19 Best DIY Entertainment Center Ideas For Inspiration

Use one of these DIY Entertainment Center ideas to give you a comfortable place for your media devices. You won’t find it hard to organize your TV, cable box, DVD players, and other entertainment devices.

With one of these ideas, you may be able to create a good DIY entertainment center of your own. Mostly, it’s placed in the middle of the living room. It has a role as the point of attention or focuses in that room. Without further ado, let’s get into them and create your own entertainment center.

1. DIY Reclaimed Wood Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center with barn doors
Diy Entertainment Center by sancarlosimports.com

The use of pine wood with the shine of its natural color shows the consistency of this concept. Using an old concept entertainment center with cabinet makes it great for your classic and antique living room. The rustic texture from the pinewood strengthens the rustic atmosphere of this room.

Some designers don’t recommend using the old-style cabinet for modern media devices because it’s not a very supportive furniture for modern technology. However, we’re talking about DIY here. So, no matter what, you can’t get it as customized as you want.


  • That pine wood color is nicely antique.
  • It’s perfect to support your classic taste.


  • It can be unsupportive to modern technology.

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2. Large Entertainment Center with Plenty of Storage

diy entertainment center for wall mounted tv
Diy Entertainment Center by cleavagecreek.com

Check out this remarkable center of entertainment. This is definitely created for a luxury style of living. It’s gonna need a huge space of living room. There are plenty of rooms you can use to keep your collections.

In the center area of this large cabinet is a big space for your LED TV which you can enjoy right from your luxurious couch. At this point of view, you probably could imagine how you’re gonna enjoy your entertainment.


  • There are plenty of storages.
  • A large space for a large TV.


  • The huge cabinet size is not flexible.

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3. Simple and Chic DIY Entertainment Center

diy home entertainment center plams
Diy Entertainment Center by pinterest.com

If you are looking for a simple concept and decoration of the entertainment center for your living room, this is the one to explore. This is a great idea to start your DIY project for entertainment center plan.

Wall decor is quite essential when it comes to the entertainment center. All of the things surrounded should be entertaining, we’re not just dealing with media devices. As you can see, the chic decoration really offers a fun festivity to get this place more entertaining.


  • The chic wall decoration is entertaining.


  • The cabinet is too small for accessories.
  • The wall decor frames are too rustic.

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4. DIY Built-In Entertainment Center for Flat TV

diy gaming entertainment center
Diy Entertainment Center by thebalance.com

That bold black color is a splendid choice you can make for the cabinet in this room. A light neutral color of the wall, ceiling, and flooring make the cabinet suddenly becomes the center of attention. The name “center” should be applied in some other aspects too.

What about the main feature? It is that built-in compartment for your flat TV. So, it would very ideal to manage your entertainment because it’s very supportive of the media devices. This plan can be a suitable idea you can try to DIY.


  • The black color is a good choice.
  • The built-in compartment feature is very supportive.


  • Sometimes a dark color like black can be gloomy.

5. DIY Kid’s Entertainment Center Ideas

diy entertainment center kithcen
Diy Entertainment Center by kitchentreaty.com

Well, this one is very special. It’s not about a plan to organize your media devices or decoration. It’s now about your kid’s entertainment center. A place where you kids can have fun with what they like. This DIY mini kitchen is so perfect to be called a center of entertainment.

If they love cooking, they will have some fun play-cooking with their friends in this mini counter. It’s a DIY project designed by someone. It means that you can actually build it on your own.


  • This is specially designed for kids.


  • You can’t call it an entertainment center.
  • It wasn’t supposed to be on this list.

6. Vintage DIY Entertainment Center Plan

diy tv entertainment center
Diy Entertainment Center by fourja.com

The first time you see all the decoration around the TV in this entertainment center arrangement, you’ll realize that the main concept is vintage. With the TV floating and mounted to the wall, the rest of the elements can be free to decorate.


  • There will be more space on the table.


  • The floating TV doesn’t seem to connect with the rest of the elements.

7. DIY Entertainment Center with Fireplace

diy entertainment center pallets
Diy Entertainment Center by ana-white.com

Let’s get ready for Christmas. When the winter season is coming, it’s time to choose a Christmas theme as the design of decoration for any place in the house including entertainment center. Check out this winder DIY entertainment center idea.

The concept of the fireplace is very thoughtful. Even though it’s not a real fireplace, but this fake fireplace can increase the value of your entertainment space.


  • The theme is very clever.
  • The supporting accessories are very complete.


  • The fireplace is not real.

8. Appealing White Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center barn doors
Diy Entertainment Center by remodelaholic.com

Take a look at this amazing method of boosting storage room. You will have plenty of space to showcase your collection of accessories or just keep them away from sight. The partition of the compartment for any element is ideal.


  • The center space for the TV is perfectly suited.
  • The choice of white as the cabinet color looking fantastic.


  • It might need an advanced woodworking skill to build.

9. Modern Grey DIY Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center corner
Diy Entertainment Center by missfrugalfancypants.com

Overall, the appearance of this grey cabinet matches with the style of the room. The darker shades of grey are used to match with the grey wall. For the wood flooring, it’s balanced with the woven baskets used on the cabinet.


  • – The middle space is pretty large for your larger TV.
  • – The matching color combination will never be wrong.


  • – The only DIY project you can do with this cabinet is the painting.

