Easy and Creative DIY Firewood Rack and Storage Ideas

Doing your own DIY firewood rack project might give you a hand in having a budget-friendly storage for the firewood you have. Owning a nice firepit might be the usual thing to do. What about having a nice place for the firewood?

A firewood rack would be very helpful to organize your logs of firewood. A rack would keep them all safe and dry. So, there won’t be a problem when you prepare it for the next fireplace burning.

1. Firewood Storage Under Garden Center Bench

Image Source: pinterest.com

Actually, you can’t call this as a firewood rack because it’s a bench that’s surrounding the fireplace center in a garden. It’s an incredible place to set up a fireplace. You can fill the space under the bench with plenty of logs, small or big.

A wonderful design of bench brings the elegance in your outdoor area. You can enjoy the fireplace more comfortable and reach the wood supply easily.


  • It’s a multifunctional element in the middle of a garden.


  • When the woods are not full, get ready for a messed up bench.

2. Round Metal Firewood Holder

Round Metal Firewood Holder

More spaces on the holder mean more woods you can keep in store. Use this large metal bucket to store all of the firewood outdoors. Choosing the right material for outdoor holders is very important. You have to make sure that the holder can cover your wood from the weather.


  • These large holders can be filled with many logs of wood.
  • Pre-burnt logs would make a great combination with the metal holder.


  • It would waste a lot of space in your backyard.
  • There’s no need to have a holder that large if you don’t use the fireplace so many times.

3. Large DIY Firewood Rack Idea

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you need to keep many piles of firewood, you may need a large-sized rack for it. You can build a simple but large rack easily.

This kind of rack is suitable for a massive use. If you just have it for your house only, a firewood rack is not supposed to be this big. Unless, if you burn the wood in your fireplace almost every day.


  • It can accommodate plenty of firewood you need when the winter is coming.


  • It’s probably too large for household use.

4. Double Round DIY Firewood Rack


Double Round DIY Firewood Rack

It’s not actually a full round rack, it’s only a double half-round rack for your firewood. With a simple steel structure, you can organize your logs to get ready to be burnt in the fireplace. Make sure the arrangement and size of the wood are similar to get it neat and not messy.

There is two space to manage your firewood. The small part at the bottom is to be filled with branches or twigs.


  • Minimalist and simple.


  • It’s easy to get messy.

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5. Easy DIY Firewood Rack

Image Source: pinterest.com

When you google this picture, you would find this firewood rack as one of the easiest DIY rack design for the firewood. It’s not just a trademark, it’s really easy to build. It’s a good idea for your next DIY project to organize the piles of wood.

But, you have to keep in mind. This is designed only to accommodate a small amount of firewood. Don’t worry, you can build it a little bigger according to your needs.


  • There’s two space to separate the size of wood.
  • It’s simple and useful.


  • The design is not well enough to be called as a rack.

6. The Most Affordable DIY Firewood Holder

The Most Affordable DIY Firewood Holder

It’s probably the best solution we could offer if you are urgently needing a holder for your piles of firewood to make them well-organized.

In order to build this, you just need some wood planks, fence rails, and cinder blocks. Without even have to use tools or some other equipment for woodworking effort.


  • It’s easy and simple to make.
  • You won’t spend a budget.


  • There will still be a mess around.

7. Firewood Storage with Roof Planter

Firewood Storage with Roof Planter

A green style of storage is pictured in this furniture. It’s probably the most unique firewood storage you can have for your house. Even though it’s small in size, but it’s obviously supportive of your healthy lifestyle.

You can actually plant the herbs you want on the top of the rack. Thanks to the green roof concept in this small firewood storage.


  • A green roof is probably the strongest feature of this small storage.
  • With the two different compartments, you can separate the log by the sizes or types.


  • The space of the compartment is too small.

8. Wood Shed Building to Keep Firewood

Image Source: pinterest.com

I may say that it’s the perfect way to store and protect your logs. This building can manage so many logs. Two words for this shed building, large and protective. It’s definitely ready to store bigger log which you’ll ax anytime you want.


  • There are three separate spaces to keep different sizes of log.
  • It would surely protect your firewood and keep them dry.


  • The shed building in the picture seems unfinished.

9. Easy-to-Make Firewood Holder

Image Source: thatsmyletter.blogspot.com

For your next DIY project, this firewood holder wouldn’t waste a penny. You can just use what you already have around your house. As long as all of the logs are well organized, anything would be okay. So, there’s nothing could stop you to organize your firewood to make your yard clean.


  • It wastes no money.
  • it’s easy and simple to build.


  • It’s far away from being protective.
  • The area still looks a mess.

10. Triangle-Shaped DIY Firewood Storage

Triangle-Shaped DIY Firewood Storage

There’s a storage with circle shape and square shape out there. Now, here it comes a triangle shape of firewood storage. The curvy design of this firewood storage show off its elegance. Obviously, with this decorative design, you can use it both as storage and decoration to your outdoor space.


  • It can be both functional and decorative.


  • It should be kept full-filled to keep the decorative look.

