20 Tiny House Kitchen Design Ideas That Feel Like Plenty of Space

Perhaps, one of your childhood dreams is living in a large house with an expansive culinary space. As you grow, you realize that minimalist kitchen is just as striking. If that is the case, you should search for tiny house kitchen ideas.

On this occasion, we present some designs that make use of a small area. They might help to get the dream kitchen you desire. Take some days off and give your kitchen update.

1. Monochrome Kitchen

tiny house with full kitchen and bath

Black and white is such a classic combo. They turn this area into something inviting. An overdose of white makes the space feel visually roomy and airy.

The glass windows keep the kitchenette from looking dreary. And slim pendant lights produce a glamorous statement.

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2. Industrial-Style Tiny Kitchen

designing a tiny house kitchen

Do you fancy industrial design? Give this idea a try. Here, the wooden ceiling, exposed wires, copper kitchenware, and stainless-steel chair legs lend the area an industrial chic vibe.

This kitchenette also has a cozy spot to mingle with your guest. What more could you ask for?

3. Smart Kitchen Storages

tiny house with a full kitchen

Since your living quarter is not spacious, you have to manage the appliances and eating utensils. Replace your bulky overhead cabinets with open shelves.

They do not only display those pieces neatly but also brighten up the kitchen. Paint your walls in light blue to infuse coastal ambiance.

4. Modern Kitchen Design

tiny house modern kitchen

As you can see, there are cooking and dining areas in this kitchen. They depict modern comfort and aesthetic sides.

The white space scheme prevents the area from looking cramped, while lots of light provide illumination during dinner. What a lovely kitchen!

5. Little Rustic Kitchen

building a tiny house kitchen

If you like the concept of rustics, this idea is the best way to go. In this culinary space, the ceiling, countertop, shelve, and walls are made of wood.

They undeniably generate an unrefined manner. Furthermore, the deep red lower cabinets, dreamsign, and table lamp beautify the area.

6. Craftsmanship in a Kitchen

tiny house with full kitchen and bathroom

Instead of buying a standard cabinet, you can create unique storage yourself. The single cabinet houses everything from kitchen appliances to herbs.

Your guests surely will get amazed by this compact yet functional storage. Not to mention, its beige color really soothes the space.

7. Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

tiny house kitchen backsplash

If you have wanted a farmhouse tiny kitchen all this time, now it’s your turn to visualize it into reality. The reclaimed frames and walls evoke the country vibes.

In addition, the windows let you see farm animals grazing on the land while preparing food. We are sure that your day could not be better.

8. Mini Barn Kitchen

tiny house kitchen and bath

No doubt, this barn kitchenette is super mesmerizing. Just look at the wooden kitchen island, door, shutter, high stools, and cabinets.

They are plainly attractive. You can also spot vintage pieces like pendant lights, wall ornaments, wrought iron cabinet hinges, and handles.

9. Kitchen Open Shelving

tiny house kitchenette

Do you have a small living space? No problem. All you need is open shelves for your cooking corner.

In this example, the space-saving units feature potted plants, kitchen amenities, old wire mesh basket, and glass bottles. The coffee necessities and coffee maker nestle on a table under the shelves.

10. Kitchen with Plenty of Daylight

Kitchen with Plenty of Daylight

Do you think that a compact kitchen is always dingy? Well, think again. This picture shows that a tiny culinary space can be welcoming and delightful, too.

The key is the more windows you install, the more sunlight you get. Plus, fill the kitchen with greeneries to invite a lively and organic atmosphere.

11. Raised Kitchen Floor

Raised Kitchen Floor

This idea definitely suits a tiny home. The stairs of the kitchen serve as a bonus storage space for a rollout bed. Design wise, the area is a combination of rustic and contemporary.

Moreover, the greeneries in the container spruce up the entire area. And the windows allow you to enjoy breathtaking views.

12. Magnificent Galley Kitchen

Magnificent Galley Kitchen

Although this culinary space is small in size, it looks sophisticated and sleek. The dweller truly utilizes the area efficiently.

One galley kitchen side is the home for amenities, while the other works as a food preparation zone. For the cabinets, they are mounted on the wall over the countertop.

13. Minimalist Attic Kitchen

Minimalist Attic Kitchen

The right shade can produce a big impression. Do you need proof? Here, the white-painted ceiling, beams, walls, and built-in cabinets make a tiny attic kitchen seem more spacious than it is.

Meanwhile, the floral sink skirt and wall sconce complete the stylish room.

14. Pops of Colors in a Little Kitchen

Pops of Colors in a Little Kitchen

This kitchen will please minimalist design fans for sure. The built-in cooktop, dishwasher, and open shelves exhibit trendy character.

Plus, the white oak wood and cedar evoke the rustic charm. The plants, plates, and appliances add bursts of energetic colors to the space. Superb!

15. Mountain Tiny Kitchen

Mountain Tiny Kitchen

Needless to say, this culinary space is perfect for a couple. It boasts wooden countertop, mini refrigerator, sink, cook top, and exposed shelves.

Furthermore, it features turquoise stools and a wall-mounted small table. How good it is to have a cute breakfast nook.

16. Streamlined Tiny Kitchen

Streamlined Tiny Kitchen

We guess the homeowner is a fan of modern design. Look at the sharp edges and clean lines.

However, the French country knobs are installed to introduce an old-world appeal, while the greeneries on the ceiling make the space more invigorating.

17. Tiny Kitchen with Skylight

Tiny Kitchen with Skylight

The corrugated metal ceiling, metallic appliances, exposed beam, and unfinished wooden lower cabinets lend the cookery industrial flavor.

Additionally, the simple skylight helps to highlight the concrete countertop. It also emanates a sunny and cheerful atmosphere.

18. Retro Accents in Small Kitchen

Retro Accents in Small Kitchen

Just because the culinary space is compact, does not mean you can’t embellish it. Here, the rustic kitchen looks funky with the vintage accents such as pots, pans, toaster, area rug, sink, and teapot.

And the windows provide much-needed light at the daytime.

19. Tiny Kitchen Lighting

Tiny Kitchen Lighting

The dark reclaimed wood brings a sense of rustics in this attic kitchenette, while the white walls, dishwasher, and door convey pure elegance.

Plus, there is an oversized pendant light and corner mini bulb to radiate the area during evening hours.

20. Captivating Kitchen Backsplash

Captivating Kitchen Backsplash

This kitchenette employs crisp white walls, marble countertop, metallic appliances, and two-tone stools. It does not look stark due to the presences of the perky backsplash and floral window blind.

The dark wooden floor awesomely contrasts with white lower cabinetry. What perfection!


Hopefully, the tiny house kitchen ideas listed above make your imagination run wild. Pick the best one that meets your personal preference. Last but not least, do not be afraid to dream big with small living space.

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