20 Awe-Inspiring Turquoise Room Ideas to Jazz up Your Home

You might be tired of your current living space due to its unattractive look. Now, it is time to include some new unique color. That’s the reason we collected some of splendid turquoise room ideas for you.

Many people go for turquoise as it works really well with the other hues. Plus, it injects tranquil and calm ambiance into any area. If you love this versatile color, let’s take a gander at these options.

1. Pastel Green and Turquoise

Turquoise Room Ideas teenage

This bedroom is beyond fabulous. The pastel green and turquoise walls make the space feel relaxing. Moreover, the brown pillows accentuate the room as well as infuse some warmth.

The painting and framed artworks adorn the area. And an oversized white orb light steals the show.

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2. Modern Turquoise Living Room

Turquoise Room Ideas decoration

Turquoise won’t fail to delight you. Need real proof? In the picture above, the modern sitting room is much more inviting with the help of turquoise.

Along with the lime green, this shade exhibits festive nuance. Not to mention, the ceiling light and floor lamp are such iconic additions.

3. White and Turquoise Bedroom

Turquoise living Room Ideas

We deeply fall in love with this gorgeous bedchamber.

It displays a lovely contrast between turquoise and white. The sheer curtain, queen size bed, silky soft blanket, and metallic ornaments offer luxurious impression. And a dark red stool makes a bold statement..

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4. Traditional Turquoise Bedroom

 Turquoise Room decorating Ideas

Are you crazy for classic design? This idea is the right one for you. The predominantly turquoise bedroom boasts French country bed frame, wall hangings, tufted headboard, and table lamp.

They develop symmetrical pleasure. There is also a mesmerizing crystal chandelier to illuminate the area after dark.

5. Black and Turquoise Teens Room

purple and turquoise room ideas

The diverse colors like turquoise and black obviously will lend the teen’s bedroom a dynamic look.

In this version, the turquoise bed covers and wall are coupled with black sofa stool, table lamp, pillows, and blankets. Meanwhile, the golden artwork frames bring understated grandeur to the space.

6. Turquoise Living Room Accent Color

turquoise and silver room ideas

We guarantee this living area must remind you of an unforgettable vacation. Pair the turquoise with cool white and sky blue to evoke the coastal vibes.

Then, employ a rattan coffee table. For the embellishments, opt for seahorse wall arts, starfish and perky flowers.

7. Beach-Inspired Turquoise Living Room

turquoise bedroom ideas uk

In this sitting room, your guests feel like they are on the beach. Because a mix of soft white and light turquoise emanates the serene and carefree setting. Moreover, an eclectic pendant light draws the eye up. And decorations on the table complete the area.

8. Regal Turquoise Bedroom

Turquoise bedrroom wall decor

No question, this bedchamber makes a couple sleeps like queen and king. The 4-poster bed is absolutely phenomenal. While the white, light blue and dark brown accompany turquoise to exude a sense of royalty.

And a stunning chandelier introduces classic appeal. What a posh oasis!

9. Turquoise Baby Room

Turquoise and gray living Room Ideas

It is a nursery that features tons of turquoise. From playful accent walls and pendant light to the rug and little shoes, everything is designed to perfection.

The plush animals inject instant cheer into the area. We promise your baby will be so lucky to have this room.

10. Farmhouse-Style Bedroom

Turquoise dorm Room Ideas

This idea surely calls old farmhouse design fans. The distressed turquoise headboard and dresser offer shabby chic beauty.

Furthermore, the wooden floor, bed frame, artwork frame, and nightstands lend a rustic edge. A cowhide rug itself doubles as the focal point.

11. Geometric Turquoise Wall Decals

living room ideas with Turquoise

Who says black and white look stark? As seen in the image above, the monochrome headboard, armless sofa chair, and blanket are so eye-pleasing.

The round turquoise wall decals and bench steal the spotlight. And a spherical pendant light makes a deluxe statement.

12. Dark Turquoise Bedroom

turquoise and beige living room ideas

If you are not ready for a huge change, just go for a simple update. In this bedchamber, grey is the major player. It comes in various shades from light to the deep one.

Here, an intense turquoise wingback chair pops against the dark panels and furniture. It creates an alluring visual effect.

13. Turquoise and Green Bedroom for Teenage Boy

brown turquoise room ideas

Short on space? You can give this idea a shot. Design a bedchamber that serves as a man cave too. Involve turquoise, green, blue and brown to obtain warm feeling.

Hang guitar and sport-related artworks on the wall. Plus, feature striped rug, wall and bed cover for a more delicate look.

14. Turquoise Living Room with a Fireplace

turquoise room color ideas

If you adore something classic, this sitting room is a good option. From ceiling beams to the sofa, all exhibits old-world splendor. The turquoise also makes an outstanding contrast with white and hot pink.

Plus, a wood-burning fireplace brings winter warmth to the home.

15. French Country Living Room

cute turquoise room ideas

Certainly, the homeowner embraces the French Country design. The white walls and seating arrangement work as a blank canvas for the turquoise pieces.

This color combo gives the area an elegant and cool look. Meanwhile, the patterned rug and oversized woman painting add sprinkles of vintage charm to the room.

16. Grand Turquoise Living Room

turquoise room design ideas

In this neutral lounge room, the turquoise is utilized as an accent tone. That’s the reason the dweller spreads it out throughout the space equally, from painting to the throw pillows.

Moreover, the coffered ceiling, acrylic coffee table, and golden aspects create luxurious air.

17. Shades of Green and Turquoise

turquoise dining room ideas

To develop a laid-back setting, look no further than a cottage-style living room. Then include vibrant turquoise, light turquoise, emerald green, lime green and yellow-green.

The giant window walls will let your home connect with the surrounding nature.

18. Mediterranean Turquoise Bedroom

turquoise chevron room ideas

The homeowner designs a bedchamber in Greek style by mixing plenty of white, turquoise and coral. In addition, the table lamps and bedside tables exude glamorous Mediterranean charm.

Don’t you obsess with this happy bedroom?

19. Navy Blue and Turquoise Living Room

Navy Blue and Turquoise Living Room

As you can see, this sitting room is layered with textures by a wooden floor, fake tree and area rugs. The navy shade lends the space nautical flair and gives a touch of drama. And the turquoise exhibits radiant aura.

20. Turquoise and Orange Living Room

Turquoise and Orange Living Room

Orange is a fresh color that instantly dazzles when combined with turquoise in a white sitting room. Furthermore, furniture is literally classical. And plenty of windows keep the space from looking dreary.


In short, turquoise always adds extra panache into your home. Before using any of those turquoise room ideas, do make sure you consider your budget, personal taste, and lifestyle.

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