36 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas To Transform Your Kitchen

Currently, the country style is in trend nowadays. It has welcoming, unique and charming characters that cannot be found in other styles. That’s the reason many people bring a farmhouse kitchen into their homes.

If you truly fancy the farmhouse appeal, you are in the right place. We are here to give you a bunch of design inspirations. Follow these and be ready as the end result will impress you.

1. Open Kitchen Shelving

Warm Wood Accents

You do not have to spend a fortune on your culinary space. Just install the exposed wooden shelving on the wall.

It does not only showcase attractive dishes, but also adds a casual farmhouse feel to the space. The rustic shelving looks more terrific against white walls and dishware.

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2. Marble Kitchen Island

farmhouse charm and character

Needless to say, this kitchenette comes in farmhouse design. The dining chairs, wooden floor, apron collection, and wrought iron hook hanger have aged.

In addition, the marble countertop offers a luxurious touch. Its timeless aesthetic is what greets as you step into the cookery.

3. Antique Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Hanging Baskets

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Hanging Baskets

This area gets the country side from the antique elements. As seen, the wall-mounted wire baskets, old cookbook, and wooden rolling pins round out the room.

And a vintage grocery sign is such perfect addition. Since the stuff is used sparingly, they do not make kitchen outdated.

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4. Kitchen Colors

famhouse kitchen huge windows

When it comes to the farmhouse-inspired cookery, choose a neutral space scheme. In this room, black and white is such a classic combo.

However, you should keep these two colors balanced. Plus, install wooden floor to emanate warmth throughout the space.

5. Farmhouse Details

Kitchen Wood Natural Accents

Every design has its own hallmarks, so does the country style. You could fill your kitchenette with country details.

The exposed wooden ceiling beams, undermount sinks, and cast iron cabinet hardware reminisce good old times. While the potted greeneries spruce up the room.

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6. Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

This culinary space definitely tells a lot about family history. Just look at the weathered bench and dining table.

It’s not only that, dining armchairs evoke the country’s elegance effectively. A couple of floral throw pillows bring vintage on their own, too.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

Farmhouse Kitchen Baker's Hutch

Fan of old country charm? Well, you must try this idea. Here, the cabinet steals the show due to the plenty of vintage ornaments.

The food scale, metal bread pan, wire baskets, and mugs inject personality into the area. For sure, the antique and eat signs create visual interest.

8. Kitchen Desk Storages

Ceramic Mason Jar Storage Set

Do not like the clutters in your culinary space? You should make the DIY storages for your kitchen essentials.

In this version, the beige mason jars are placed on the countertop to store tea, sugar, coffee, and flour. They look lovelier with the black lids and sisal ropes.

9. Country Kitchen Rug

Dutch Door Resulting In Farmhouse Kitchen 

This white farmhouse culinary space is really stunning. Thanks to the backsplash and wall sconces.

But it won’t be complete without a pair of sisal rugs. They quickly add a nice texture to the room. These pieces also lend the area a rustic flavor.

10. Farmhouse Touch

Simple Autumn Tables-Scape

You could infuse the harvest atmosphere into your kitchenette with the presence of a naturally dried wheat bundle.

Just put it in a vintage flower jug. Additionally, it exhibits an organic setting. And you do not need to replace the flowers on weekly basis anymore. What else could you ask for?


11. Kitchen Covered in Barn Wood

farmhouse kitchen barn wood

Natural materials are the crucial elements in farmhouse design. And wood will be a perfect option for kitchen furniture. Like the picture above, the barn wood units exude intimate and soothing ambiance. They stand out from the rest of the white kitchen.

12. Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

Farmhouse Kitchen Antique Signs

The next time you go to the local antique stores, do not forget to buy a vintage sign. As the one pictured here, the Meat Market sign effortlessly produces country aesthetic.

Furthermore, a wall-mounted clock helps adorn the cooking area. They seriously ground the room in tradition.

