19 DIY Hat Rack Ideas You Can Easily Build

Get ready to organize your hat collection with these hat rack ideas. When you have numbers of hats in your wardrobe, you don’t want it to be messing up all over the place. Making the hat collections you have to be well-organized is a must.

With that, you can easily reach the hat you want to wear anytime you want. Actually, these rack ideas we are about to show you are not only for the hat, but also caps, scarfs, coats, purses, bags, jewelry, ties, and many more.

1. Hat Hanger Ideas with Clippers

homemade hat rack ideas
hat rack ideas by pinterest.com

Gather all of your Sombrero hat collections and get them in one place well-organized. This hat hanger is super easy to make. You don’t have to get many tools or various materials in order to make this minimalist hanger.

You will only need some thin strings and clippers to hang all of your fancy hat collection. The view from the top of the hat makes one part of this wall looks more stylish than ever.


  • Easy to make and easy to organize.
  • The view from the top looks stylish.


  • It’s just for one type of hat.

2. DIY Colorful Thin Hat Stand

hat hanger ideas

This hat stand is a great DIY project because it’s easy to make. If you have some special hats you want to showcase on your cabinet table, you’re gonna need this fun hat stand. Because of its exciting design, you can transform your special hat to be a cool focal point in your living room

The 16 gauge wires are the main material of this piece of craft. If you don’t like it to be colorful, you can decide to apply just one main color as your focus.


  • A colorful and fun design.
  • Perfect for a special hat you have.


  • One stand for a hat is not efficient.

3. Hat and Coat Rack with Antelope Horns

baseball hat rack ideas

The use of Antelope horns as the hooks of the coat and hat might be pretty uncommon. If your house is in a country style design. this is the perfect addition to organize your hat and coat. As you can see, it’s not designed to be in your wardrobe, it’s for the wall in the entryway.

The house’s members and guests are free to hang their coat, hats, beanies, and scarfs on those horns.


  • Choosing horns as the hooks are very interesting.
  • A country style is always lovable.


  • Some people might think horns are weird and creepy.

4. Hat Hanger with Ruler Base

diy hat rack ideas

Get ready to back to school with this ruler concept of hat hanger. You will need some different wood rulers to be attached to each other with glue. Then, when it’s formed into one wide wood planks, it’s ready to be attached to your wall and inserted with some hooks to hang your hats and coats.


  • A simple hanger with a unique base.
  • The graphics on the ruler is quite interesting.


  • Too many mixes in one plank can be disturbing.

5. Baseball Hat Rack Ideas

cowboy hat rack ideas

If you are a baseball fan who has a bunch of baseball cap collection to showcase, well, this is a good idea to try. That type of wall cover is well-known to be used inside a garage for tool organizer. It’s also suitable to hang some holders for your baseball hat collection.


  • You can customize the image as you want.
  • It can be personalized.


  • It’s only for baseball hats.

6. DIY Rustic Wood Pallet Hat Rack

hat rack ideas diy

Using a wood pallet as the base for hat rack would define the rustic feeling you have in the room. Adding the dramatic effect with a warm amount of lamp can change the look suddenly. So, you can transform your hat rack as an impressive decoration, night and day.


  • The distressed accent of the wood gets the rustic feel even stronger.
  • The decorative hooks are also a nice option.


  • For decoration purpose, it’s perfect. But, it’s not for functional use.

7. Decorative Mediterranean Hat Rack Ideas

creative hat rack ideas

If you are looking for the true decorative hat hanger, you may wanna go with this. This is pure decoration for your wall. The hats you arrange on that wall doesn’t have to be something you wear. It can be just there to be showcased on the wall.


  • It can be both decorative and functional.
  • The style looks traditional.


  • The arrangement is a mess.
  • There’s only one type of hats with only one material.

8. DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer

hat rack wall ideas

Check out this easy DIY setup you can make for your wall. It’s very multifunctional. You can use it to hang almost everything you need to hang including keys, glasses, small bags, and of course hat. Adding a tiny shelf into the mix could make the pegboard a lot more interesting


  • It’s so minimalist.
  • You can make it even more interesting with additional accessories.


  • It’s too small to hang your hat collection.

9. DIY Standing Hat Hanger Ideas

creative hat rack ideas

This is one of the easiest hat rack ideas you can apply in almost any side of your house. It tends to be placed at the corner of your room. If you have a left-out space at your room’s corner, having this standing hat rack would fill the emptiness in an impressive way.


  • It’s just using three wood sticks to make.
  • There’s no need to use tools or other equipment.
  • The corner space is no longer empty.


  • The build is weak and fragile.

10. Cowboy Hat Rack Ideas With Country Style

hat shelves ideas

If you live in the countryside like Texas, you may have a bunch of cowboy hat collection. Hanging your cowboy hat to an ordinary or modern style of a rack may seem to be unmatched.

So, we have this one to be the recommendation for you. You can have your country style accessories hang on a country style hat rack.


  • It’s perfect for your country style.
  • The horse’s shoe hooks are very thoughtful.


  • It’ll only look nice for the outdoor side.

