35+ Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas For A Rustic Country Home

A rustic farmhouse bedroom is suitable with any gender or preference. You can combine this style to almost any kind of home design. Whether it’s feminine or masculine, the rustic farmhouse is flexible for any form of bedroom concept.

When dealing with farmhouse bedroom, we’re talking about decorative articles, lighting fixtures, and bed linens. Those are an essential part of the bedroom which might surprise you when they’re got transformed.

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33 Creative Ways To Decorate Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Country rooms are all about individual convenience stressed by those little touches that make it one’s very own: a milk-jug-turned-vase, antique quilt, or repurposed wood window framework mirror, among others. Thrift store locates as well as flea market treasures are the perfect farmhouse compliments, and with these 39 farmhouse bedroom design ideas you can experiment and execute in the manner that fits your one-of-a-kind style.


1. Ikea Dresser in Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Sign Solo-Standing Letter M

It’s one of the best Ikea hacks you can apply inside your bedroom. The pale gray color of the dresser seems to make a suitable appearance with the rustic farmhouse style. Check out the “M” accessories on the dresser, it’s made of iron sheeting which is also matched with the glass jar table lamp.

With the clean and light appearance of this product, I feel like it’s just a great furniture for a clean form of rustic style.

2. Love Decoration for Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Wooden Love Sign

The key to the rustic farmhouse look in the bedroom is on the decoration above the headboard. I guess it’s also functioned as the headboard of this bedroom. If you are a couple, it would be a nice master bedroom design to have.

3. Lighted Wooden Headboard 

DIY Railway Crate Head Board 

A headboard with built-in light is a new thing in this business. The light adds a dramatic effect to the headboard. The main material of the headboard is a rustic reclaimed wood which looks extremely rustic.

The light emphasizes the rustic look which makes it perfect for your rustic farmhouse bedroom.

4. One Horn White Nightstand

Adding Mirrored Glass to an Antique windowpane

Check out that antique accessories on the side table which makes the ordinary to be extraordinary. I guess, you can call it a farmhouse bedroom but it’s the luxurious version of it. The mirror on the wall looks like a window, which creates the illusion of space for the bedroom.

5. Vanity Accents to Bring the Beauty of the Outdoors in

vanity accents to bring the beauty of the outdoors in

Another decor idea to support your stylish bedroom, it’s a decor set for your corner space in the bedroom. This is actually designed for your living room’s corner, but it can also be a great bedroom’s corner setup.


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It’s a smart and simple way to decorate the empty space you have in your bedroom’s corner. It’s matched with rustic farmhouse design you already have in the bedroom.

6. Country Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

DIY Sliding Barn Doors Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

A country style is another level of rustic style. Dealing with the country would be very exciting for your farmhouse room because it has all the thing you need. The method of designing a country room is to choose the old-style or vintage stuff to fill the space.

As you can see, this country bedroom has all of the elements in vintage and old style.

7. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decoration With Ladder

Rustic Farmhouse Photo Display

The traditional ladder used in the photo is cleverly functioned. As you can see, you can put the photographs of your family members on every step of the ladder.

I guess it’s a smart way to decorate your bedroom with rustic farmhouse charm. The style of a room could be depending on the decor.

8. Wall Saying

Petite Milk Jug In Farmhouse Sweetheart Tableaux

There are so many types of decoration you can choose to have inside your farmhouse bedroom. One of the easy choices is the wall saying. Take a look at the example in the picture, it has a wall saying decor that says “Something tells me I’m going to love you forever”.

The saying doesn’t need to be romantic, just choose the line that you personally like or the saying that motivate you in your life.

9. Farmhouse Simple Bedroom Design Ideas

Farmhouse Simple Bedroom Design Ideas

The white color is a great one for the base of any room but what about a furniture? It’s still giving a good impact to a room. Well, it’s obviously not. You still have to accentuate the room with contrast color like black or brown.

Furthermore, a rustic style room needs some rustic or farmhouse item which tends to have a distressed look.

10. Behind The Curtain Partitioned Country Bed

The Curtain Partitioned Country Bed

The kind of style that’s close to shabby chic is Scandinavian. Combining rustic farmhouse room with shabby chic decoration could be remarkable. White is the key to begin the mix of these styles. Wood or brown color is the one that’s’ supportive to the shabby chic charm.

The element of rustic in this bedroom is minimal, that’s why it looks bright and clean.

