17 Most Popular Video Game Room Ideas [Feel the Awesome Game Play]

In case you have an extra space in your home, you can convert it into an entertainment room. If you are searching for game room ideas, we will be extremely delighted to help you.

Our ideas call all the game collectors, true gamers and pool sharks out there. We also provide you a lot of options to choose from. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these appealing personal escapes.

20 The Most Creative Game Room Ideas and Options

1. Star Wars Game Room Ideas

video game room ideas for adults
video game room ideas by imgur.com

When it comes to the entertaining space, totality is seriously important. That’s why you should invest in the convenient gaming chair.

Unlike the ordinary chairs, it lets you enjoy playing the games for several hours comfortably. Plus, it comes with cupholder, speaker, armrest, and vibration. Sounds good, right?

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2. Opt for Built-In Shelving Game Room

video game room decor
video game room ideas by dudeliving.com

If your game room used to be cluttered. Now, you won’t see the unwanted mess anymore by giving this idea a glance.

All you have to do is storing board game, video game and DVD collection on the built-in shelving. We promise your entertaining space will be supremely organized.

3. Game Room Ideas Theater Feel

video game room ideas for small rooms
video game room ideas by noobist.com

Install a big screen in your game zone would make a huge difference and statement. You can play the game and watch the movie at the same time.

Not to mention, the theater-themed area gives you ultra-comfy seating. Your gaming tournament couldn’t be more exciting for certain.

4. Modern and Sleek Video Game Room Ideas

video game room ideas pinterest
video game room ideas by homebnc.com

As a gamer, you obviously use a few game systems. It means there must be a special space to stash the DVDs and consoles neatly.

We recommend you to buy a TV stand that is equipped with storage. So, your entertainment area is mess-free and inviting.

5. Passionate Gamer

video game room decorating ideas
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

No doubt, your friends really know that you have a love for Super Mario Bros. From wall hangings to throw pillows, everything is inspired by the game.

Those pieces add layers of unique character to your room. Space gets more playful and welcoming too.

6. Minimalist Video Game Room Ideas

video game room furniture ideas
video game room ideas by homebnc.com

Want to get a stylish entertainment corner? White space color scheme is the best way to go. This shade effortlessly opens up the area.

The straight lines and sleek units exhibit ultra-modern air. In addition, polished wooden floor brings a warm and intimate vibe throughout the room.

7. The Importance of Speakers

ideas for a video game room
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

An entertainment zone is not complete without the presence of good speakers. Because these items provide you immersed feeling while playing the game.

As the picture shown above, there are some gaming speakers around the TV and two-tone sectional sofas.

8. The Attic Game Room Ideas

cool ideas for a video game room
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

This attic turned game room is absolutely versatile. The white ceiling and beams contrast with wooden floor beautifully.

Moreover, the homeowner includes some interesting games, movies and indoor sports in the space. A couple of high stools evoke the industrial character.

9. Neutral Palette Game Room

video game chat room avenue
video game room ideas by ozhome.co

Designing an entertaining space for adults? Neutral tones are the great answer. They will match perfectly with any gaming units.

Here, the black items make the area feel bold and masculine. On the other hand, the walls and large area rug soften the entire look.

10. Invigorating Green Game Room Ideas

video game room accessories
video game room ideas by sebringservices.com

If you create a game room for your adorable kids, do not go monochromatic. We urge you to involve bright and funky color into the area.

In this picture, various shades of green lend the space playful and energetic spirits. And the built-in cubbies work to stow the toys.

11. Fantastic Lighting Game Room

video game room setup ideas
video game room ideas by lakecountrykeys.com

Another crucial element of an entertainment corner is lighting. If you choose the right one, your room has a unique ambiance and feel.

The blue and green lights help minimize the gaming computer screen’s glare. As the result, you are able to see the video games in a clearer way.

12. Real-Life Video Game Room Decor

awesome video game room ideas
video game room ideas by escapistmagazine.com

When you step into this room, your mind is blown away for sure. The decorations in the area are totally inspired by the game, from ceiling to the floor.

They make yours like never before. Everything seems to be more realistic. Don’t you love this ingenious theme?

13. Plenty of Natural Light

cheap video game room ideas
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

Your entertaining space won’t be depressing and dark as long as you install large windows. They introduce morning sunlight into your room.

So, you do not rely on energy too much. Here, the neutral-colored wood, ceiling, wall, and sofa offers a mind-relaxing atmosphere.

14. Super Mario Game Room Ideas

home video game room ideas
video game room ideas by homebnc.com

Certainly, the homeowner is overly passionate about Super Mario Bros. Here, wallpapers give the area perky ambiance.

Cubbies are the homes of DVDs and childhood items. While the Super Mario Bros-inspired stuffed toys catch the eye in no time.

15. The Angry Birds Game Room Decoration

video game room ideas pictures
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

Do you like an iconic Angry Birds game character? You can use it as your entertainment zone’s wall decor.

Here, the bedding, work desk and chair come in colorful Angry Birds design. The wooden floor, bedside table, and shutters balance out the rich shades.

16. Thematic Kids Entertaining Space

video game room design ideas
video game room ideas by homebnc.com

A kids game room must be fun. To create such area, incorporate vibrant colors, gaming computer, and comfy chairs.

The homeowner of this Mario-themed entertainment corner even includes staircases to get the same look. While the artworks and greenery liven up the area.

17. Arcade and Foosball

basement video game room ideas
video game room ideas by pinterest.com

Do not forget to save the spots for a foosball table and retro arcade. If necessary, a billiard pool can be a nice addition.

We believe they provide hours of happiness for your whole clan. Speaking of design, you never go wrong with something rustic.

18. Large Gaming Desk

Large Gaming Desk

You won’t be an excellent gamer without having a giant sturdy desk.

Put your PC, mouse, keyboard, snacks, and speakers on top of the unit. If you intend to log for an extended period of time, you surely need a computer fan or cooling pads.

19. Rolling Gaming Chair

Rolling Gaming Chair 

Not all gaming chairs are created alike. To get maximum comfort, rolling chair is the best option.

The black and blue gaming chair has an ergonomic design. It is easy to move around. Plus, it comes with the high back, lumbar support, neck pillow, and adjustable seats.

20. Gaming Youtube Star’s Room

Gaming Youtube Star’s Room

This space is striking and cozy. The smart use of black and red does not only evoke the bold character but also results in a trendy look. And the Youtube play button shows off the big achievement in the gaming world.

After reading those game room ideas, we hope you really get inspired. Whether the bonus space is big or small, you can always design the ultimate entertainment spot. It is all about your readiness.

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