holder

desk organising ideas

Do you have a thick wood plank in your home?

You can turn it into a rustic holder. It is functional to hold your scissors, pens, glasses, keys, and wallet. You only need to drill the plank to make the holes. We bet you can do the project in a few hours.

4. Golden Desk Organizers

desk storage ideas pinterest

They are supremely stunning. We have nothing against that statement. If you fancy these organizers, grab a trio of drinking glasses and coat them in white and golden paints.

Finish them with golden lids. They will bring some glam to your home office in no time.

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5. Triangle Tin Can Organizers

desk storage ideas diy

Do not throw your empty paint cans away because they can be transformed into fabulous desk organizers. Just paint them in a vibrant shade.

As seen in the picture above, the lime green tin can holders pop against the white desk. Moreover, they successfully remove unnecessary items from the untidy desk.

6. DIY Wooden Board Organizer

desk organizer ideas pinterest

Do your office necessities start piling up? Well, it is time to create this smart organizer. It is surely customizable.

Attach the wooden compartments to the board and voila, you have one unit of multiple storages. You can also spice up your office by placing a potted plant on the desk.

7. Up-Cycled Tin Can Organizers

desk organization ideas at work

If there are lots of drawing supplies on your desk, keep the mess at bay by building these holders. Collect unused small cans and wrap them in striking fabrics.

Then, assemble them together on a big can. What a delightful way to recycle old tin cans!

8. Clip-On Desk Organizers

desk organization tips and ideas

Do you have a small desk space? No problem. These tiny clips on organizers will make your desk area clutter-free. They are right to your desk’s sides. Here, the clips are used to sort the cables.

Of course, they are perfect for you who work with various gadgets at the same time. Say goodbye to tangled cords!

9. DIY Desktop Organizer

desk organization ideas cubicle

Instead of placing knick-knacks on your desk, you could use the neglected space above it.

First of all, decorate the board with scrapbook paper. Then, attach the calendar and compartments to it. Only after that, you could install it on the wall. This holder is great to house your important notes.

10. Desk Pencil Holder

computer desk organizer ideas

This idea is incredibly brilliant. The homeowner converts an empty orange juice carton into a chic pencil holder. It is not just totally free but also keeps your items in place neatly.

Be sure you drill small holes for the colored pencils and the larger ones for paper glue sticks.

11. Reuse Magazine for Desk Organizer

creative desk organizer ideas

Sometimes, office supplies lead to unwanted clutters. To overcome this issue, you must build permanent homes for them.

Here, the holders are made from magazine pages. They help you to corral the pens, colored pencils and marker pens. We promise you will love their simplicity.

12. DIY Desk Containers

cool desk organizer ideas

Are you tight on budget? No big worries.

This organizer is super affordable because you can find all the materials at the thrift store. Paint the containers in your favorite shades and embellish them with washi tapes. Lastly, attach them to a round wooden tray.

13. Deluxe Tin Can Pencil Organizers

desk organizer design ideas

Even though the pencil holders are made with old tin cans, they exude the luxurious air, thanks to the golden paint.

You can bring the holders to the next level by gluing the fake diamond decorations on them. What makes this project great is it does not take a lot of time.

14. DIY Origami Pen Stand

work desk organization ideas diy

We extremely love this paper craft. It is simple yet lovely. To create this origami pen holder, you should fold the colorful papers in triangles.

Then, assemble them together using glue. You can store your pens, pencils, scissors, and scale in it.

15. Gold Desk Dishes

desk drawer organizer ideas

Instead of just displaying your glass bowls in the cabinet, change them into useful holders. Coat them in gold paint to get a sumptuous look.

They keep your paper clips and rubber bands organized. Plus, they double as the decorative pieces in your office.

16. Desk Cork Board

Desk Cork Board

Remembering the activities and appointments is quite a hard job.

You can keep on track with the help of a desk organizer. But, it has to come with a cork board so that you are able to stick the notes to it using pushpins.

17. House-Inspired Desk Organizers

Unfinished Wooden Board Ideas

This is another project that uses pieces of cork board. The holders are shaped like mini houses.

You can draw anything on them. Add magnetic feature to keep some little paper clips in place. It’s super enchanting and functional, right?

18. Unfinished Wooden Board Ideas

Unfinished Wooden Board Ideas

This desk organizer obviously will please all rustic decor fans.

If you are one of them, give this idea a glance. The plain wooden holder displays your office necessities in an unrefined way. It pairs well with unpainted wooden desk.


19. Metal Planters as Desk Organizers

Metal Planters as Desk Organizers

Do not let your old metal flower pots go to waste because you can turn them into some eye-catching holders. Put the metal containers in a rectangular wooden box.

They work to organize your art pencils, felt-tip pens, and craft supplies. These units also complement the industrial-style office.


Well, those DIY desk organizer ideas are worth trying. Pick one idea or two that suits your desk and office decor. You should consider your budget and crafting skills into calculation too. Now, are you ready for the project?

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