21+ Cute and Creative Rock Painting Ideas [Art for Kids]

Are you ready to get some rock painting ideas, kids? If you are ready, let’s go. There are so many ways to make this kind of craft. It’s a nice idea you can make when your teacher asked you to bring your art to the school.

In here, there will be so many fun rock painting ideas that will make you happy. You can play with your paintbrush, mixing up the color as you want.

Things You Need to Paint Rocks

  • You have to find the best rocks to paint.
  • Large paintbrushes.
  • Thin paintbrushes for detail.
  • Apple barrel acrylic paint in desired colors.
  • Clear spray sealer.
  • Creativity.

The Steps of Painting Rocks

Generally, there are some steps you need to keep in mind when you’re about to paint your rocks. Here are some basic steps you can follow.

  • Choose The Design of a Concept

The first thing you need to do is to think about the design. You can pick your favorite cartoon character, animal, color combination, or anything you like. You can find inspirations to ignite your creative mind. Reading this article will definitely do it for you.

  • Find The Best Rocks You Can Find

The word “best “ here means that you need to find the rock that meets your concept. Choose the rocks that have the perfect condition, shape, and texture according to the design you are about to apply on the rocks.

  • Paint The Base Color

Now, it‘s time to apply the main color of your rock craft. A color like red, blue, black, and white can be a good base for the rock. Apply the paint all over the rock. Then, just let the paint dry completely.

  • Apply Your Creative Design

Now, let’s begin drawing the design you already choose. For example, if you want to make a ladybug rock, it’s the time to apply the black paint to make a pattern of a lady bug’s body. Then, you can continue to draw the eyes with white, blue, and black paint for the eyeballs.

  • Dry The Rocks Out

After all of those drawing, just leave your painted rock alone to let them dry. If you’re not satisfied enough with the look of your own design, you can apply a little more additions to make it better. Then, let it dry again.

  • Gloss It Out

Using a spray sealer, make your rock more glossy and shiny. Spray it all over the rock and let it dry. This sealer will keep the applied paints last forever. This is a finishing step of general rock painting project.

There you have It. Your very own rock painting craft is ready to amaze mommy, daddy, teacher, and friends.

Pick and Prep Rock For Painting

Here are things you need to pay attention to dealing with rocks for painting.

  • Choosing and Prepping The Rocks

For a craft project, you have to search for the right rocks. A seaside is the most common play to find nice rocks. It will be available at different shapes, sizes, and forms. The other places like rivers, riverbeds, or lakes are also great to collect rocks.

  • Size and Shape

Working with ink and markers, you have to get with flat and smooth rocks. You can easily draw or paint the rock directly to its natural surfaces. If your desired seeking is the rough and textured rocks, that will work too.

  • Washing and Varnishing

After you’ve done collecting the rocks, leave them all in a bowl of water for about a few hours to get any excess dirt or sand particles soaked off. Then, you can start cleaning it with mild soap and a soft brush. Rinse it with running tap water, and let them dry.

Wanna get plenty of inspiring ideas to create your rock craft. Here are 20 adorable rock painting ideas you can make at home.

Wonderful And Super Fun Rock Painting Ideas

1. Cute Owl Rock Painting Ideas

rock painting art ideas

These cute owls look like ready to make everyone happy. It’s an easy rock painting idea you can try at home with your parents. The shape of the rocks should be matched with your own concept. You don’t need to paint the base. Use the natural color of the rock and start drawing the owl.

2. Wood and Rock Artwork

creative rock painting ideas

Don’t you see how cute this artwork is? It consists of a bunch of rock birds and a rock house on rustic wood planks. This artwork offers an artistically cute scene to your wall. You can ask your mother and father to help you in sticking your rock to the wood base. Once again, you have to find three small flat rocks and one medium flat rocks for the house.

3. Lady Bug Painting Art Rock

rock painting craft ideas

I’m pretty sure that ladybugs are the most favorite idea to apply to rock painting project. It’s easy to make and cute as a result. There’s no question that this rock painting idea becomes your favorite too. The rock doesn’t have to be flat. It can be large or small too.

One other reason why this ladybug design is chosen by a lot of kids is that it has an easy pattern to copy.

4. Easy Rock Painting Ideas That Say Something

rock painting ideas dots

This one is a catchy idea to paint on the rocks. An adorable rock character that says something is the cutest rock painting idea ever. The design is simple, draw a cute cartoon face in green color. Then, draw simple words like “Olive You!”, as you can see in the picture.

Before the drawing, make sure the white paint is brushed all over the rock. Making a great contrast to the cute cartoon image.

5. Freestyle Rock Painting Ideas

big rock painting ideas

You can set your mind free to choose the design you like. You can collect many rocks with various forms, shapes, and colors. Then, you may apply each of them all with a different design of your own. Make it unique and make it simple. Keep the rocks for your next supply.

6. Round Rock Painting Ideas with Angel Love

rock painting ideas for school

The key is to pick the right rock. As you can see, some kind of design looks better on a specific shape of the rock. This round rock is applied with an artistic image of angel love. Show off a little bit of your artsy style with this cool heart image.