11. DIY Firewood Storage Box

DIY Firewood Storage Box

A big box to keep the firewood is very much needed when you are living in a specific kind of environment. This big cage will keep all of the dogs safe. It protects your firewood supply from rain, heat, and other possible disturbance.


  • All of your wood supply is ready to handle the cold for the whole winter season.
  • A large amount of wood can surely be filled inside this cage.


  • With this organizing concept, the firewood on the back will be untouchable.

12. Shed DIY Firewood Rack

Shed DIY Firewood Rack

A space-saving rack for you’re a little number of your firewoods are perfect for a narrow space right beside your house’s wall. This one is suitable for your DIY project. Probably, this shed rack is the easiest DIY idea you can find in this list.


  • It’s the most space-saving rack you can have.


  • The design is not that protective.
  • It can only handle a small amount of log.

13. DIY Firewood Rack with Cinder Blocks and Rails

DIY Firewood Rack with Cinder Blocks and Rails

This is probably the most simple rack you can find in the list. In building this, you don’t need tools or woodworking equipment. You only need to prepare the essential material such as fence rails and cinder blocks. There’s space between the rack and the ground to keep the log dry.


  • The firewood will be safe from the ground.
  • It’s simple and required no tools.


  • It’s not safe from the rain because it has no cover on the top.

14. Multifunctional Bench for Outdoor Firepit

Multifunctional Bench for Outdoor Firepit

A bench is very useful when it’s placed outdoor. Beside for seating, it can be used for other purposes, for example, firewood rack. There will be a space under the space that people use to keep their log to support the firepit.


  • It’s s clever and space-saving option to keep the log safe.
  • The gravel ground under the bench is suitable to protect the log from humid soil.


  • Making the log similar to each other in size is a hard work.

15. Blue-Painted DIY Firewood Rack Outdoor

Blue-Painted DIY Firewood Rack Outdoor

When you place your wood rack in the middle of the forest, you will need it to be easy to find. Paint the rack with a different color is a clever solution. If you think blue color is not enough to get it to shine differently. You may need another bold color like orange, yellow, or even red.

Well, a choice of color for wood rack doesn’t have to be about the easy-to-find purpose. When you have the rack in your backyard, a colored rack would make the area more attractive and interesting.


  • Color makes it more exciting.


  • When you already have a clean wood, painting is useless.

16. Standing Firewood Tower Rack

Standing Firewood Tower Rack

This DIY firewood Rack is very portable with the four wheels on the bottom. You can move the tower rack anywhere you want. You can use it indoor and outdoor, almost anywhere. The best feature of this firewood tower rack is the portability.

However, you have to pay attention to organizing or compiling the log. Make sure it’s sturdy and ready to get moved and trembled. You have to be careful with this tower concept.


  • The portability is the champion.
  • The tower concept would save more space on the ground.


  • Is it safe enough to move it around?

17. Firewood Storage Under Patio Bench

Firewood Storage Under Patio Bench

In a patio area with brick flooring, there’s an L-shaped bench which is used for seating nearby the fireplace. So, you can comfortably wait for the barbeque to get cooked. A space under the bench needs to be used too. Fill it up with the firewood supply you need for an efficient fireplace.


  • An empty space is useless. So, it’s better to get it filled.
  • It won’t spend any other space on the floor.


  • It may disturb the feet area.

18. A Medium-Sized Firewood Storage

A Medium-Sized Firewood Storage

In the middle of the woods, you can set up your firewood storage. You can keep them all safe and dry to get them all ready for winter or anytime you make a fireplace. This is created for a house that’s located near the forest. Because you have to make sure that your storage is safe out there.


  • It’s possible for a DIY project.
  • It’s well-built, clean, and sturdy.


  • You can’t separate the various kinds of wood.

19. DIY Firewood Storage, Honeycomb Style

DIY Firewood Storage, Honeycomb Style

There is a total of eleven octagonal storage for the firewood. It’s decoratively designed by a well-known designer. A firewood rack cannot always be looked at an ordinary rack. It could be well-designed and artistic like this one.

It’s inspired by the design of honeycomb. Your outdoor wall can never be so pleasing.


  • The concept is unique and artistic.
  • These octagons make your empty wall more festive.


  • You can’t build it by yourself.

20. Modern Indoor Firewood Storage

Modern Indoor Firewood Storage
ana white

It’s the only indoor option you can have for your firewood storage. It’s designed for indoor and perfect to stand beside the fireplace. The countertop space is left to be added by accessories or collectibles for decoration.


  • It can be flexible for outdoor too.
  • This rack is just like a cabinet for firewood.


  • The space for the log is not maximized.

21. Curvy DIY Firewood Rack

Curvy DIY Firewood Rack

Once again, cinder blocks play an important role as a base of the rack. With only cinder blocks and four wood planks, you can have your simple curvy rack to keep a small amount of your firewood for the fireplace. If you want more space, you can’t make it bigger. Just, build another one.


  • – It’s small but effective.
  • – There are no tools needed.


  • – It’s not sturdy enough to keep the log in place for a long time.


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