11. Bed and Breakfast Farmhouse Bedroom

Bed and Breakfast Farmhouse Bedroom

The first time you see this bedroom you’ll notice the exotic wall saying above the headboard. It’s like improving the farmhouse ambiance of this bedroom. It says “I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met”.

The saying is so romantic and lovely. I guess this rustic master bedroom is designed for a couple.

12. Fleurs Françaises Style Farmhouse Bedroom

Fleurs Françaises Style Farmhouse Bedroom

Even though it has to be rustic, you can get your bedroom to be supplied with modern stuff. As you can see, the bed cover and pillow cover seems to be looking fresh and modern. It’s got a “be our guest” line attached on the wall that extends the modern performance.

13. Slab as well as Ladder Bedside Shelf

An old ladder as well as wood planks could integrate to develop a distinct screen shelf. Include publications, publications, and knickknacks to this item to make it both ornamental and practical.

14. Romantic Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

Rustic Cabin Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Some of the ideas above are already provided with romantic saying that supports the romance that would happen inside the bedroom. In this rustic farmhouse bedroom, you can have a complete romantic experience because it’s designed that way.

15. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom for Guest

Grey and White Color Scheme 

Although it has a lot of rustic farmhouse decoration, the guest would still feel at home staying in this bedroom. The designer made sure that the setup and the element are comfortable for everyone. Three potted plants above the headboard is a cool addition to emphasize the rustic feeling.

16. Nature’s Touch

Farmhouse Safari Combination Bedroom

Just by seeing this picture, you’ll automatically feel the coziness that this bedroom has to offer. Nature’s touch that we’re talking about is hanging from the ceiling as the light fixture’s decor and the one that’s attached on the wall above the headboard. The others are in small pots somewhere.

17. White and Blue

Repurposing in the Farmhouse Bedroom 

The only effort of being farmhouse I’ve seen here in this bedroom is the wall artwork. The designer chooses to attach a bunch of vintage window slats which are formed to make an interesting pattern and color blend. It’s a simple effort but it has a maximal look to influence the other.

18. Cottage Headboard for Farmhouse Bedroom

Buckets of Burlap
Buckets of Burlap

This cottage headboard is absolutely gonna steal a lot of attention. It has a huge size and impressive design. Whether you plan to have rustic, farmhouse, country, or cottage style in the bedroom. This wooden headboard is always gonna be the one that steals all the attention you have for your bedroom.

19. French Country Bedroom

Quilts and Farmhouse Decorating Ideasa

If you are a fan of French design, this french country bedroom would be a rustic farmhouse bedroom you want in your house. The simplicity of this bedroom’s design has become an authentic charm that would be loved by many people. The minimal decor on white wood base is what a French style all about.

20. Modern Farmhouse Girl’s Bedroom with Orange Accent

Modern Farmhouse Girl’s Bedroom

When a white base gets attacked by a bold color accent, the plain boring room would suddenly be transformed into a fun and interesting room. Take a look at this white bedroom which is accentuated by the orange color. The sparks of orange are really transforming the bedroom.

21. Country Bachelor Bedroom Scheme

Country Bachelor Bedroom Scheme

That small rustic bedside table is a great accent for your farmhouse bedroom. Instead of having just white farmhouse bedroom, a touch of rustic would make the bedroom becomes a rustic farmhouse one. The bedside can be added with a nice farmhouse light pendant above it and a few accessories.

22. Cozy Rustic Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Comfy Colonial Farmhouse Bedroom 

This bedroom’s design is first seen in Pin de Kyle blogs which many designers get inspired with. Because of the coziness, this kind of setup is applied by some guest room in a hotel.

A little touch of rustic as decoration on one side of the wall is enough, even though some people find it a little bit disturbing.

23. Pink U-Shaped Shelves for Bedroom

Wooden Board Shelves

When talking about rustic farmhouse bedroom, the pink color might want comes first from the mind. But, if you are brave enough you may include it in your farmhouse decoration. You just have to keep in mind that it’s not the only choice. You can opt to paint it with a different color.

24. Barn Door For Farmhouse Bedroom

DIY Shelving Thick Wooden Boards to The Wall

An unused old barn door could be repurposed to be a background or base for corner decoration inside your rustic farmhouse bedroom. As you can see, it looks so vintage but fancy.

The pale flowers are suitable for farmhouse concept you have. Moreover, the word “FARM” on the bottom of the door defines the style.

