A Brief Guide to Know the Suitable Shower Door Size Based on Different Types and Styles 

So, you are thinking of renovating your bathroom. The best idea to install a shower door to improve aesthetics. However, make sure, you are using the appropriate shower door sizes within the area. 

Most of the people use these doors to avoid water leakage. Before you think about placing an order online or walking into a store, you need to check some points. It will help you shop for a new shower door installation. The shower door guide will help you save your time and money in making the right decision about the installation of these doors.

Average Shower Door Sizes

Shower Door Sizes

You can go with an average shower door size. It is between twenty to thirty-six inches. For the areas that are wider than thirty-six inches, it needs to include an extra panel with it. The panel installation is important to provide support to the heavy structure of the glass door.

Most of the people ask for the average height that is about seventy-two inches. This height depends on the weight and width of the glass door. It is good to go with the average size glass door because it is not too heavy and difficult to fix.

Types & Styles of Shower Doors

Shower Door Sizes

If you are following the shower door guide, then it will be easy to know about the types of shower doors. Now, pick your style after taking a look at the space where you will fix the shower door. You can go for pivoting shower doors, stall showers, and other designs of showers.

If the area is wide enough that you can fix a tub here, then you need to choose a wider shower door size to cover the bathtub. There are two important and famous types of shower doors, here we covers framed vs frameless shower door.

– Frameless Shower Doors: Needs stronger hardware and are expensive choice

It comes without a frame and you need to order for the glass panels. This door needs sturdier and stronger hardware. These are costlier than traditional shower doors.

– Framed Shower Doors: A stronger and inexpensive choice

These are the perfect choice for the large bathrooms because this type is good to have excellent bathroom design which has a wider space. You can fix these doors in any shape like hexagonal or rectangular. This factor depends on your budget and layout of the bathroom.

Bi-fold shower doors are ideal for the majority of the people who are handling a limited space in their bathroom. Bi-fold shower doors come with the panels that fold inside the shower area.



– Curved Glassdoor

It comes with a frame at both the ends bottom and top. If you want to attain style and softer tone, then this is a perfect item for your bathroom. These are designed to increase the beauty of the bathroom as well as offer a stylish impact.


Choosing the Suitable Shower Door Design

Suitable Shower Door Design

It is important to choose a suitable design of the shower doors as per the size and layout of your bathroom. Measurements and size are the most important factors as well as you must know your standards.

In the market, you will see plenty of options and door designs. Shower door glasses are of different types. Similarly, you can choose tempered glass shower door, tinted glass, gray glass in a curve, sliding door, and many more. 

Taking Suitable Measurements Based on Bathroom Size and Design

Suitable Shower Door Design

It is highly important to select a door as per the appropriate size of the shower area. Learn about the measurements of the shower door size. For this, you need to be accurate in taking measurements. Make sure that you are taking the careful measurements of the shower opening. 

It will help you to confirm that it will fit in the area. At the widest point, use the width to choose the appropriate size. Select the door for the shower area that contains maximum width larger than or equal to the maximum width of shower opening and tub. 

Glass Type For Shower Door

glass type

There are different types of glasses used in the manufacturing of your shower glass. It depends on your budget and bathroom layout which style will be suitable for it.

Modern shower doors are designed with the laminated tempered glass and laminated glass. These are safety glass items crafted by the 2 adhering sheets I.e. sheet of transparent vinyl and central sheet. Some of the important types of glass doors are given below.

– Fixed Shower Screen: Widespread and protects water leakage 

There are numerous sorts of screens accessible in the market. It is exceptionally useful to offer protection from water leakage. Thin but solid glass type ensures the comfort and security to the users. It contains a waterproof sheet.

– Delicate and unwinding impact with Swing Door

This showering door is ideal because it allows unobstructed access to the person, in case of an emergency or fall. It can open in both directions, inward-swinging, and outward swinging.

For securing the floor from the water damages and enhances the beauty, it is ideal. Secondly, due to its top layer, it gives a delicate and unwinding impact. It prevents you from wetness and moisture during the shower and after it.

– Easy to fix – Rolling Door

The other name of these shower door types is the sliding door. Most of the people prefer using gray glass in the manufacturing of these doors. It offers a tinted smoky look because these are good at offering privacy.

Selecting these doors will offer you ease to come and go from the shower area as well as improving the beauty of the bathroom interior. These are very easy to install and fix. 

Custom Shower Door & Custom Shower Door Guide for Precise Measurement

custom shower door

It is vital to take the measurements as per the shower door guide because it is an easy way to handle the installation process.

You must consider the length or width as well as height while taking the measurements. If you cannot manage this task, then it is better to take the help of the professionals. Any minor mistake in measurement can cause problems in the installation.



The shower door size is one of the most important factors that you need to consider for shower door installation. You can order a ready-made shower door but it needs to measure the area appropriately. Similarly, for the custom shower doors, you need to hire a reliable team to handle measurements. 

These shower doors are very easily available online at affordable prices. You can buy these products by ordering online and you will get at your pace. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose as per your needs and the size of the shower area.


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