20 Captivating Kitchen Splashback Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

As the heart of a home, the kitchen deserves your attention. You can transform it into a more welcoming space by doing a renovation. If you are not into a full makeover, we have had lovely kitchen splashback ideas for you.

Here, we will provide a huge selection of kitchen splashbacks. They won’t fail to amaze you and your family. At the end of this article, you definitely know what suits you the most.

20 Uniquely Awesome Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Now, let’s enter the best kitchen splashback ideas for your desire kitchen. We’ve accumulated ceramic tile splashbacks, kitchen splashbacks, and even a couple of ideas for DIY splashbacks.

1. Subway Tiles Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback ideas pinterest

For your information, subway tiles are inspired by the subway system in London and New York. They work really well with any kitchen style.

In this picture, the white subway tiles and stainless-steel units lend the area high-end look. And the patterned Arabesque tiles decorate the whole kitchen.

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2. Granite Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback ideas ikea

This culinary space features black granite splashback and quartz worktop. They instantly exude elegant character.

Since the lower and upper cabinets come in vibrant red, they help add a nice contrast to space. We bet you will love this kitchen as we do.

3. The Charm of Chalkboard Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback ideas australia

Sometimes, remembering the grocery list or dinner menu can be a hard job. Then, why not involve chalkboard into your kitchenette?

You are able to write your weekly tasks or notes too. With the touch of chalkboard splashback, the space does not seem to be boring anymore.

4. Chevron Ceramic TIle Kitchen Splashback Ideas

kitchen splashback ideas uk

Chevron never gets out of trend for sure. Because this pattern is supremely trendy and stunning.

Here, the two-tone square tiles are installed between upper cabinetry and glossy white worktop. Plus, the potted plant spices up the sleek kitchenette.

5. Copper’s Grandeur Kitchen Splashback

kitchen splashback ideas forum

Seriously crazy about an industrial-style kitchen? Well, you should give this look a try. You will benefit from its long-lasting and antimicrobial qualities.

The copper splashback and stainless-steel pieces exhibit the industrial air in no time. And their refined appearances enhance a sense of modernism.

6. Mock Wood Kitchen Splashback

budget kitchen splashback ideas

Whether you live in a farmhouse or not, this kitchen backsplash idea is worth to try. You can install it by yourself easily. In this version, we suggest you buy a wood-look laminate.

After that, follow all the instructions. Be fascinated as the end result couldn’t be more delightful.

7. Hexagonal Tiles Kitchen Splashback

blue splashback kitchen ideas

Want to impress your guests? The wall tiles are the best answer.

As you can see, the crisp white hexagonal wall tiles are tastefully arranged. They produce a unique attractiveness effortlessly. Moreover, a pop of invigorating yellow livens up the kitchenette.

8. Mosaic Wall Tiles

kitchen splashback colour ideas

Even though this option is expensive for certain, it is too fabulous to pass up. In this predominantly white culinary space, the golden mosaic tiled-splashback looks outstanding.

Furthermore, they depict luxurious air. And the potted greeneries add some life to the kitchen.

9. Chic Wallpaper Splashback Ideas

black kitchen splashback ideas

If you won’t spend a fortune, this budget-friendly idea is exactly for you. You can install wallpaper as your splashback.

As seen in the picture, the woodland wallpaper matches perfectly with white worktop. Additionally, the presence of navy cabinets makes a bold statement.

10. Red Glass Splashback

cheap backsplash ideas for kitchen

To get modern appeal, look no further than glass kitchen splashback. For the color, we strongly recommend red as this vivacious color will accentuate the area.

Here, the splashback contrasts nicely with white cabinets. And the blooming red flowers in the vase create more divine scheme.

11. 3D Wallpaper Kitchen Splashback Ideas

cream kitchen splashback ideas

Sometimes, you are too lazy to cook just because your kitchen looks stark. To boost the cooking mood, incorporate 3D wallpaper into your project.

This decorative element also offers your kitchenette a visual appeal. Not only that, you can change it with ease when you fancy something new.

12. Mirrored Mosaic Tiles Splashback Ideas

kitchen worktop and splashback ideas

This minimalist kitchen looks eye-pleasing with the help of mirrored mosaic tiled-splashback. They add dimension to the culinary space.

A combination of the mosaic tiles and metallic countertop lend the area a sophisticated look. Plus, the green plants and purple flowers lift the kitchen color palette.

13. Geometric Tiles Kitchen Splashback

kitchen cooker splashback ideas

If you find the white geometric tiled-splashback ravishing, us as well. The tiles and cabinets result in a modern space.

While the stainless-steel items give the kitchen industrial flare. The pink worktop and blossoming flower adorn the entire area. A true perfection, right?

14. Herringbone Tiles Kitchen Splashback

kitchen splashback design ideas

Like chevron splashback? You would love this too. In this culinary space, the black matte rectangular tiles are installed in a herringbone pattern.

They amazingly make a stylish statement. The white cabinets and yellow pieces take the kitchen design to the next level.

15. Japanese-Style Kitchen

grey kitchen splashback ideas

The Japenese always upholds the concept of minimalism in the kitchen design. Here, white hexagonal tiled-splashback, ceiling, countertop, and cabinets emanate the clean environment.

While the wooden window blinds and hanging greenery bring out the inner Zen.

16. Colorful Textured Tiles Kitchen Splashback

kitchen glass splashback ideas

If rustic-themed culinary space is your ultimate goal, this idea surely tugs at your heart.

The wooden drawers and wall-mounted cabinets with frosted doors look more polished. And the subway tiles add nice color contrast to the kitchen.

17. The Opulence of Marble

splashback ideas for kitchen

Invite the posh ambience into your kitchenette with the marble splashback. For grander statement, it should runs from ceiling to the floor.

But, you can install it between the upper cabinets and worktops. The grey veined marble splashback will pair perfectly with the pastel light grey walls, cabinet, and kitchen island.

18. Mirror Splashback

splashback ideas for white kitchen

Do you have a pocket-sized kitchen? If so, you must give this look a shot. The mirrored splashback and glossy white cabinets turn your tiny kitchenette into a   visually larger area.

Moreover, as the multitasker, the mirror helps make your tiny room feel brighter.

19. Moroccan Wall Tiles Kitchen Splashback

kitchen splashback ideas ireland

Love something exotic? Eclectic Moroccan-style tiles are wonderful for your kitchen splashback.

You can get them from charity shops or local markets. Their ornate patterns will certainly ‘wow’ your guests. Since the details are already intricate, keep the rest of the space minimal and subdued.

20. Printed Glass Splashback

Printed Glass Splashback

Tired of plain wall tiles? We guarantee you will fall in love with this printed splashback that is made of toughened glass.

Since it can be customized, it brings unique character to your culinary space. It does not only serve as a striking addition but also pulls together all the tones in the area.

Whether you go for a major improvement or an easy upgrade, you can count on our kitchen splashback ideas. We believe pretty splashback helps increase your home value in the future. So, do not wait too long!

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