20 Epic Rec Room Ideas Decoration For Your Family Entertainment

There is nothing nicer than spending your time in rec room after getting through a rough day. It helps lower your stress level and refresh your mind. If you plan to build such a place, you must search for rec room ideas first.

You can turn any unused area into an entertainment room. However, most of the people usually use their basements. For you who want to remodel your home, let’s check these out!

1. Joyful Ambience Rec Room

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rec room ideas by pinterest.com

Everyone has their own way to throw the boredoms away. And playing video games might be your favorite thing. Because it gives you hours of happiness.

If so, you can fill your recreational space with flatscreen pc computer, gaming consoles, shelving units, and shelves.

2. Rec Room With Pool Table

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As the image shows, this recreational space is rustic yet luxurious. The wooden floor, ceiling beams, built-in shelves, and pool table add a sense of rusticism but in a more refined style.

Moreover, the lighting and ornaments evoke the posh character.

3. Multi-Functional Rec Room

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rec room ideas by toolversed.com

Normally, you do not have enough time to socialize with the other family members on the weekdays. That’s why you should create a rec zone for all.

As you can see, it features a foosball table, game-watching corner, and small dining area. The window is installed to produce sunny and airy atmosphere.

4. Rec Room Music Enthusiast’s Retreat

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rec room ideas by pinterest.com

This rec room definitely brings out your inner musician. We believe your teenage boys and girls will love it. There are piano, a trio of guitars, speaker, and seating.

The neutral shades soothe the area while the mirror adds dimension to the room. As the result, it looks visually bigger than it does.

5. Rec Room Glamorous Lighting

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rec room ideas by eventoslatinos.us

Since the entertainment space is your personal sanctuary, you must make it welcoming and dreamy. Here, the white walls serve as the blank canvas for the artworks.

The room layout is also captivating. And the colors are so mind-relaxing. Needless to say, the lights offer an elegant and upscale setting.

6. Cozy and Cheerful Rec Room

rec room design ideas
rec room ideas by hgtv.com

This recreational space is not only large, but also inviting and versatile. The high ceiling showcases the grandeur of the room.

Furthermore, oversized monochrome photographs provide a unique character. The flowers, rug, and semi-circular pendant lights liven up the whole area.

8. Industrial Eclectic Rec Room

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rec room ideas by pinterest.com

Unlike the other rec areas, this one is mainly used as a communal space. The wooden furniture exhibit warm and intimate vibes throughout the room.

Furthermore, the stainless-steel and wrought iron pieces are absolutely industrial. The wall hangings, chairs and throw pillows catch the eye quickly.

9. Rec Room Basement Home Theater

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rec room ideas by pinterest.com

Your basement is spacious? Well, you should give this idea a glance.

This basement turned movie theater is really sumptuous. Thanks to the brown leather sectional sofa, huge movie screen, and coffered ceiling.

The wood floor, kitchen island, and stainless-steel stools embrace the industrial-rustic flavor.

10. Minimalist Rec Room

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rec room ideas by hgtv.com

Like the idea of minimalism? This idea is for you. In this entertainment area, you can only spot a big film screen, high kitchen island, stools with metallic cushions, and circular ceiling light.

There is quite large space for dancing as well. Doesn’t it sound good?

11. Vintage and Charming Rec Room

basement rec room color ideas
rec room ideas by memorabledecor.com

For you who are extremely obsessed with classic decor, this one is the way to go. The rec space provides you with endless fun.

You also can have a spirited discussion and play the chess game. The chairs, rug, wall artworks, and tables showcase the magnificence of the old-world.

12. Rec Room with Prep Station

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rec room ideas by klamconstruction.com

Need an escape from daily stress? You can create the same look as done by the homeowner. The wooden ceiling, floor, and stone walls undoubtedly emanate the rustic edge.

They won’t be complete without the presence of high stools, pendant lights, kitchen island, and drink prep counter.

13. Spectacular Rec Room Lighting

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rec room ideas by zillowstatic.com

Here, the dweller keeps the rec room furnishing simple. There are a pool table, kitchen island, some metallic high stools, and built-in storages.

The prep station’s wall offers stunning textural contrast. While Triennale pendant lights and blue LED lights steal the spotlight in no time.

14. Rec Room for Teenage Sons

rec room color ideas

It is super playful and far from boring, right? We bet your teenage boys will love hanging out with his friends in this area.

You can equip it with exciting games, guitar, and piano. Two artworks look aesthetically pleasing too. And the sky windows depict a sunny and bright environment.

14. Rec Room Convenient Table

diy rec room ideas
rec room ideas by camtenna.com

No doubt, this rec room is rustic on its own. Just look at the brick walls and wooden floor.

It also features social and fun games. And the wall ornaments are great additions to this sports lover’s retreat. The octagonal wooden table is ultra-comfy.  Perfection!

15. Rec Room Dual Functions

rec room ceiling ideas

Short on space? You can steal this idea. The homeowner converts a small basement area into a rec room as well as a bedroom.

Additionally, the star ceiling decorations, wall artwork, and flag serve as the showstoppers. The LED circular downlight and string lights are super cool too.

16. Mario Themed Rec Room Ideas

rec room interior design ideas

You can incorporate a specific theme into your remodeling project.

Here, the wall decals truly call all fans of Mario Bros. The concrete floor balances the colorful walls nicely. And adding a foosball table is a must.

17. Grand Man Cave Rec Room

Grand Man Cave Rec Room

It is truly a dream man cave. You can mix the drinks, watch the movie and play billiard.

Not only that, the lighting creates a luxurious statement. And the rest of the room is kept rustic but in a more polished style.

18. Rec Room Exquisite Chandelier

Rec Room Exquisite Chandelier

When your friends come over and hang out in this rec zone, they must say it is elegant and ravishing.

From chandelier to the patterned curtains, everything is incredibly fancy. The table itself lends the rec room traditional look.

19. Unique Rec Room Bonfire

Unique Bonfire Rec Room

If you need the stuff to warm up the entertainment space during winter, go for a bonfire. Here, the bonfire is placed between the pool table and TV-watching area.

In addition, the floral rug, red pool table, and bonfire wall decal take the center stage.

20. Rec Room Full of Joy

Rec Room Full of Joy

As your personal escape, you need to equip it with fun-filled games. For instance, you can involve a pool table and a chess game on a circular table. To evoke the mind-relaxing ambience, look no further than the aquarium.

In short, an entertainment zone is all about happiness. And those rec room ideas keep you from running out of inspirations. Be sure you add your favorites to space, so you can obtain maximum fun and comfort.

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