13. Kitchen Light Fixtures

Farmhouse Kitchen Reclaimed Wood

Undoubtedly, this kitchenette is already rustic in nature. It is due to stainless steel and wooden units.

Plus, the sharp edges and clean lines give the space a modern flavor. And the crystal glass orb lights do a marvelous job in softening the kitchen’s look.

14. Striking Kitchen Tiles

farmhouse kitchen

Most of the country culinary spaces are monochromatic. Surprisingly, this room is not stark at all.

Special thanks to the white and grey patterned tiles. They adorn the area in a subtle way. Now, a neutral-toned tiny kitchen is way more exquisite.

15. Country Kitchen Appliances

Retro Appliances

You will never go wrong with retro appliances because they won’t get out of trend. Need proof? The lemonade vintage stove still catches the eye.

It also perks up the cooking area. The mossy green backsplash tiles add visual appeal to the room too. So gorgeous pair, right?

16. Kitchen Baking Cupboard

Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard

If you and your mother love to bake, why not think of a cabinet? The dusty yellow piece houses your baking supplies, canned jams, and beautiful mugs.

Whenever you want to make bread and dessert, you can grab them easily.

17. Salvaged Materials in the Kitchen

Kitchen Countryside Minimalism

Like the other farmhouse cookeries, this room features salvaged materials. With the stone countertop, stainless steel items, metal, and wooden high chairs, the space looks rustic.

A white chicken statue serves as a focal point. The fruits and potted plants give the area a lively atmosphere. Perfection!

18. Traditional Farmhouse Design

Rustic Kitchen Pendant Light Natural Leather

Experimenting splashes of colors is allowed in farmhouse style. That’s the reason this kitchen employs blue and green pieces.

Other units like the fabric lantern light, reclaimed wood island and faded checkered floor tiles contribute to a rustic edge.

19. Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

Tuscan-style Kitchen

The wooden dining set, exposed bricks, and terracotta floor tiles are nothing, but rustic. Moreover, a fireplace provides much-needed warmth.

And displays of antique dishwares draw the eyes up. The dishes are so French. It’s perfect for all the Francophiles.

20. Modern Country Kitchen

Kitchen Island London Home

No doubt, this cooking area is trendy. But it still exhibits the homey vibes throughout the entire space with the help of curves, wooden floor, and stools.

While the marble island top, stainless steel units, and concrete countertop lend the farmhouse feel.

21. Farmhouse Kitchen Swiss Simplicity

Farmhouse Kitchen Swiss Simplicity


22. Los Angeles Contemporary Style

Los Angeles Contemporary Style


23. Virginia Tupker Interior Design

Virginia Tupker Interior Design


24. Farmhouse Kitchen Antique Bluestone Table

Farmhouse Kitchen Antique Bluestone Table 

25. Farmhouse Kitchen A hammered-steel island

Farmhouse Kitchen A hammered-steel island 


26. Old Country

Old Country


27. Dual Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry

Dual Hanging Barn Door Food Pantry


28. Vintage Hanging Clock Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Vintage Hanging Clock Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


29. Rustic Paper Towel Roll Coop

Rustic Paper Towel Roll Coop


30. Comfy Country White Coffee Space

Comfy Country White Coffee Space


31. Porcelain Farmhouse Sink

Porcelain Farmhouse Sink 


32. Country Blue and White Linen Closet Drapes

Country Blue and White Linen Closet Drapes


33. Farmer’s Market crate Generate Storage Space Drawers

Farmer's Market crate Generate Storage Space Drawers


34. Recycled Coffee Can Kitchen Natural Herb Yard

Recycled Coffee Can Kitchen Natural Herb Yard


35. Whitewashed Mirrors with Eucalyptus Wreath

Whitewashed Mirrors with Eucalyptus Wreath


36. Hanging Chalkboard Pantry Door With

Hanging Chalkboard Pantry Door With


Essentially, the farmhouse kitchen possesses traditional and contemporary features. However, there is still enough room for you. That means you can put your spin in the design.

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