7. Simple Natural Rock Painting Ideas

Simple Natural Rock Painting Ideas

The use of original gray color from the rock can also be a nice design. As you can see, you can just wash the rocks clean and start drawing the design. With a white marker or paintbrush, you can paint the natural surface with a simple and easy pattern.

8. Motivational Rock Painting Ideas

Motivational Rock Painting Ideas

Drawing a motivational sentence on a rock is not a weird thing to do. In fact, it could even improve your mood for the day. A nice example of a sentence in the picture “Today Is May Day” is an interesting one. You can give this rock as a present to your friends.

9. Black and White Rock Painting Ideas

Black and White Rock Painting Ideas

A monochromatic concept to a rock painting project can be a nice idea. You just only need to have two colors of paint to do this project, white and black. You can do a really simple design like a black-painted rock with white dots all over the rock. That’s simply interesting.

10. Painted Rock with Beach Picture

pictures of rock painting ideas

If you want to show off your artistic skill, start to focus on the detail. At first, you have to choose a detailed image to apply. It can be something like this beach image. Or, just copy this painted rock design. It’s a fantastic idea to train your painting skill.

11. Movie Theme for Rock Painting

rock painting ideas on pinterest

If you have your favorite movie, you can choose to have it on your rock. This painting idea is taken from the movie titled “UP”. It’s an animation movie for kids which tells about a little house that can fly up with thousands of ballons.

The quote from the movie can also be added to the rock design to strengthen the theme you have for the rock. Get out from the house because the “adventure is out there”.

12. Rock Painting Ideas with Funny Image

Rock Painting Ideas with Funny Image

As you can see, this glossy rock has a tickling image. Let’s focus on the design. There are two images and two words on this rock.

The first image is the bee, and below it, we have the image of a leave. Then, below them, there’s a phrase “In Yourself”. The two images are supposed to be words. So, the words are “Bee Leave In Yourself” means “Believe in yourself”.

13. Little Cute Monsters of Rocks

rock painting ideas simple

In the picture, there plenty of rock monsters with various style of expressions and color. The design concept is the only one which is a cute monster. You can play with the expression or emotions. Apply a different expression for each of rock.

The additional items you need to make this rock painting design is some googly eyes. Let’s draw your rock and make them alive.

14. Funky Purple Rock Painting

rock painting ideas step by step

Get funky with this rock painting idea. The dots with various shape of purple offers a lot of excitement to the appearance of the rock.

If you have a friend that you want to praise, you don’t have to say it out loud in front of him or her. By giving him or her this painted rock, your praised will also be delivered nicely. It can be more impressive than just words.

15. Rock Painting Ideas Fish

rock painting ideas spongebob

The image of fish can be a good choice to apply on the rock. Drawing fish is one of the easiest things to do in this kind of project. With simple lines and shapes, you’ll have cute little fish on your rock.

If you want to make one like in the photo, you can start painting the base with the color of water. Aqua blue or light blue should be the choice. Then, after it dries. Start drawing the fish.

16. Halloween Rock Painting Design

rock painting ideas how to

When the October month is about to end, get ready to celebrate the creepiest night of the year. Prepare the decoration for your Halloween with this rock painting design.

The natural shape of the rock is very important in this design. You have to get the rock that has a shape exactly like this one. If it’s not possible, just find one which has a closer or similar shape like this one.

17. Road Sign on Rock Ideas

ideas for rock painting with kids'

Another fun idea you can have for your rock painting project, this road sign is actually pretty unique and simple in the result. On the sign, it’s written “Watch For Rocks”. It’s funny though.

This is very simple to make and easy to copy. With a white-painted surface, you can make this road sign to be really representing the real one placed on the road.

18. Rock Painting Design Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe rock garden game

A painted rock doesn’t have to be used for decoration only. You can have them to be playful. A board game project from rocks is a smart idea. You must know how to play tic tac toe, right?

You are gonna need ten rocks to paint. 5 rocks should be painted with “X” mark, the other 5 rocks are painted with “O” mark. The color of the rocks for “X” and “O” mark should be different.

19. Ornamental Tree on Rock

Ornamental Tree on Rock

The image painted on this rock may look a bit complicated but it’s actually easy to make. The ornamental concept of the image makes it more interesting. If you have the tree image less ornamental, you won’t get the same impressive look and reaction from others.

The word “love” and “life is an only small addition but it’s pretty important there.

20. Funny Ideas for Rock Painting

Funny Ideas for Rock Painting

Another fun idea for your rock painting project, I’m pretty sure that it can make you laugh. As you can see, there’s a picture of a ruler and a rock that say something to each other.

The ruler says “you rock” to the rock, and the rock says “you rule” to the ruler. The reason why it’s funny because it’s true.

After all the ideas you have explored, I’m sure that you are ready to amaze everyone with your awesome painted rocks. Choose one design you like from those rock painting ideas above.


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