Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures; The Dos, Don’ts And Some Tips

Every homeowner knows the troubles of a clogged sink and leaking pipes, and what a mess it can create in the kitchen. No matter how much attention you pay, plumbing issues can somehow find their way into the kitchen.

Not only is having a good quality plumbing important, but also taking precautions to avoid any inconvenient situations.

Here are some tips and tricks to help us change the way we deal with our kitchen, we hope this helps you too!


kitchen plumbing fixtures

1. Don’t Throw Food In The Sinks

If there’s one thing that the experts keep insisting on is this. Throwing food in your kitchen sink will clog it and cause serious trouble. Each type of food i.e. fibrous, greasy or carbs and even bones have their own way of harming the drainage pipes and clog them.

2. Don’t Drain Oily Dishes Directly In The Sink

Grease is the biggest culprit in winters. Avoid pouring grease at all costs and if you do make the mistake then pour hot water in the sink immediately to prevent it from sticking to the insides of the pipes.

3. Don’t use quick drain cleaners

The worst nightmare of any plumber are quick cleaners for example hard acids. In the longer run they only harm the plumbing system and do you no good. Even the temporary relief provided by them is not good enough.

4. Don’t delay fixing any problems.

The moment you start ignoring a leaking faucet and a sparsely clogged sink that the day your problems are going to multiply. Fixing water leaks on time will also help you avoid getting cockroaches in your kitchen! The sooner you call in a professional to fix the problems the better it is.

5. Don’t misuse tools or equipment.

We all love a little DIY ing but not all of us are well versed with professional tools and equipment. Inappropriate usage can cause severe damage to plumbing so don’t try something too tricky.


plumbing fixtures

1. Do use a strainer in your sink

If you are not very careful with disposing off garbage and other materials then try to use a strainer. Definitely use one if there are multiple people using the sink because not everyone is as cautious.

2. Do pour hot water twice a month down your sink.

To be a little extra cautious the highly trained professionals of kitchen infinity said that discard all your quick drainage cleaners and just use hot water! Pour it once in two weeks and you’ll be safe.

3. Do have a trash box under your sink

This is a must have for a clean and dirt-free kitchen. There are no chances that the sink will clog if you’re disposing of garbage the correct way.

4. Do use good quality fixtures.

Paying attention to the smaller functional details of your kitchen is equally as important as choosing the best backsplash for your kitchen or selecting the most efficient appliances. If you want your kitchen plumbing fixtures to last long and without the least amount of trouble then make a sound investment in good quality fixtures because your kitchen is the most used space in the house.

5. Do leave big projects to professionals.

Not everything can be DIYed so make sure if the project is you hire a professional contractor so that the job is done right.

With these Do’s and Don’ts you will definitely be safe from all plumbing troubles and your prayers for a 911 plumbing helpline might actually decrease. Plumbing problems can be really messy to deal with, that’s why the trusted professionals at kitchen infinity gave us some extra tips to make sure that we don’t waste any time and money on this tiresome job.

Tips For Plumbing Problems:

kitchen plumbing fixtures
  • Know all the valves of your house

Many homeowners are unaware of these basic things and so if an emergency arises they’re unaware of the procedure. Make sure you know where to shut off the water in case of any overflow or leak. Before you get any professional help turning off the main supply will save you a lot of trouble.

  • If you are a DIY person make sure you have the right equipment.

Although we don’t recommend DIY when it comes to something as sensitive as plumbing fixtures in the kitchen but if you really love doing things yourself make sure you have the right equipment needed.

  • Make sure you pick the right materials before buying any new fixtures.

The durability of any kitchen fixture is extremely important so if you’re buying new fixtures research the right type of material for your needs. Whether it is Brass, copper or any other metal is dependent on your usage and budget both. A professional will be able to guide you better.

  • Prevent Plumbing from freezing.

This may not be a problem in summers but in many places in winters frozen pipes are a huge issue. What you can do is that you insulate outside plumbing pipes and keep air circulating through them.

These plumbing fixtures tips and ideas can certainly help avoid a plumbing emergency and repair cost! Take all these preventative measures and occasionally have a professional come in and take a look.

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