20 Coolest Male Living Space Ideas that Will Leave You Speechless

If you are a single man who lives in your own house, you definitely think of having a cozy retreat. For sure, male living space is what you need the most. And we are here to give you some inspirations for your abode.

Typically, there are two opinions about the manly living room, either an uber-minimal bachelor pad or a space with lots of clutter. Our article will break those stereotypes. Let’s check this out.

1. The Elegance of Leather Male Living

male living space ideas

When it comes to the masculine living quarter, you never go wrong with black. As you can see, the black leather sofa and armchairs exude a sense of luxury and manly character.

While sturdy wooden table and ceiling beams produce warm feeling. And the windows make the space airy and sunny.

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2. Contemporary Flavor Male Living Space Ideas

male living space starter pack

The man-owned living room does not have to be depressing and dreary. Instead of choosing the saturated color, you can go for white and beige.

We promise the result couldn’t be more welcoming. Plus, place the potted plant in the corner of the room to get an organic touch.

3. Stylish and Refined Male Living

male living space art

Masculine living location is always associated with blandness. No, it is not true. In fact, it can be chic and inviting.

Like the picture shown above, the view of skyline keeps the black and white-themed space from looking monotonous. Not only that, the greeneries and wall art offer a visual appeal.

4. Simple Yet Cheerful

imgur male living space

This area clearly features straight lines. And a floor lamp evokes the industrial air.

However, the sofa and area rug make the room more comfortable. Space also benefits from pops of an orange hue and geometric pattern. It does not feel stark and unimpressive anymore.

5. Organized Arranged

qatar living male bed space

If you happen to live in a small house, give this idea a shot. The homeowner just uses two colors in order to reduce space visual fragmentation.

Thanks to the built-in storages, so the space looks really neat. While a touch of blue and yellow perks it up.

6. Brick’s Charm

male living space desk

As we’ve mentioned earlier, manly living room doesn’t always seem to be rugged. The ivory brick effect wallpaper still gives the masculine vibe to space.

The one-way window allows you to enjoy beautiful sky in the night. For the rest of the room, it is kept minimal.

7. Spacious and Serene

male living space studio

Colors truly define a room. When you do an overhaul, please stick to the neutral or saturated shades. The visual balance is the key.

Black sofa meets the white floor and lights brown area rug harmoniously. Unlike the other man’s space, there is no coffee table here. So, it is larger than it actually is.

8. Dual Functions

Barn With Male Living Space

If you want a living room that doubles as the man’s cave, well this is the best answer. Stacked stone wall adds textural contrast to space.

It also exhibits the rustic style. The circular rug pampers your feet. Shots of orange and green liven up the entire room.

9. Warmth and Tranquility

Male Living Space Chairs Ideas

Sometimes, too much simple lines turn your living room into boring space. You can soften its look with the help of greeneries. They instantly bring the lively setting to your area.

The painting adorns the white walls. In addition, patterned throw pillows catch the eye.

10. Mid Century Modern Influence

male living space with cofee table

decoist.comThe mid-century modern decor won’t get out of trend for certain. That’s the reason we urge you to steal the inspiration. Sleek lines are the main feature here.

However, the pine green walls and wall art make the room feel fresh. Additionally, the red items transform it into a vivacious area.

11. Urbane and Classy

mans caves ideas

As the urban dweller, you certainly adore minimalism. And city skyline is such important part. But you should put style and comfort into consideration as well.

For instance, the wall arts and ornaments on the table emanate an artistic setting. The large rug and sofa create a sense of coziness.

12. Classic Tone

male living space with old world design

Need something posh and masculine? This idea is the way to go. Coffered ceiling quickly delivers the luxurious aura to the room.

The ceiling light, floor lamp, and fireplace look exquisitely vintage. While the white rug, green wall, and florally patterned armchairs exhibit a cheerful ambiance.

13. Perfect Twist

formal male living space

Keep your living location from looking overly masculine with the touch of white. This shade creates a modern and crisp feel.

Not to mention, it makes your tiny space visually bigger. A couple of wingback chairs and the French-lantern are the showstoppers.

14. Aesthetically Pleasing

living space plans ideas

If you get bored with the plain rectangles or squares, give your living room a refinement. For instance, throw in curved side tables.

The artworks are great additions too. Moreover, the table lamp and grey sofa invite the masculine character into space.

15. A Fan of Scandinavian Decor

traditional style male living space

Fall in love with the Nordic’s interior design? It is the right one for you. Be sure you choose neutral shades such as grey, black, brown, and white.

The tapered-leg table and floor lamp are incredibly trendy. And the potted plants add some life to the space. Blue throw pillows work to steal the spotlight.

16. Tropical Vibe

rude style male living space

This living room obviously will remind you of your dream summer destination.

Just look at the sisal woven rug, indoor banana tree, and three circular coffee tables. They are so tropical. And the animal hide rug evokes upscale feel.

17. Trendy Sanctuary

natural style male living

If you won’t go overboard, mix black and white with soothing hues.

In this living area, beige, cream, and tan soften the masculine look. Plus, you can stay away from monotony by growing a big-leaved plant.

18. Loads of Striking Colors

male living space plans

The white-painted beams effortlessly display industrial nuance. Of course, they are manly too.

However, the pink throw pillows add a dash of feminine flavor to the space. While the artwork becomes the focal point here.

19. Curvy and Straight Lines

Curvy and Straight Lines

We know that most of the masculine spaces largely embrace minimalism.

But it should feature the stunning curves as well. And pastel orange and green emanate perky life.

20. Gold’s Touch Living Space

Gold’s Touch

Table and sofa with hairpin legs are seriously minimalist. The grey curtain exhibits manly aura. White floor brightens the room. While the gold table lamp and crystal pendant lights showcase the opulence.

Although male living space focuses on using heavy items and sleek lines, you can still add a touch of your creativity. Do not be afraid of playing with vibrant colors too. Be ready as the end result entices you.

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