11. Vertical Hat Hanger Wall

hat and coat rack ideas

Designing a hat rack won’t be a trouble if you make it simple. If the use of hat hanger is not really essential for your household, this simple hat hanger wall could be the right design to apply. Get one thin plank and attach it with hooks and put it on the wall. There you have it.


  • It’s crazy simple and easy to make.
  • It only needs two elements to make.


  • There are only four hooks to hang.

12. Neon Animal Hooks for Hat Rack

diy coat and hat rack ideas

Another unique option of hat rack or hanger you can have for your house. This one is quite playful. I guess it’s designed for kids room. If your kids need a hanger to hang their hats, bags, and other stuff, you can attach this on the wall.

The hooks consist of four different animals. You can choose to rely your accessory on Tiger, Giraffe, Lion, or Cheetah. All of them are in full red color in order to contrast with the white base and gray background wall.


  • It looks uniquely fantastic.


  • It’s surely better if it’s just used for decoration.

13. Classic Personalized Hat Holder Ideas

classic hat rack

It’s great to have your own private rack to organize your own hat. When you live with other people in the house, you will need to give hat holder for each of them.

In this case, there three personal holders which are own by the father, Jackson, and Lauren. So, you can’t go wrong in choosing your own hat with this personalized or named hat holder.


  • Other people won’t bother other people’s rack.
  • Hang all your hats in one hanger.


  • The rack should be separated by rooms to get it more personal.

14. Wall Hat Rack Ideas with Chevron Pattern

unique hat rack
hat rack ideas by diys.com

An interesting pattern is something to choose to make your hat rack more attractive. The combination of color, white and orange is just right. The design of hooks is so suitable with the concept of this wall hat rack.


  • The pattern makes the hat rack more attractive.


  • A wall rack shouldn’t be a focus in a room.
  • It can’t be too attractive.

15. Rhinoceros Wall Hooks

modern hat rack ideas
hat rack ideas by AliExpress.com

This is one way to get your functional wall decoration to get up to the extreme level. Of course, it’s decorative, but not this way. If you want your house to be just modern and minimalist, you shouldn’t choose this theme as your wall hooks.

Choosing Rhinos as the wall hooks in order to show people that you love that animal is just not right for some people. But, if you are true fans of the art animal image, you may find it amazing to have them all on your wall.


  • It’s an extreme level of decoration.
  • It’s easily become the focal point of the room.


  • There’s no way you can’t have this masterpiece to be your hat holder.

16. LEGO Wall Hat Holder

hat rack ideas
hat rack ideas by donpedrobrooklyn.com

When you hear the word LEGO, the first thing that comes to mind is a playful kids toy. It can also be a collectible for your hobby. Well, This LEGO wall hat holder is definitely not a good hat rack idea for you if you are not a fan of LEGO.

What about your kids? Kids would love this. Just look at that playful, fun, and colorful appearance of that LEGO hat holder. Attach it on your kids’ wall, let your kids be happy about it.


  • It’s fun for the kids.
  • That character looks funny too.


  • It’s just a scene, not playable.

17. Homemade Vertical Hat Rack Ideas with Ropes

hat hanger ideas
hat rack ideas by staticflickr.com

I’m so sure that this easy vertical hat rack idea is homemade. It’s something you can do for your DIY project. You can just use some ropes, metal stick, and clippers. Then, hang the ropes down vertically. Clip the hats on the ropes as seen in the picture.

There you have it, your very own minimalist vertical roped hat holder on the wall. You can have it on the wall of your bedroom or inside the wardrobe.


  • It’s super easy to make.
  • It’s only required three material to make.


  • You don’t want to treat your favorite hat like that, do you?

18. Letter Hat and Coat Rack for The Wall

hat rack ideas
hat rack ideas by decoist.com

This coat rack would suddenly become the attention-stealer anywhere you put it. So, I suggest it should be showcased in the living room. So, the people who visit can see the beauty of this colorful letter coat rack.

Well, if you want this attractive hat rack to be yours. You don’t need to share it with everyone, just enjoy it by yourself inside your bedroom. You can hang your accessories to it to make it more useful.


  • The attractive look is so pleasing to the eye.


  • The word “hello” doesn’t seem to match with bedroom or living room.

19. Wall Hat Holder with Colorful Wood Pallet

Wall Hat Holder with Colorful Wood Pallet

Painting the wood pallet with many colors would make an outstanding decoration for your wall. You can paint the color by yourself according to your personal taste. Using Red, pink, green, orange, purple, and black color. You are pretty successful to create your personal decorative hat rack ideas.

You can hang your purses, hats, caps, scarfs, and whatever possible. I believe the messiness you’ll make on the rack would be distracted by the pleasing color combination.


  • It’s full of color and attractive.
  • The color combination is lovely.


  • No matter what, it’s still a wood pallet.
Tips. There are some types of head accessories that people wear. Getting them all well-organized is very important. So, try to focus on the categorized organization to make it more effective and efficient.

After you’re all dealing with those hat rack ideas, I’m really sure you already found what you are looking for. All of the ideas in the list are required no advanced woodworking skills. You can make it with the minimal material in no time.

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