20 Cute and Colorful Kids Bathroom Ideas That Will Entice Every Mom

Designing a bathroom for your little ones is not only fun, but also rewarding. You must be super happy when they truly appreciate your efforts. That’s the reason we compiled some of the best kids bathroom ideas.

There are numerous options to choose from. And you might get overwhelmed. In case you do not know where to begin, no worries. Just enjoy these and be fascinated as you will get inspired.

1. Kids Bathroom As Well As Mini Wonderland

kids bathroom sets

Undeniably, this contemporary washroom is super playful. Thanks to the vibrant green, yellow and blue hues. A Pinocchio toy injects the dreamland vibes into the area.

Furthermore, the window offers an airy ambiance. And the white floor balances out the vivid units.

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2. Bathroom for All

kids bathroom accessories

Do you have a young son and daughter? Well, you should give this idea a shot. As seen in the picture above, the bathroom does not stick to a specific theme.

However, it still exudes the childlike charm. The rainbow shower curtain, bird ornament, and flowers adorn the entire space.

3. Green and White Bathroom

kids bathroom ideas

Here, white and green make a stunning color combo for the not-so-spacious bathing area. These two shades lend the area a fresh look.

Design wise, this bathroom is really fashion-forward. In particular, our eyes are drawn to the tiny yellow rubber duck and mosaic-tiled sink backsplash.

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4. Kids Bathroom Storages

kids bathroom decor

One of the important elements in kids’ lavatory is storage. You can install wall-mounted shelves to keep their towels and playthings in place. It will be great if they come in the same color as the walls.

Then, remove monotonous bathrobe rack with something more charming.

5. Marine-Inspired Bathroom

kids/guest bathroom ideas

Whether or not you live near the coast, this idea is worth to try. Although the washroom has a predominantly white space scheme, it does not seem stark at all.

The green turtle wall arts pop against the blue pebble stones. Moreover, the items on the sink countertop produce a seaside atmosphere.

6. Finding Nemo Bathroom

kids/guest bathroom

The best thing about kids washroom is you can experiment with a lot of themes. In this version, the kids really like watching “Finding Nemo”.

That’s why the bathroom is filled with Nemo-related stuff from the shower curtain to the rug. Welcome, a world of fun!

7. Eclectic Bathroom for Kids

decorating kids/guest bathroom

This bathroom literally reflects the children’s favorites. The paintings, fish-shaped rugs, giant crayon ornament, and Nemo shower curtain take the chic to the next level.

Not only that, string lights-wrapped fake palm tree steals the show. While white floor and under sink cabinet soften the look.

8. Beach Kids Bathroom

kids bathroom

You do not need to spend a fortune on building kids washroom. This space might be small, but it provides an inimitable style. The green walls depict perky and happy life.

Moreover, the brass units add some luxury to the area. The shower curtain and round seashell mirror emanate carefree setting.

9. Luscious Bathroom Shades

bathroom for kids

Without splashes of colors, your kids probably do not love this lavatory because the sharp edges and straight lines are too boring to see.

Luckily, the multi-toned floor, colorful polka dots, and rainbow on the wall infuse casual cheer to the whole bathing area.

10. French Country Kids Bathroom

kids jack and jill bathroom

Who says children washroom cannot be a bit mature? This zone gets kid and adult looks at the same time. The mirrors, wall sconces, and cabinets are so French.

While the green walls and frog footstools create an inviting atmosphere. And the hexagon mosaic floor tiles are true showstoppers.

11. Posh Kids Bathroom

Blues Kids Bathroom Ideas

The opulence of this adult-like washroom is second to nothing. We promise your teenage girls to adore the royal claw-foot bathtub so much. Additionally, the white and blue tones introduce marina and cottage vibes. The wooden floor and rattan laundry bag inject the tropical ambiance into the zone.

12. Ergonomic Bathroom Setup

green bathroom design for kids

This idea is quite uncommon because you rarely see a futuristic bathroom for little kids. But the end result will certainly please your children.

The yellow and green shades brighten the entire space. While the mirror, tankless toilet, wall décor, and floating sink keep the bathroom from looking outdated.

13. Stunning Bathroom

orange Bathroom for kids

The key to terrific kids’ bathroom is using invigorating colors. Here, the zesty orange subway tiles and towels spice up the area.

Add to that, three wall stripes of green and orange make the room more dynamic. And the wreath on mirror doubles as the continuation of green and orange combo.

14. Kids Bathroom with Photographs

kids bathroom design

No hesitation, your children will think that this bathroom is their fun spot. It boasts patchwork shower curtain, towels and storage boxes that offer pops of colors to the space.

As the result, it is filled with energetic spirits. The photographs infuse a unique personality into the washroom.

15. Bathroom for the Future

Bathroom for the Future

You won’t end up with juvenile lavatory? Just include a few pastel colors such as pastel blue, coral and grey. So, when your little girl turns into a young woman, she still loves her cool bathroom.

16. Kids Bathroom Accessories

Kids Bathroom Accessories

Since the washroom comes in white shade, you should keep it from looking monotonous.

For instance, you can use attractive accessories like a stuffed animal, star cabinet knobs and oddly-shaped mirror. Those add-ons surely embellish the bathroom.

17. Whimsy Bathroom

Whimsy Bathroom

Green is a nice hue for children washrooms. This calming color will help unwind their mind after a math test. Combine it with white and let the end result amaze you. It is much more interesting if the bathroom employs whimsical creatures and trendy wall decorations.

18. Forest Themed Bathroom

Forest Themed Bathroom

This lavatory looks so extravagant and magical with a forest theme. The various green shades are pleasing to the eye. The rest of the room is kept neutral, so it does not cause an aesthetic mess.

Plus, over mirror lights radiate the sink area in the night.

19. Cute Bathroom Signs

Cute Bathroom Signs

These lovely signs will remind your children of basic bathroom duties such as wash the hands and scrub the feet. To make the activities fun, decorate the signs with their feet and hand marks in any colors.

Say goodbye to generic signs!

20. Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

kids bathroom decor ideas


Those kids bathroom ideas allow mom to play with hues and themes. But take children character and interests into the calculation is paramount. After all, the kids’ bathroom is their own place. So, it must offer them maximum comfort. Let’s get the project started!

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