23+ Efficient Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets: Best Design For Every Style

More and more dwellers use a freestanding kitchen cabinet. That means this unit is all the rage. It also adds a unique character to your home. Moreover, it instantly creates an edgy style.

If you do not know where to start, no worries. We have curated these ingenious ideas for you and your family. After reading them, you definitely want to buy such cabinets and put it into your culinary space.

1. The Grandeur of French Countryside Freestanding Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinets ikea
free standing kitchen cabinets by winterstexas.us

No hesitation, this cookery has old-world’s charm and beauty. Look at those antique wooden units. They exude homely and welcoming atmosphere.

The marble countertops bring luxurious air to the area. And the black candle pendant light is a vintage addition.

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2. Simple Perfection Free Standing Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinet for sale

free standing kitchen cabinets by home-designing.com

Fall in love with a modern decorating scheme? This idea definitely captivates you.

The black and white cabinets depict a trendy style. While the gold accents of the clock and sink faucet emanate the posh character.

3. Contemporary Feel Freestanding Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinets walmart
free standing kitchen cabinets by multiplaga.com

White is a color that always fills any area with elegant and chic feel. So, why don’t you choose it as the space color scheme?

Specifically, chalky white will do a wonderful job. While the wooden floor gives your kitchen intimate vibe. The Moroccan pendant lights and flowers adorn the whole zone. Perfection!

4. Kitchen Dressers are Good Investments

free standing kitchen cabinets home depot
free standing kitchen cabinets by craft-maid.com

Are you extremely crazy about classic design? Give this idea a glance then. The dresser became hallmarks of farmhouse kitchen in the 17th century.

So, you invest in the timelessly outstanding units. Plus, a Moroccan area rug on the floor effortlessly reflects the old-fashioned charm.

5. Industrial Touch

free standing kitchen cabinets for sale
free standing kitchen cabinets by acehighwine.com

There is nothing wrong about going for the rustic style. Even, this theme fits nicely into any home.

As you can see, the unpolished wooden furniture evokes cool industrial flavor. In addition, white ceramic subway tiles and floor exhibit ultra-modern spirit.

6. Cabinet for Restored Farmhouse

free standing kitchen cabinet plans
free standing kitchen cabinets by pinterest.com

Your restored farmhouse deserves an update too. Beautify its look by opting for large dark brown wood cabinets. They truly make a stylish statement. Thanks to downlights which keep the area from looking gloomy.

The marble countertop and checkered kitchen island’s top work to steal the show here.

7. Terrific Industrial Loft Kitchen

how to build a free standing kitchen cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by adorable-home.com

We really love this kitchenette due to its rustic appearance. The chalkboard-inspired backsplash, floor, leather armchairs, and galvanized metal pipe produce strongly masculine feel.

The cream-painted freestanding cabinetry softens the look in a delightful way.

8. Open-Plan Cookery Freestanding Kitchen

how to build a free standing kitchen pantry cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by rhyva.info

Cooking at home is absolutely fun. But it is also important to keep your space organized. That’s why you should transform your cabinet into a larder.

For the walls, you can paint them in a vibrantly yellow hue. And decorate the area with terracotta potted-plants, wicker baskets, and ceramic statues.

9. Old Meets New

free standing kitchen cabinet and counter
free standing kitchen cabinets by homezenith.com

The new free-standing white cabinetry injects the space with a modern touch. However, there are upcycled units such as the clock, stools, and a pair of pendant lights.

The brass accents generate a sense of luxury. Additionally, the wooden floor and open shelves lend inviting ambiance.

10. An Old Farmhouse Scheme Freestanding Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinets australia
free standing kitchen cabinets by periodliving.co.uk

Love the design of a traditional farmhouse culinary space? Sand-colored free-standing cabinets appear to be classic.

The antique flea market pieces like clock and brass lanterns help you get your dream farmhouse-like kitchen. This combination gives the space a homely vibe.

11. Cottage’s Charm

free standing kitchen cabinets b&q
free standing kitchen cabinets by lestnic.com

For you who live in a country cottage, you can take advantage of freestanding units. Just position them easily and maximize the awkward space.