10. Minimalist Entertainment Center Bench-Shelf

diy wall mounted entertainment center
Diy Entertainment Center by pinterest.com

This open shelf-bench concept for entertainment organizer has a really minimal look. It’s perfect for the minimalist style of the living room. Anywhere you put an open shelf, it would feel more spacious than before. As you can see, you also have to keep a minimal amount of decoration around the shelf.


  • Minimalist furniture would always offer a spacious feeling.
  • An open shelf would be very friendly to all the wires.


  • That bench-shelf has no space for more media devices.

11. DIY Floating Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center reddit
Diy Entertainment Center by pinterest.com

If that minimalist furniture is not enough for you, you may be looking for the true minimalist style of furniture like this one. There will be more space on the floor you can make use of. Or, you can just leave it empty to give more space to breathe.

For me, it would be better to leave the space under the floating shelf empty and free. It would emphasize the sense of floating above the ground. Then, dealing with floating shelf should be supported by the mounted flat TV.


  • A space-saving furniture is something to choose for a comfortable space.
  • There will be more space on the floor to breath.


  • It’s minimalist in style but still too large for limited space.

12. DIY Entertainment Center with Bookshelf

diy apartment entertainment center
Diy Entertainment Center by hgtv.com

For book readers or bookworms, this is the true center of entertainment. There is plenty of space to keep or showcase their collection of books. They can make all of their books well-organized with this entertainment center design.

As you can see, almost every shelf is filled with books, there are still some empty spaces you can fill with more books. It’s also completed with the closed cabinet to keep other items. For media devices that support your TV, they are safe inside the cabinet. You can just open the door whenever needed.


  • – All of your books collection can be showcased.
  • – Your books will be well-organized.


  • – It would be a bit difficult to keep them all clean.

13. Entertainment Center with Shelf on Top

diy built an entertainment center
Diy Entertainment Center by balboamarina.com

If you are looking for a simple and small design of the entertainment center, this can be a good option to go with. It’s perfect for your small living room or even a bedroom.

Most homeowners have this small-sized entertainment center inside their master bedroom. The bigger one will be in the living room. Even though it’s simple and small, it’s still ideal enough to manage your entertainment.


  • It’s small but ideal.
  • The shelf on top is a clever addition.


  • It would be too small for a living room.

14. Shiplapped DIY Built-In Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center easy
Diy Entertainment Center by ryanscot2go.com

This is a photo of an unfinished DIY entertainment center plan. Well, when it’s done, you will be provided with an amazing experience of enjoying entertainment. The large TV would accommodate your need for complete entertainment right from your living room.


  • There are more shelves to showcase your collectibles.
  • The space for TV is so large.


  • The slat line texture at the background decrease the level of luxury.

15. Industrial DIY Entertainment Center

diy entertainment center into play kitchen
Diy Entertainment Center by pinterest.com

The style of industrial is loved because of its artistic look. In spite of its rustic and dirty look of this industrial center of entertainment, the unique sense of art is the main feature of it. For each shelf, you can fill it with antique and old items which have an artistic look to support the industrial vibe.


  • – The metal pipe is a perfect material for industrial.


  • – It should be kept in the garage, not the living room.

16. Modern and Futuristic Design of Entertainment Center

Modern and Futuristic Design of Entertainment Center

At first glance, you would immediately feel amazed with the design of this entertainment center. Its modern vibe is spreading all over the house. The moment people see this entertainment center, they will be sure that there’s no way it’s a DIY. Well, it’s not.

As you can see, this list will provide you with ideas of design that you can take as inspiration for your DIY project. If you know how to reach that look, you can apply it based on your woodworking skill. That’s the point.


  • The modern vibe is complete.
  • It’s got an awesome futuristic look.


  • That purple rug shouldn’t be there.

17. DIY Entertainment Center with Floating Shelves

DIY Entertainment Center with Floating Shelves

A floating shelf doesn’t have to be applied as the main furniture of the entertainment center. Check out that additional shelves above the TV. These floating shelves fill the emptiness on the background. Now, your small TV has some friends to collaborate with.


  • – The matching black color makes it related to the main furniture.
  • – The shelves make the background more interesting.


  • – The TV is too small, and it’s unbalanced.

18. Mid Century Style of Entertainment Center

Mid Century Style of Entertainment Center

If you are not used to something with new or unique design, an ordinary design of cabinet might be for you. This mid-century cabinet definitely meet your style. This design is very flexible for many styles you already have in your living room or bedroom.


  • It has all the compartment you need for an entertainment center.


  • It’s no DIY, it’s something you can buy from the hardware store.


19. Rustic Entertainment Center with Barn Doors

Rustic Entertainment Center with Barn Doors

Speaking of DIY, this is maybe the one that you are looking for. If you want a true DIY set of the entertainment center, this one is your inspiration. It uses some rustic planks from some barn doors. The texture and pattern are really strong to influence its surrounding.


  • The true rustic DIY furniture.


  • The used barn door planks are so dirty.
A little tip, if you want to build your own entertainment center, makes sure the idea you choose is suitable with your woodworking skills. Do not use too many decor items or accessories around the entertainment center.

Overall, those 19 DIY Entertainment Center ideas must give you a picture in your mind about which one you need based on the condition of your house’s interior. If a DIY project is not possible for your chosen idea, well just hire a professional to build it for you.

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