25. Grocer’s Ladder Shower room Bar

Offer your visitor area a soft and also comfy sensation with chunky knits, troubled wood, antique knickknacks, and also synthetic plants. Link it all together with a white as well as grey color design.

Develop extremely basic DIY shelving by connecting thick wooden boards to the wall surface. The troubled white paint includes a worn-out posh ambiance. They could be utilized in any kind of bedroom to present photos, playthings, as well as ornaments.

26. Woven-Style Ottoman Chair in Farmhouse Bedroom

Bed Frame With White Accents

That ottoman extends the amount of the farmhouse element in this bedroom. The combination of white and gray is the one that makes the bedroom so comfortable. I guess the purpose of choosing gray is to improve the pale look of this room to support the rustic farmhouse style.

27. Rustic Bedroom with Studio Lighting

Farmhouse Country Chic Look

This bedroom has a complete element of rustic and farmhouse style. It’s got a wooden bed and headboard with its bedside tables on each side. The wreath attaches to the mirror on each side are completely flawless.

The only thing that’s questionable about this bedroom is that small studio lighting on each bedside table.

28. Farmhouse Light Fixture for Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Wooden Chandelier

The one you should table about when looking at this farmhouse bedroom is that light pendant hanging from the ceiling. It offers such dramatic light effect all over the room. It’s looking like a cage for the lamps. When the night comes and everything gets dark, the lighting would be amazing.

29. White Farmhouse Bedroom with Green Accent

Farmhouse Garden Style Bedroom

Using pale green, this white bedroom looks like the one that’s really close to nature. The word “COTTAGE” above the headboard really shows what is this bedroom all about. The goal is very clear. So, without even have to explore the room, you would acknowledge the style just by reading the headboard.

30. Extraordinary Decor for Farmhouse Bedroom

Country Cottage Garden Style

At the moment you look at this decor setup in a bedroom, you’ll agree with me that this is extraordinary. One spot in the bedroom is already full of decoration, it’s like all of the decoration in this farmhouse bedroom is centered in that spot. Well, that is not wrong.


Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Decor

31. Sweetie Wooden Wall Letters

Sweetie Wooden Wall Letters

For a charming and easy bedroom design item, hang giant wood letters above the bed. Location each lovebird’s preliminary above their side of the bed with a heart in the middle.

32. DIY Wooden Arrow

DIY Wooden Arrow 

All-natural wood furnishings as well as intense green plants (whether genuine or synthetic) bring nature’s charm indoors. Include crisp white bed linens and also a pretty vintage mirror to keep it from looking too rustic.


33. Twelve O’clock At Night Lantern Wall Surface Fixtures

Twelve O'clock At Night Lantern Wall Surface Fixtures

Absolutely nothing says “farmhouse” like classic candle lanterns. The crisp black and also white color pattern provides these lanterns a rustic yet modern vibe. Hang them near the TELEVISION so you could see with the lights out in the evening!

34. Repurposed Barn Wood Love Indication

Repurposed Barn Wood Love Sign

The wonderful love quote on this sign makes it excellent for any type of bedroom: adults, children, or youngsters. The repurposed barn timber gives it rustic charm. This very easy DIY will load your bedroom with happiness!


35. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom with Windmill Clock

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom with Windmill Clock

Windmill clock is one rustic accessory that could draw attention. It’s looking so unique. It’s made of a real windmill which is already broken. Then, it’s repurposed to be a clock with the addition of a clock mechanism inside the center. Just fill it with AA battery, it will work perfectly.

36. Wooden Spool for Bedrooom’s Vanity

Wooden Spool for Bedrooom’s Vanity

Take a look at this big and rustic wooden spool. It could be a perfect addition to your bedroom. This is a nice design for your bedroom vanity. A vanity would never look so unique. I guess if you choose a rustic farmhouse style, this should be suitable for your bedroom.

37. Rustic Bedroom with Shelf Above Headboard

Rustic Bedroom with Shelf Above Headboard

As you can see, the bed build is already complete the farmhouse look of this bedroom. Then, a shelf is added above the headboard in order to decor the wall. Well, it’s probably the most clever way to decor a farmhouse bedroom in a simple way. The rustic bedside table is a great additional element.



To conclude, I would like to recommend you to be careful in choosing the decoration. Avoid being too much on it because it would decrease the value of your rustic farmhouse bedroom.

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