15+ Garden Screening Ideas For Creating A Garden Privacy Screen

Enjoy your relaxing moment in your backyard, with these remarkable garden screening ideas. Garden screening would make your backyard to be comfortable because you’ll get more privacy. Nowadays, many houses are located closer to each other then people would prefer.

Using fences to block the view of the neighbor area is so conventional. It can feel confining and it would hide the view, the sense of beauty is not included. Instead, garden screening would camouflage the view and let the mother nature do the work.

The Reason to Use Screening

There are four essential reasons why you should install screening in your backyard:

  • Creating a far more private enclosure. So, you won’t’ feel being watched by neighbors
  • Covering some parts of the garden you want to hide away from neighbor’s sight
  • Growing up the plants which can provide architectural interest.
  • Having a role as a garden’s partition.

Types of Garden Screening

Here are some kinds of garden screening you can apply in your backyard or garden:

  • Walls & Fences
  • Plants
  • Metal Screening
  • Wooden Screening
  • Upcycled Screening
  • Bamboo Screen
  • Curtain or fabric
  • And any materials possible

1. Natural Garden Screening Ideas

garden screening ideas b q

A garden screen could be made of all-natural material like this one. You can start to plant many spruces in one line to be used as fences. There are some plants which are suitable for garden screening, spruce is one great choice.

Having an all-natural garden screen would take a long time to wait because it requires planting the plants and waiting for them to grow. If you don’t want to wait, you can just buy some 50ft trees and install it in your backyard.


  • Real trees would create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • It provides oxygen for your health.


  • It grows for a long time.
  • A grown tree would be so expensive to buy.

2. Bamboo Garden Screening Ideas

garden screening ideas cheap

The exotic plant of bamboo would create an interesting look to your garden. It can be used as a cover of your old fences, it can also be a new form of fences for your garden. The reason why you should choose bamboo is that this plant is fast-growing and evergreen.

The origin of bamboo can be pretty invasive, so you may want to make it visually productive that couldn’t expand as well rapidly.


  • Bamboo is a strong and sturdy material.
  • The exotic view of a garden.


  • It can be invasive.

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3. Artificial Garden Screening Ideas

garden screening ideas ireland

It’s one kind of trellis that you can use to screen your garden. This wooden screen has an interesting concept of structure which creates an impressive view through the background. it is very useful to be a partition between your garden and others.


  • It’s a portable closed trellis.


  • The design looks so outdated.
  • The natural wooden planks are straight boring.

4. Garden Screening Using Grasses

front garden screening ideas

The grass is one type of garden screening that has the lowest level of privacy. If your goal to have a garden screening is to get more privacy, this is not a good choice for your garden. Despite its level of privacy, grasses are an attractive and textural choice for your garden.

Some types of grasses like Overdam and Karl Foerster are remarkable for your garden. It would be perfect when the season hits. This all-natural garden display would work just for the matter of display, not privacy.


  • It’s easy to plant, easy to grow.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The lowest level of privacy.

5. Modern-Styled Privacy Screen

high garden screening ideas

If you are into a more modern style for your garden screening, this one is the perfect choice to make. This modern screening is designed by the Vocal Singing garden. It uses a dark oak panel which is combined with a stainless-steel as the main material of it.

The stainless steel has a spectacular design that completes the extravagant look of the whole garden atmosphere. This living wall screening would live up the expectation.


  • A spectacular steel structure.
  • This wall screening would completely cover the entire garden.


  • You’ll need to hire professionals to build.

6. Industrial Vibe in Natural Garden Screen

garden fencing and screening ideas

The combination of industrial and natural would be a great one you can come up with. This combination already proves that it has the ability to maximize your outdoor space. Surround the furniture with flowers and plants, you’ll create an outstanding mix.


  • The industrial furniture tends to be affordable.
  • It’s an outstanding combination.


  • This kind of setup tends to look dirty and messy.

7. Bamboo Reed Screening Ideas

bamboo garden screening ideas

Instead of having a full form of baboos as fences, you can have a bamboo reed. It’s a great alternative layout you can use to cover your area. One of the reasons why people love to have this basic screening, it’s because of the portability. You can simply buy and bring it on a roll.


  • The price is very affordable.
  • It has a great portability.
  • It’s basic and reliable.


  • You might find it hard to clean.

8. Garden Trellis Screening Ideas

garden screen fencing ideas

One of the stunning ideas for garden screening is trellis fence. It produces both privacy and decoration. It’s not actually cover the whole view of the garden because this kind of screening consists of many holes.

In order to produce more privacy you need, you can utilize potted bay trees like the one in the pictures.


  • The mix of green and white is so pleasing.
  • It’s simple and efficient.


  • It doesn’t cover full privacy.

9. Garden Screen With Leaves

screening ideas in the garden

Check out this other form of garden screening. It uses an espalier educated fruit tree. It provides a lot of leaves to create a stunning effect of a garden screen. This kind of garden display is so effective.

With this kind of plant, you will get a different appearance of screening according to the season. In Summer or autumn, the fruit would come out from the trees. In Spring, then it would bloom beautifully.


