30 Beautiful Painted Staircase Ideas for Your Home Design Inspiration

Probably, you just pay attention to the living room’s walls, kitchen backsplash, and light fixtures. In fact, the staircase is also a significant part of your home. That’s why you must beautify its look with painted staircase ideas.

When your guests step into your home, the first thing they see is the stairs. Focusing on the stairs will let you get a lot of terrific decorating opportunities. Before revamping them, let’s have a read of our article first.

1. Colorful Thin Stripes

Colorful Thin Stripes

Sometimes, all-white space scheme is boring and uninviting. You can add joyful life to your stairs with vibrant shades.

Here, the vertical stripes on the stair risers have appealing colors. They exude the lively ambiance throughout the space. While the wooden surface softens the look.

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2. Happy Painting On The Stairs

Image Source: pinterest.com

This idea absolutely requires a lot of elbow grease. However, the end result couldn’t be more outstanding.

All you have to do is painting the stair risers in white. Then, turn them into pieces of artworks. When your guests enter your home, the stairs will ‘wow’ them.

3. Vivid Staircase Paint Ideas

Vivid Staircase Paint Ideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

You do not need to spend a fortune on your staircase. In this version, the homeowner just uses wood stain and white paint to make the stairs feel fresh again.

They match really well with the whole area. Moreover, they offer classic touch and elegant feel.

4. Cool Pattern Painted Staircase Ideas

Image Source: pinterest.com

We guarantee this staircase keeps you motivated and spirited, no matter how rough your day is.

The dark grey-colored stair risers pair nicely with the industrial-style home. And the orange decals pop against the risers tastefully. So eye-pleasing!

5. Perfect Combo Wood Painted Staircase

Perfect Combo Wood Painted Staircase
Image Source: pinterest.com

A carpet runner is truly functional. It avoids bad accidents such as falls and slips.

Plus, it gives the staircase a new texture. Be sure you match the staircase’s color with your carpet runner and the entire area. For instance, you can leave the stairs naked to let the monochrome carpet runner steal the show.

6. Perky Staircase Ideas

Perky Staircase Ideas
Image Source: pinterest.com

After getting through a super stressful day, you certainly need an instant mood booster. This staircase will definitely cheer you up in no time. Its fancy colors also turn the depressing area into a playful one.

Write your favorite quotes on each surface. You can round out the staircase with white paint.

7. Striking Duo Paint Staircase Ideas

Image Source: pinterest.com

White stairs are like an empty canvas. So, you can paint anything on them. In this picture, the bright yellow and blue stairs welcome you and your guests in an impressive way.

They even look like a carpet runner. Here, a pair of yellow boots is such cool ornaments.

8. Paint Staircase Decals

Paint Staircase Decals

Looking for a unique staircase idea? Give it a try. First of all, you must rip off your old carpet runner on the stairs.

After that, paint the stair risers in crisp white and add family-related decals. Here, we love the contrast of black and white. And we know you will do the same.

9. Understated Luxury Staircase

Understated Luxury Staircase

Who says captivating staircase is always bold? This picture proves that metallic grey shade does a nice job in accentuating the staircase.

As the result, it complements the handrailing and floor. Not only that, but it also blends seamlessly with grey and white carpet runner.

10. Divine Spiral Staircase Ideas

Divine Spiral Staircase Ideas

A spiral staircase is absolutely unique on its own. Additionally, it also lends the home modern flavor.

You can adorn its look by painting it in the eye-catching colors such as orange, red, yellow and green. They evoke happy-go-lucky atmosphere throughout the area.

11. Colorful Scheme Staircase Ideas

Colorful Scheme Staircase Ideas

These remarkable stairs will entice you in no time. The stair risers are full of colors. They surely add happiness and joy to your home.

Moreover, the dark wooden surfaces generate the warm setting. We believe your kids are going to love their chic staircase.

12. Be Different

Colorful Scheme Staircase Ideas

There is nothing wrong about being different. As you can see, the stair risers are almost entirely painted in pastel blue.

But, one riser is coated in yellow paint. Instead of making the other stairs feel weird, it pairs perfectly with a yellow pendant light for the stairway.

13. One of A Kind Staircase

One of A Kind staircase ideas

Another popular neutral color is grey. Using the only grey might result in a quiet zone.

To keep the monotony at a bay, you can incorporate lots of bold shades into the staircase design. The more color you add, the more enchanting the staircase gets. Don’t you adore this creative idea?

14. DIY Chalkboard Paint Project

DIY Chalkboard Paint Project

Everything looks much nicer and cuter with the help of chalkboard paint. As the picture shows, the stair risers are painted in chalkboard shade. And the homeowner writes motivational phrases on them using colorful chalks.

When you go up and down the stairs, they instantly bring your school memories back.

15. Coordinating Look Staircase

Coordinating Look Staircase

If you want to make your staircase bright and visually larger, white shade is a great go-to. When paired with light grey, it looks more wonderful. This color combo really soothes the space.

Thanks to two-toned white and grey staircase, the wicker carpet runner and flower bucket take the center stage.

16. Beachy Atmosphere Staircase Ideas

Beachy Atmosphere Staircase Ideas

You can always bring the coastal vibe to your home by coating the staircase in pastel light blue paint. Here, the wooden floor has the same shade.

They produce a fun, care-free, and relaxing ambiance. While the rope hand grip evokes the nautical spirit.

17. Faux Carpet Runner Staircase

Faux Carpet Runner Staircase 

In case you do not invest in a carpet runner, no worries.

Because you can still produce the same effect. Paint your staircase in vibrant red, cream, and black. So, it resembles the actual carpet runner.

18. An Artwork Staircase Ideas

An Artwork Staircase Ideas

The homeowner brilliantly transforms the plain staircase into a mesmerizing piece of art.

It does not only help the family members get from one story to another but also provides visual interest.

19. Piano-Inspired Staircase

Piano-Inspired Staircase

As we stated before, you have to treat your stairs as a blank canvas.

For instance, you can paint the stair risers like piano keys. They absolutely channel your inner musician. Needless to say, this idea is budget-friendly.

20. Classic and Subtle Staircase

Classic and Subtle Staircase 

If you are a simple person, coat your stairs in white paint.

For the hand grip, black is the best option. Then, place black and white striped carpet runner on the stairs. And hang an artwork to liven up the space.

21. Creative and Innovatif Staircase

Image Source: pinterest.com


22. Monochrome Style

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23. Red Carpet

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24. Optical Illusion

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25. Dark Themed

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26. Stairway Paint Colored Pattern Ideas

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27. Timber Painted Staircase Ideas

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28. Banister Paint Staircase Ideas

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29. Contemporay Spiral Paint Staircase Ideas

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30. Photography of Painted Stairs

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31. White and Black

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So, those are our painted staircase ideas. Pick one idea or two to inspire your home project. You can mix and match them as well. We promise the result will delight you.

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