20 Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas to Spruce Kitchen Up

All kitchen lighting should play two main roles. It radiates the food preparation counter as well as offers an inviting atmosphere. Pendants possess those qualities.  That’s why we have assembled cool kitchen island pendant lighting ideas.

The kitchen pendants are like pieces of art. They also make a big difference in a utilitarian space. Without further ado, check these out to find the look you have been looking for.

1. Industrial-Style Island Pendants

Stainless-Steel Pendants lighting kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen design, metallic pendants are the popular way to go.

They do not only adorn the industrial culinary space, but also the traditional one. As seen in the picture above, the pendants, marble countertop and stainless steel appliances amp up the understated luxury.

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2. Retro Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Pendant Contrasting Color

This culinary space is exquisitely beautiful. Thanks to the retro pendant lights. They come in classic shape and vivid red color.

Along with yellow-painted walls, floral window blinds, and navy kitchen island, they inject cheerful vibes into the room. While the wooden pieces produce warmth.

3. Curvaceous Pendant Lights

Styles Kitchen Pendant Lights

Even though this monochrome kitchenette is small, it still looks welcoming. The glass pendant lights have sexy curves that are pleasing to the eye.

In addition, the orange and blue units vibrantly pop against the white marble countertop. A trio of wire mesh dining chairs emanates the industrial feel.

4. Oversized Pendants for Kitchen

Glowing Pendant Lighting

Large cylinder pendant lights make a good pair of tall ceiling.

Here, the brass pendants with ornate details hover above the kitchen island. They provide much-needed glam. Furthermore, the pastel yellow and red shades lend a playful scene.

5. Vintage Geometric Pendant Lights

Pendant Lighting for Traditional Kitchen

The geometric kitchen lighting is on trend. So, why not install one or two in your culinary space? In this version, a couple of wrought iron pendant lights contrast stunningly with the white ceiling.

They also bring old-world charm to the space in no time.

6. Track Pendant Lighting

One Unit, Three Pendants

Undoubtedly, the design of these pendants light is greatly inspired by classic chandeliers. They illuminate the dining area and create a romantic ambiance.

Plus, they also suit a French country kitchen very well. While the armchairs and quartz countertop offers a posh style.

7. Umbrella-Shaped Pendant Lights

Disc-Shape Pendants

If you are a true fan of industrial decor, give this idea a shot. As the image shows, the room boasts copper kitchenware, stainless steel appliances, and vintage open shelves.

Two metallic umbrella pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling in order to boost industrial and classic edges.

8. Colorful Drum Pendants Lights

Colorful Pendants lighting

Want to make a bold statement? Look no further than drum-inspired pendant lights. These zesty orange pieces perk up the space. They help unify the shade theme in the area.

The blue curved back Chinese blue and white porcelains, dining chairs and floral blinds beautify the kitchen too.

9. Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Lantern-Style Pendant 

Adore farmhouse design? You do not have to live in such a house. All you need are black metal lantern pendant lights.

They generate the rustic flavor as well as vintage appeal, while dark wood kitchen island, wall art, and floor keep the space from looking too cold.

10. Monochrome Kitchen Lighting

Pendant Lighting Combo

We instantly fell in love with this kitchen. It is compact yet attractive. A monochrome patterned pendant lamp adds visual interest to the kitchenette. It matches perfectly with the black and white space scheme.

The potted plants and yellow tulip offer an organic touch.

11. Tropical Pendant Lighting

Lighting Over the Island

If you fancy something tropical, include wicker woven pendant lights in your kitchen. They surely will draw the eye up as well as produce coastal vibes. They sooth the whole space with their very own color, too.

Do not forget to place small potted greenery too. The result couldn’t be more ravishing.

12. Slim LED Kitchen Lights

Kitchen Contemporary Fixtures 

Your culinary space has a tall ceiling? Pair it with long pendant lights for a dramatic effect. They undeniably will turn the empty space into work of art.

Moreover, streamlined pendant lights go really well with the minimalist kitchen. The area looks sophisticated and superb.

13. Varied Industrial Pendant Lights

Brushed-Metal Pendants

Think industrial pendant lights are stark? Think again. This kitchenette features pendant lights that made out of stainless steel, metal, brass, and copper. They are real showstoppers.

While the transparent acrylic dining chairs make the mealtimes more enjoyable.

14. Cone Pendant Lights

Pendants Highlight the Ceiling

Imagine the matte black cone pendant lights hanging over the wooden island. Well, the space must be so phenomenal and divine. They embellish the old farmhouse kitchen.

Plus, they always exude the timeless charm. Their ambient illumination produces intimate nuance during family dinner.

15. Hammered Metal Pendant Lights

Dainty Pendants

This neutral-toned culinary space gets an industrial chic from a trio of hammered pendant lights. These dazzling light fixtures also quickly create a design-statement drama.

Along with dark-veined marble countertop, they bring some luxury to the entire area.

16. Funky Pendant Lights for Kitchen

Sparkling Pendant Lighting

As the picture shows, the cookery is rustic in nature. However, it looks inviting with the touch of yellow and red pieces. Not to mention, the darling pendant lights accentuate the room.

They keep the backsplash decal and metallic refrigerator from stealing the spotlight too.

17. Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Out-of-the-Way Pendants

Most of the homeowners opt for glass pendant lights now. So, why not follow the same route? They brighten the space during evening hours.

And the glass windows let natural daylight into the kitchen. Nothing is better than having breakfast while enjoying the scenic view.

18. Spherical Kitchen Pendants

Spherical Kitchen Pendants

This cooking area is rustic and minimalist at the same time. From the wooden ceiling to metallic appliances, everything is kept simple.

Here, the green mosaic tiled-backsplash and red glass pendants work as the focal points. What a gorgeous kitchenette!

19. Cube Pendants for Kitchen

Cube Pendants for Kitchen

Love the concept of modernism? Then, this idea is a must-try. The culinary space involves neutral shades and natural elements.

Moreover, the geometric cube pendant lights are hung from the ceiling. They match nicely with kitchen’s sharp edges and sleek lines.

20. Triangle Pendant Lights

Triangle Pendant Lights

If you want to illuminate your space, go for triangle pendants. They fit in perfectly with any design. But they work best in an industrial-style kitchenette.

These wrought iron pendant lights make a timeless impression too with their matte black finish.


Installing light fixtures will prevent the area between ceiling and countertop from being awkward. Do not wait any longer to decorate your kitchen. And you always can count on our kitchen island pendant lighting ideas.

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