Do not forget to feature wooden kitchen island, flagstone walls, and ceiling beams for a rustic air. While the stools and pendant lights perk the kitchenette up.

12. Barn Home Kitchen

free standing kitchen base cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by periodliving.co.uk

This cookery has predominantly ivory shade. But that does not make the whole area feel stark. Thanks to the wrought iron pieces that lend the space barn home-like effect.

The blossoming roses beautify the kitchen. Moreover, the open shelves and glass windows depict airy, sunny, and bright environment.

13. Sleek and Modern Freestanding Kitchen

free standing cabinet for kitchen
free standing kitchen cabinets by vybbiz.com

Fan of modern decor? This idea is the best one for you. As done by the homeowner, you can choose light-colored freestanding cabinets.

They quickly bring modern flavor to your kitchen. Bear in mind, you should keep the rest of the area minimal. Finally, liven up the cookery with a yellow counter lamp.

14. A Custom-Made Larder

free standing kitchen cabinet images
free standing kitchen cabinets by winters-texas.us

A fully stocked ladder symbolizes a prosperous living quarter. That’s the reason you must have at least one larder.

The customized product is such a great choice. Because it will fit in magnificently with the other units. For instance, the pastel grey larder and white cabinets make a good pair here.

15. Ornate and Feminine

vintage free standing kitchen cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by decoist.com

The white kitchen island’s top, ceiling, and freestanding cabinets create a sense of cleanness as well as minimalism. But, an all-white kitchen is a quite bland, right?

You can turn it into more divine space with two-tone mosaic tiled-backsplash. Not only that, a couple of rose gold pendant lights produce womanly aura.

16. Vigorous Red Freestanding Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinets with glass doors
free standing kitchen cabinets by facemasre.com

Who says minimalist kitchenette can’t be so attractive? Since the free-standing and built-in cabinets come in fierce red shade, they exude cheerful setting.

While black floor, white walls, kitchen island, and brown stool balance out the vibrant cabinets.

17. Monochrome Freestanding Kitchen

free standing kitchen cabinet units
free standing kitchen cabinets by pinterest.com

Need a proof that a classic palette is awesome? The picture above shows the understated beauty of the monochrome design.

In this tiny kitchenette, the homeowner does not hesitate to opt for black units. The rest of the culinary space is dominated by pastel light grey and white.

18. Cathedral-Style Kitchen Cabinets

narrow freestanding kitchen cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by pinterest.com

Looking for a breath-taking inspiration? It is the answer. The Cathedral wooden cabinets, kitchen island, and polished wooden floors add layers of rustic elegance.

Moreover, the floral print area rug and white flowers decorate the space. The pendant light and ceiling are true showstoppers.

19. Compact yet Pretty

free standing kitchen cabinet ideas
free standing kitchen cabinets by nz.hougarden.com

This kitchen is luxuriously rustic. The homeowner smartly displays metallic refrigerator, fitted freestanding cabinetry, wooden floor, black quartz countertop, and high stools.

Additionally, the lime green units catch the eye.

20. Open Shelving Display

free standing corner kitchen sink cabinet
free standing kitchen cabinets by winsila.com

Needless to say, this kitchenette is given the industrial feel by the homeowner. The metal kitchen appliances, freestanding cabinetry, and blackened metal kitchen island seriously exude the bold character.

Plus, the open shelves help display a stunning collection of jars and plates.

21. Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet Filled with Nooks

free standing kitchen cabinets with sink
free standing kitchen cabinets by hourde.info


22. Free Standing Kitchen Cabinets Paintbrush Design

free standing kitchen cabinet drawers

Although you have the flexibility to relocate points around in a free standing kitchen, it’s still best to have a design plan from the beginning.

23. Free Standing Custom Kitchen Cabinets Mix Your Materials

free standing kitchen corner cabinet


24. Free Standing Kitchen Cupboards Cabinet

free standing wood kitchen cabinet


Since freestanding kitchen cabinet becomes a huge come back, you should feature it in your abode. Just pick the idea that suits your family’s budget, style, and needs the most.

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