20 Wonderful Garden Decking Ideas With Best Decking Designs For Your Decorating Home Ideas

No matter the size of your garden, you should consider its decking. This classic additional treatment can go really well with any design. And our garden decking ideas will encourage you to upgrade this outdoor space.

In general, most people choose natural wood as the deck material. But, there are other cool options, too. Have a read at these styles and see which one fits your garden the most.

Most Popular Modern Garden Decking Ideas

1. Minimalist Wooden Deck

garden decking ideas uk

This deck might be small in size but it brings a big statement to the garden.

We guarantee you can install it in hours. Since the deck comes in the earthy shade, it produces warm and welcoming vibes. It also looks stand out among the greeneries. What a trendy patio area!

2. Urban Rooftop Decking Ideas

garden decking ideas pinterest

No doubt, this rooftop terrace is rustic. As seen, the wooden armchairs, concrete coffee table, and metal handrail lend the space some unrefined characters.

Plus, the hand statue steals the spotlight and the wooden deck flooring creates a homey feeling.


3. Ultra Modern Garden Decking Ideas

garden decking ideas ireland

If you love the idea of modernism, this one will surely tug your heart. To create a similar space, all you need to do is meet pebble stones with wood. These two natural elements offer a mesmerizing color contrast and nice texture.

Place some potted greeneries to spruce up the area, too.

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4. Dark Varnished Deck Ideas

garden decking ideas b&q

People usually have a pale and natural-toned wooden deck. That’s why the dark-stained wooden boards will look unusual yet phenomenal.

Black furniture is all for a dramatic and elegant touch. And the deck stair lights illuminate your zone at night.

5. Colorful Garden Decking Ideas With Plants and Foliage

composite decking garden ideas

There is nothing wrong about being bold. The light-toned wooden deck gets more ravishing with the help of colorful units, from rattan armchairs to rug.

They evoke the cheerful ambiance, while the plant metal containers are absolutely industrial on their own.

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6. Garden Deck On a Slope

garden decking area ideas

As we stated before, a deck is a perfect staple for any area, including for uneven ground. Like in this picture, it fantastically levels out the awkward outdoor space.

A big tree gives a balanced setting and highly-needed shade. Furthermore, the white-painted railing and furniture accentuate the deck.

7. Three-Section Decking Ideas

garden ideas decking and paving

Taking the public space outdoor is in trend. That’s the reason why you should do the same.

Here, the garden deck is divided into three sections. The unfinished style of deck, trellis, and raised beds are well paired with the house. And we guarantee the astonishing flowers will captivate your guests.

8. Reclaimed Wood Decking Ideas

garden decking colour ideas

As seen in the image above, the garden is entirely walled. The deck itself is made of reclaimed wood which lends the rustic appeal, while the corrugated metal plant containers represent the industrial style.

The garden looks breathtaking with the pool and stone waterfall.

9. Matchboard Planks for Decking

garden ideas with decking and grass

The homeowner truly has high taste in designing. He/she uses matchboard planks which are those of deluxe. The rich wood stain brings their luxury to the next level.

Moreover, the black armchairs contrast the wooden deck floor nicely. And the plants round out space.

10. Skyline Garden Decking Ideas

garden corner decking ideas

Do you want to enjoy the terrific city view and lights? Give this idea a chance. Like the one listed above, the deck was built on an open rooftop terrace.

It features one shade of wood to create a strong rustic character. Not only that, the plants and flowers enliven the space.

11. Garden Decking Ideas With Pool

ecking ideas for country garden

This pocket-sized deck is supremely charming, thanks to its Jacuzzi. The steps and deck are made from the same material. As the result to the fact, they generate continuity between two deck levels.

Meanwhile, the greenery softens the sharp edges of the stairs and pool frames.

12. Patio Garden Deck

garden and decking ideas

As an urban dweller, you should optimize your small garden area. Design the wooden fences in such a way to provide a backdrop, thus making the area felt larger than it is.

Built-in seating will be a perfect space-saving solution. Throw some cushions to nicely add color pops.

13. Garden Deck Bench

garden decking decorating ideas

This outdoor retreat undeniably looks modern and rustic at the same time. The homeowner uses polished wooden planks for the floor, gazebo, and a built-in bench.

Additionally, limestone is involved to create a layer of texture. The grass gives an organic finish to the deck.

14. Garden Stone Paving

small garden decking design ideas

We believe this compact deck will delight you. It works as an entertaining and personal sanctuary.

From the black trellis to the garden sandstone balls, all of the elements are brilliantly designed. The various shapes on the deck easily catch the eyes.

15. Farmhouse-Style Garden Patio

garden decking designs images

While the limestone floor and fireplace lend the patio a rustic style, the wooden armchairs and coffee table exude a country vibe.

The antiques on the table and wall bring the farmhouse design to the whole new stage. This patio essentially serves as the marker between the woodland area and garden.

16. Small and Simple Garden Decking Ideas

garden decking furniture ideas

Who says concrete paving is outdated and boring? It is not true. In fact, it helps your garden furniture stand out due to its simplicity.

Place some potted greeneries to make the terraced garden chic.

17. Garden Deck Lighting

Summer nights are obviously the best time to sit out on the deck with friends.

With that being said, why don’t you add some soft glow to the outside space? Paper lanterns will do a nice job as they deliver the festive atmosphere to your deck.

18. Mediterranean-Inspired Decking

garden ideas instead of decking

If you are a fan of the Mediterranean design, execute this idea! Instead of matchboard planks, you can opt for thin wooden strips.

Along with the white walls and textured one, they evoke the calm Mediterranean feel.

19. Sophisticated Deck

small garden decking ideas uk

When you are in doubt, go neutral. The charcoal grey stain transforms the deck from drab to fab.

The deck also looks incredibly cool, especially when adorned by green trees, white flowers, and under-bench yellow luminaries.

20. Covered Deck

Covered Deck

Need shelter from the harsh sunlight? You should cover your decked terrace with fabric as seen in the picture above. Then, install rope handrails and place rattan sofa on it for cottage nuance.


Basically, the deck is a transitional space between outdoor and indoor. So, use natural elements like exemplified in these garden decking ideas and feel free to include your own style.

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