  • It may have a different kind of stunning looks depending on the seasons.


  • It will require maintenance every day.

10. The Walls & Fences Combination

budget garden screening ideas

Both of the materials are the most common dividing concepts. They are both solid and durable. They can handle the most climate condition. You can decide the height you need to cover in your garden. But in some residential areas, there are some height limitations.

So, you are gonna need some plannings before you build your wall to cover your garden.


  • It’s got a high level of security and privacy.


  • It’s obviously designed for patio, not garden.

11. Metal Garden Screen

contemporary garden screening ideas

Take a look at this fantastic design of parasoliel metal panels that has a matching pattern with garden area. That ornamental pattern is a laser cut in order to add visual passion and it makes the metal fences more interesting.


  • It’s available in all shapes and sizes.
  • The durability is in perfection.
  • It could blend faultlessly with the plants around it.


  • It will be available at an expensive price.

12. Wooden Slat Screening Ideas

clever garden screening ideas

The wood slat concept of this screening would make brilliant functional dividers. It’s a nice addition to your garden for the partitioning. It still allows the backyard lighting to get inside through the tiny spaces between each panel.

You can spruce it up with the vines, fruit trees, and slipping plants. It would create an outstanding effect on the screening.


  • It’ll add supreme zen atmosphere.
  • It would make a great addition for your luxurious style.


  • There’s still space to peek.

13. Garden Screen With Natural Trellis

back garden screening ideas

The natural trellis can be a good option you can come up with. It’s blended with the climbers which grow up the trellis in order to add more privacy to your area. A trellis can also be an additional fence for your existing fences.

The blossom or another evergreen, fast-growing plant would improve the function of the garden screening.


  • It provides healthy relaxing air.
  • It increases privacy in a stylish way.


  • Without the leaves, the trellis looks like a cell.

14. Repurposed Screen Ideas

best garden screening ideas

Some designer would also call it as upcycled one. Make use of your dispose of, stuff like old shutters, inside doors, and unused room dividers. They’re gonna make a great upcycled yard screen. Match them all with its color scheme.

This DIY screening could make an attractive cover to give you more privacy in a stylishly rustic way. You can fill them up with the natural herbs and blossoms.


  • It’s perfect for rustic fans.
  • You can make use of your unused stuff.


  • It tends to look dirty.

15. Garden Screen Ideas with Climbing Plants

Let’s impress your guests with flowers and plants. With a little bit of wall gardening skill, you can make your backyard full of flowers. The natural colors from each of the flowers would be pleasing to the eye.

The color of violet, pink, yellow, and the green background completes the flower garden experience around the backyard.


  • The backyard is full of color.
  • It naturally covers the whole thing.


  • It requires maintenance every day.

16. Shabby Chic Garden Screen

Shabby Chic Garden Screening Ideas

Dealing with a low budget item could be a challenging job. By applying this screening, you can both save your budget and make your space to look more stylish. With this old window shutters, you can cover some part of your yard to be invisible from a neighbor.


  • It’s irresistible and low budget.
  • It can be made of unused stuff from your house.


  • It may look dirty.

17. Potted Bamboo Plants for Garden Screening Ideas

Potted Bamboo Plants for Garden Screening Ideas

It’s another intelligent way to create privacy in your backyard. It doesn’t cover the whole view but it’s pretty effective to cover an essential privacy you need.

You can choose this potted bamboo to be the cover of your swimming pool or barbeque area. Sturdy shrubs around the plants to make an impenetrable screen of privacy. It would provide shade and windbreak for people around the yard.


  • It’s easy to apply.
  • It would reduce the demands of heating and cooling you need.


  • It tends to look messy.

18. Wooden Pallets Screen

Wooden Pallets Garden Screening Ideas

For a small house with a limited space of backyard, a big garden screen might be unimportant. So, a small scale of the screen would be needed. As you can see, this small wooden pallet screening would be a superb addition to space.


  • It’s a perfect additional element for the tiny backyard.
  • The small potted plants work well with the pallet.


  • The wood texture is looking so dirty.

19. Freestanding Folded 

Freestanding Folded Garden Screening Ideas

This low-budget privacy screen can handle your farmhouse garden. The multiple screens concept has a unique charm of the rustic world.

A vintage and rustic texture of this old screen seems to be the highlight. It has a role as an additional screen to cover the fences. You could enjoy your privacy next to the screen while you feel the relaxing surrounding.


  • It’s an extreme rustic concept of a garden screening.


  • The dirtier the look, the more disgusting it would be.

20. Patio Decor Trellis 

Patio Decor Trellis for Garden Screening Ideas

A couple of portable screening for your garden. It won’t give you a privacy you want but it’s a beautiful addition to make the patio area or garden area more decorative. Choose the black one or the white one, or even both of them.


  • The beautification of your ordinary patio.
  • Black and white color is perfect as a couple.


  • It’s too small for a screen, it’s just a divider.



Those 20 decorative garden screening ideas would decide what’s your garden gonna be looking like. The concept of screening you choose should be based on your purpose of having screening, whether it’s for privacy or decoration, it should be part of your consideration.

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